How I Became Addicted To Meeting Women Online

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating and Meeting Women Online.

It's a fact: Smart, sensitive, attractive women go online specifically to find, meet, and date a very *different* kind of man.

Specifically: A man who's unique, deep, and of very special quality. So the only question is this:

How do YOU gain access to these women?!!

In other words:

How do YOU tap into this vast supply of AMAZING, AVAILABLE WOMEN (in EXACTLY THE RIGHT WAY) so that you have ZERO competition from other guys, and these women begin to CHASE YOU by the dozens?

Glad you asked. Here's how.

I've said it before:

There was a time when I didn't think much of meeting women and getting dates online.

I know... hard to believe. Sounds funny coming from a guy like me who used to get no dates at all.

But today I'm here to say:

Once I got off my butt and actually TRIED meeting women online, there was no looking back.


In fact, I was worse than hooked.

Once I learned what actually worked to get amazing, smart, hot women online, I became ADDICTED to the FLOOD OF ATTENTION that I started getting from them.

I mean, GEEZ...

For a "shy" guy like me (one who spent most of his life struggling just to get a "hello" from pretty girls, let alone tons of dates with them) it was the biggest thrill imaginable.

I'm talking the highest of highs.

And it's no exaggeration to say it here:


So it begs the question...

Are you a "shy" or introverted guy (like I was) who prefers staying home to getting lost in noisy bars, clubs, and "hook-up" joints?

Have you ever wished there was a way to meet SPECIAL, GREAT women... a way that was so SIMPLE and CONVENIENT... so totally AUTOMATIC and HASSLE- FREE... that it was like you had your own "dating success machine?"

Well, guess what:


In fact, once you discover it (like I finally did) women will basically start lining up to talk to YOU... competing for your attention... begging to get to know YOU better... suggesting that they bring YOU home.



Again: I can't begin describe the rush when all of this begins to happen... all with PRACTICALLY NO EFFORT AT ALL on your part!

So I'll just say it again:


Even better:

If you're serious about launching your success with women to stratospheric levels... all more quickly and easily than you ever imagined... NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL than this "machine."

It makes women come to YOU.


You just get to kick back, relax, and watch it all happen like some kind of amazing DREAM...

And here’s the kicker:

This life-changing, dream-making machine not only exists...



Yep, you're way ahead of me...

It's your COMPUTER.

More specifically: ANY computer... tablet... smart phone... whatever... that's online is just a click away from creating life-changing success with women for *you*...

... that is, ONCE you have the "keys" needed to activate your personal "dating-success machine" and get it working.

Of course, here's the problem:

MILLIONS of men go online every day to meet and get dates with women but VERY FEW have the "keys" to make it all work properly.

Therefore (logically enough) VERY FEW MEN actually SUCCEED with women online.

In fact, I'd estimate just a fraction of a percent go from "getting pinged" to experiencing true, mind-blowing, real-world success with women.

And it's all because of one sad, ironic fact:

Millions of men have this incredibly powerful, totally automatic "Dating Success Machine" sitting right there in their homes...

... but they have no clue how to "turn it on" and make it work for them!

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

All of this power to start experiencing mind- blowing success with women, literally right at their fingertips and ready to change their lives...

... yet 99% of guys STILL sit home alone every night... wishing... wanting... dreaming... fantasizing... and TOTALLY FAILING with women.

Again. It's TRAGIC.

Here's why:

Harsh reality is, since almost every guy out there has a computer, women tons of wussy, boring, predictable pings as soon as they post their profile.

And -- if YOU'RE part of that tidal wave of pathetic, Wussy lameness -- you will NEVER succeed online.

End of story.

Case closed.

In other words, it doesn't matter how powerful ANY machine is if you can't find the "ignition keys" and figure out how to use it!

That's why today, I WANT TO GIVE YOU THOSE KEYS.

Today, I want to lay how this miracle machine REALLY WORKS for you, in no uncertain terms.

A machine that -- once TURNED ON -- does ALL the work *for* you when it comes to meeting (and actually GETTING DATES) with tons of amazing women.

To get the keys for YOURSELF right now, all you have to do is click here.

In the meantime...

As you know, when it comes to the topic of women and dating, I'm the kind of guy who believes in just 1 thing:



Which is why I want to take a moment and share an email I recently received about one of my most POWERFUL TECHNIQUES for turbocharging your ONLINE SUCCESS with women...

It's all about how rewriting your profile... in a VERY specific way... can massively TURBOCHARGE your success meeting women online.

Have a look:


I just wanted to give you a quick update.

I told you that I was on match for about a year and e-mailed lots of women I was interested in and never got a single response. I also get no
responses from any woman who viewed my profile.

I signed on to match and re-wrote my profile [as David D suggests] as a 20 liner, using the "funny-cocky-criticism" words.

I said absolutely nothing about myself at all.

Just posted a funny-cocky-criticism of women in general.

Since I posted this new profile I got about 10 e-mails in just one day and about another 15 winks!!

Here is a direct quote from one:

"Found your profile intriguing. It has succeeded in rattling around in my brain all day. I find myself very attracted to you!"

The whole thing was a VERY energetic confirmation for me!

S., Chicago, IL



If you're a guy who can't stand hype and false claims about what it REALLY takes to succeed with women, this particular email really hits home for you.

It sure did for me.

It basically lays out EXACTLY what I'm all about:


That in mind, let me make one more thing clear:

It's time to forget all the hype you hear out there.

It's time to forget all the wild claims.

In reality, there's JUST ONE success-proven program that I personally created (and 100% GUARANTEE) to deliver life-changing results with women online like you never dreamed possible.

It's my acclaimed ""Meeting Women Online" program, and here's just some of what you'll learn from it:

  • How to write an avalanche-response generating "Magic Email" that FORCES tons of women to RESPOND to you... even if they originally thought they weren't interested.
  • How to overhaul and fine-tune your profile in ALL the ways that MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT A "TIDAL WAVE" OF WOMEN!
  • Major "hacks" (all completely legal!) that work on EVERY dating site to stack the odds UNFAIRLY in your favor (NOTE: 99.9% of guys have no clue these even exist!)
  • The "Key" to it all: How to turn "pings" into ACTUAL, REAL-WORLD DATES!! (And dates into lasting, mind-blowing RELATIONSHIPS)!

And that's LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg...

Once you're ready to get serious about meeting women online... I'm talking about getting it down to a SCIENCE and getting so many responses that you NEVER have to leave the house to meet women again... you simply won't believe how YOUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGES.

My "Meeting Women Online" program is TRULY that magic "Dating Success Machine" that you (and EVERY guy) have been dreaming about...

No hype.

No false claims.


So click here to learn more (and start watching my "Meeting Women Online" program INSTANTLY online, 100% RISK-FREE!!!).

I can't wait to hear how YOUR personal "dating success machine" works for you, so drop me a line to let me know...

Let's see if YOUR mind-blowing online-success story is the one that I talk about next!

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

About David DeAngelo:

David DeAngelo Profile

David released his first book over ten years ago which changed the dating and attraction world for all the men he helped. He coined the phrase "Attraction Isn't A Choice" which is the first of many books and programs I went through personally as did millions of men in every corner of the world.

His Double Your Dating ebook set up a series of programs that help men in any part of their game they need it in from approaching women, inner game work, all the way to meeting, finding, and entering a relationship with the woman of their dreams.

His advice is unique, ethical, smart, and cleverly intuitive as he progresses from matter-of-fact to counter intuitive techniques and tips he practiced himself first, before ever releasing them to the public.

He and I share many things in common as we both went from practically being a loser with women and dating to marrying the woman of our dreams.

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