How To Break Your Vicious Cycle Of Failure With Women

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of deep inner game.

Okay, I'm still getting WAY too many emails from guys who feel bummed out (even TOTALLY DEPRESSED) about how things are going for them in life and love right now.

So here's what I'm going to do:

If you're a guy who can't stand the thought of wasting another holiday... another work week... maybe even another SEVERAL YEARS trapped in "failure mode," you need to know there's only 1 way to break this vicious cycle.

You need to eliminate the tidal wave of crippling FEARS and INSECURITIES that are constantly holding you back in life and love.

And this is it... simply the most powerful, success-proven way to do it.

By now it's no secret:

My life used to be a TRAGIC, DEPRESSING DISASTER when it came to love (and almost everything else). In fact, as hard as it is to look back at, I was once such a TOTAL MESS, I'd pretty much given up hope of things ever changing for me.

I resigned myself to a life of watching OTHER guys succeed in life and love... having lots of fun... walking around with pretty girls on their arms... bringing them home... use your imagination...

... while I came back from each and every lousy day in my life to an empty apartment, all ALONE.

In other words:

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, that I was in a VERY BAD PLACE.

And, looking back now, I can CLEARLY see where all the trouble started.

It started when I was basically just a kid.

More specifically, it started when my friends began to succeed with women.

Yup... I watched my closest buds suddenly get better at approaching and talking to girls... making moves and getting physical... even getting sweet, beautiful GIRLFRIENDS.

And it was KILLING me inside.

Here they were, suddenly having physical and emotional experiences with girls that I could only sit home alone and FANTASIZE about.

Tell me if you can identify with this...

One by one, all these guys I knew began getting dates... telling me about whatever "base" they got to last night... becoming boyfriend and girlfriend... HAVING SEX...

... while I still couldn't even TALK to girls without breaking out into a stuttering, stammering sweat.

Ugh. Very bad.


But like I said:

The worst part was, I'd go home and mentally beat myself up for days about my FAILURES... feeling even WORSE about myself... making it even HARDER to succeed the next time... until I finally decided it would be easier and less painful to STOP TRYING AT ALL.

And then something even WORSE happened...

My lack of success with girls started to LEAK into OTHER areas of my life as well.

And then I was in the death spiral...

Suddenly, I had fewer friends, since I couldn't "hang" with the guys whose lives became all about the (unimaginable-to-me) pleasures of being with women.

When I started looking for work, my performance suffered... (how could I do a good job when I was depressed all the time)?

Once I finally got a job somewhere, I usually blew important opportunities there.

I fumbled the ball in key social situations.

I retreated "into myself" and became more of a recluse instead of going out, meeting people, and having FUN.

Add it all up, and I just couldn't ADVANCE IN LIFE.

At all.

In any way.

It became that TRAGIC, DEPRESSING, VICIOUS CYCLE of failure.

Basically, I discovered that when you feel like a hopeless Wuss and a "loser" on the INSIDE, it starts to POISON everything else in your life as well.

But all the pain and destruction of this "vicious cycle" taught me something else as well:

It taught me that SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE... or else I was going to be lonely, desperate, and depressed for the rest of my life.

That was more than I could face, and I got to thinking:


And, after some deep, painful soul-searching, I traced this tragic state of affairs in my life back to 3 primary causes:

  1. My deeply rooted FEAR of approaching and talking to girls, caused by so many early FAILURES trying to do it.
  2. My painful, crippling INSECURITIES about how to act with women (and people in life in general) because of this history of failure.
  3. My WRONG IDEAS about how easy it could be to start SUCCEEDING with women and in life (once I got these "inner game" issues handled, that is).

So okay...

If any of this sounds agonizingly familiar to you, let me ask you this:

Do you feel like you're trapped in some kind of depressing, tragic, vicious "cycle of failure" with women (and in life in general?) too?

If so... let me also ask you this:

How would your life start to change if starting RIGHT NOW you suddenly had the powerful tools and "inner game" techniques you needed to:

  • STOP feeling "anxious"... even outright SCARED... around women.
  • LEARN how to approach and talk to ANY woman you wanted to... ANY time you wanted.... with UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE
  • START great conversations, flirt, and get dates with amazing women like it's second nature to you.
  • "MAKE your move" and "GET physical" with a woman as if you've done it a million times before (even if you have little or no sexual experience yet).
  • BUILD a passionate, fulfilling RELATIONSHIP with that "one" special woman... the one who's just right for you in EVERY way.

Best of all:

CONVERT your new-found confidence and success with women into LIFE-CHANGING NEW RESULTS in every *other* area of you life as well!

Well, I can tell you this:

If you can feel it like I did... that deep down inside you're ready to BREAK FREE of your vicious cycle of failure, then I don't want to waste any time getting you the TOOLS and TECHNIQUES I talked about for making it happen.

To make sure you don't waste the YEARS that I did figuring out this complicated, painful, "inner game" stuff, I've gathered these tools and techniques all in one place for you.

You can start watching and learning from them RIGHT NOW -- entirely RISK-FREE -- INSTANTLY ONLINE.

And listen, I know things can seem pretty hopeless sometimes, ESPECIALLY when it comes down to how you're feeling about YOURSELF, deep down on the INSIDE.

Like I said... I've been there.

But you know how things turned out for me.

And it happened because I finally decided to take a FEW SMALL, SIMPLE STEPS to break that vicious cycle of failure that was holding me back in my life.

In fact, merely making the DECISION to change things started a chain reaction of sudden, new "good luck" in my life that can make for yourself, too.


So for now, just know this:

Deciding to take the first step to change things in your life is -- by FAR -- the hardest part of making it happen.


Do something... ANYTHING... to BREAK the vicious cycle of failure you may be trapped in right now, and you'll be BLOWN AWAY by how your life starts to change!

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Until next time...

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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