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By David DeAngelo - Creator of On Being A Man and so much more, check out his mega vault of dating advice.

I wanted to share a secret to attracting women that I believe is one of the ULTIMATE advantages you can have.

When I was first learning about how to get past my internal fears... how to approach women and start conversations... how to create attraction and chemistry... and how to take things to the next level...

I wound up trying a TON of different "tricks and techniques".

Whenever I found a new "trick" that worked for me, I felt like I had just put another piece of the puzzle together... that I had gotten just that much closer to REALLY understanding how things worked.

But there was another feeling that happened even MORE often:

It was when I would try something that had "worked" before, but it DIDN'T work this time.

It was the feeling that I must have MISSED something, that I must not REALLY get it.

I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about here.

It was probably a couple of YEARS after starting my quest that I had what I consider to be one of the biggest "Ah Ha!" experiences of my life.

Here's what my realization was:

The guys I knew who were the MOST successful with women didn't read books to learn a bunch of "pick-up lines"... and they didn't rely on tricks to attract women.

The guys I knew who were MOST successful had a certain something about them that just seemed to MAGNETICALLY attract women.

In fact, these guys did and said things to women that seemed like they COULDN'T work to create attraction.

But it worked. It seemed to ALWAYS work.

At first, I just assumed that these guys must be good-looking, or have some kind of natural charm that I would never have.

It seemed like an "unfair advantage".

Well, I learned that it WAS actually an unfair advantage. But I ALSO learned that it was something that ANY guy can have.

WARNING: What I'm about to say might sound a little "new-agey"... but stick with me.

This "Ah Ha!" led me to an even deeper and more powerful realization:

These men who were consistently successful with women had a QUALITY about them, and a deep UNDERSTANDING of how male/female attraction works...


Because they had this magical quality, and because they understood how to direct and channel any situation and conversation...they created success without needing the tricks.

In fact, one of my friends who was VERY good with women started LEARNING some "pick up lines" and other tricks, and started doing WORSE with women.

True story.

He had the quality, and the tricks messed it up for him!

Well, after really digging into this topic and trying to translate this "secret knowledge"...and how to develop this quality I speak of... into a system that a regular guy could "get" use, I finally created a Master Key.

It's a Master Key that will unlock doors that NO guy with a bunch of "tricks and techniques" can open.

It's a key that will attract -- AND KEEP -- the more desirable and attractive women...the kinds of women that most guys will NEVER even have a chance to date.

I could go on and on about it, but if you're interested in learning more about this key, then go here and read THIS.

I hope this secret helps you as much as it has helped me in my success with women.

Talk to you soon.

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

On Being A Man

Being A Man Cover
The Secret Reason Some Men Have So Much Success With Women Without Even Trying…

While Most Of Us Struggle And Fail.

  1. Do you get nervous (even terrified) just seeing an attractive woman that you wish you could approach?
  2. Do you find yourself constantly worrying about how to please a woman and live up to her standards?
  3. Do you get extremely nervous when it’s time to take the next step with a woman, whether it’s going for a kiss, or something more?
  4. Do you worry that a woman can tell that you don’t have a lot of experience… and that it will ruin your chances and embarrass you when she finds out?
  5. Do you take rejection from a woman personally and beat yourself up over it?
  6. Do you have a hard time learning from your mistakes or feel like you just keep screwing things up over and over again?
  7. Do you ever fear that maybe there is something wrong with you, and that you might never be able to make this happen for yourself?

A woman can usually sense instantly if a man is missing his Manhood… even if you are temporarily able to fool her with lines and techniques.

Without the right natural, instinctive, internal guidance… you are guaranteed to slip up and make a mistake with a woman that reveals the truth.

REAL men are so rare in this world that if you simply learn how to ACT like one, a woman will instantly assume that you’re a “catch”…

On Being A Man will get you there as you learn the secrets of:

  • Unleashing Your Buried, Inner Real Man
  • Succeeding With Confidence In Life
  • Using Your New Man Power To Get Women
  • And so much more…

Watch On Being A Man To Become The Powerful Real Man You Were Born To Be And Start Attracting The Amazing Women You Were Meant To Be With.

Click Here for The Secret Reason Some Men Have So Much Success With Women While Others Struggle And Fail

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About David DeAngelo:

David DeAngelo Profile

David released his first book over ten years ago which changed the dating and attraction world for men everywhere.

He coined the phrase “Attraction Isn’t A Choice” and defined it in his first book appropriately named “Attraction Isn’t A Choice“,

Attraction Is Selfish.

With that said, Attraction works in very selfish ways. Attraction is not concerned with the feelings of others. Attraction is designed to hijack a human mind and body for it’s own ends.

Attraction is either on or it’s off. You either feel it or you don’t.

If a woman doesn’t feel it for you, she probably never will. And if she does feel it, no amount of reasoning and logic will change how she feels. (On the other hand, if you start acting like a wussy, she’ll probably start losing the attraction rather quickly.)”

The quote is in part. Get the book for more because it is much more defined and precise.

The definition alone has helped men around the whole succeed in dating and attracting women. His life story as a failure with women combined with his “hands-on” research with naturally attractive men led him to his second “package deal” to sell at a discounted price. No man can pass up. All the benefits can be found here.

Double Your Dating” became and is still the “go to manual” for everything from approaching women to becoming a master of the inner game, something needed for consistent dating and attraction success.

What brought me in to David’s material was also a lifetime of wussy failures and nice guy tactics/manipulation I wasn’t aware was going on behind my pathetic interactions with women.

Luckily and thankfully I immersed my self in ALL his material and like David enjoyed my “share” of dating, online exploration, and sexual fun with lots a great women…

And similar to what most men really want, a real relationship, I found and MARRIED THE WOMAN Of MY DREAMS!

To which I get to pass on my years of experience to you here with a membership of DiaLteG™.

Thank you David DeAngelo.

My wife and I appreciate everything and will continue to pass on our success to any man or woman will also do the same in return…

Peter White

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