If Women Won’t Get Physical With You Try This & Show Sexual Confidence

Written by David DeAngelo and Sexual Communication and The Power Of Sexuality.

Tell me something: Do you ever get so nervous when it's time to "make your move" with a woman that you end up totally screwing it up?

Or worse yet... you decide that you won't even TRY?

If so, listen up: there's a simple way to get HER to make THE FIRST MOVE -- all YOU have to do is sit back and let it happen!

This totally SUCKS...

When it comes to "getting physical" with women, a lot of you have been telling me you feel like you're living under some kind of "CURSE" or something.

You've been telling me that when it comes time to "make your move", you get so nervous you don't even try.

Or, if you somehow do get up the nerve, the woman shows ZERO SEXUAL INTEREST in you.

Worst of all... you sometimes feel like you're actually SCARING WOMEN OFF whenever you "go for it".

Like I said... this SUCKS.

And let me tell you, I totally get it.

In fact, I know all too well that this situation is basically a LIVING HELL.

I know how it HURTS every time you meet a great girl who'll never see you as more than "just a friend"...

I know how it hurts every time a woman looks at you like you're about as sexy as a piece of lawn furniture...

I know how it hurts every time you intentionally AVOID an opportunity to "get physical" with a woman because you're too scared to try...

And I know it hurts THE MOST when you wonder if things will ever CHANGE for you... if you'll EVER understand how to "get physical" with a woman.

Sound about right?

If so, like I said, I totally understand.

Because I've BEEN THERE.

And that's why I don't want to waste another moment before revealing the REASON so many men have to endure so much pain (and failure) in this area...

...and what YOU can do IMMEDIATELY to break "THE CURSE" for yourself.

Let's start by making sure you understand just one simple fact:

Good news... it's one that I think you'll find both inspiring and encouraging...

The fact is this:

99.99% of the time, your failure to "get physical" with women is NOT about your looks... or how much money you make... or even being so inexperienced that you "turn women off."

Truth is, 99.99% of the time, "The Curse" is all about just one thing:

What you're NOT DOING to make things happen with a woman!

That's right, you heard me...

Most guys don't blow it with a woman because they're doing something "wrong"...

The real problem is...


But this should actually come as a HUGE RELIEF for you....

After all, it's MUCH easier to start DOING A FEW THINGS RIGHT than... say... to suddenly become Brad Pitt overnight.

Am I right?

That in mind... here's what YOU too can start doing NOW to finally break free of "THE CURSE"...

...and start living the love life of your dreams.

In simplest terms, it's all about getting a handle on one fact:

Women won't even CONSIDER "getting physical" with a man who doesn't show clear signs of SEXUAL CONFIDENCE.

Let me rewind and cue that one up again...

Women won't even consider getting physical with a man who doesn't show clear signs of sexual confidence.

Just to be damn sure you got it, let me say it a whole other way...

If you don't "broadcast" certain signals the moment you meet a woman... signals that show her RIGHT AWAY that you're potential "mating material"...

...it's GAME OVER!!!

She'll move on so fast your head will spin.

Or she'll banish you to "THE FRIEND ZONE" with NO possibility of parole.

Sound familiar?

Now, of course, all of this is a bit of a "Catch 22"...

If you don't have sexual confidence to begin with, then every woman you meet will instantly reject you.

But if you keep getting rejected, how can you get the confidence you need to succeed in the first place?

It's a great question.

And a HUGE problem.

Here's the simple solution:

Studies show that men who do just a FEW SIMPLE THINGS to "hint" at sexual confidence can trigger some very complex emotions in a woman.

They can make her feel an intense, instant excitement and interest.

But more importantly, they can make her feel a pleasurable kind of NERVOUSNESS. Almost a kind of FEAR.

I know, right? It doesn't seem to make logical sense at all...

Approach a woman the right way, and you'll SCARE her?

Well that's the part of all this that I found absolutely fascinating... and that I saw as a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for guys who are "slow starters" with women.

Turns out that when a woman senses just a few specific behaviors in a man, she will instantly categorize him (often subconsciously!) as a potential sexual partner.

And that's then she starts to feel that excitement.

And that FEAR.

She feels this way because of the RISK that meeting a potential new mate instantly creates.

It makes a woman imagine a new world of new possibilities about what she might soon get to experience in her life...

...and with HER BODY.

It's called a "sexual threat" -- the kind of man who makes a woman nervous that she might lose control, both physically and emotionally.

And the really AMAZING thing is, coming across as a "sexual threat" is like a SHORT CUT... a DIRECT ROUTE to making a woman feel intense physical desire for the man that's making her feel so "nervous"!

You can learn more about how (and why) YOU need to become a "Sexual Threat" right NOW by clicking here.

But for now, here's what I want you to take away from this:

Once you learn to broadcast a few simple signals of "sexual confidence," you're IN.

You'll immediately start noticing that women are acting VERY DIFFERENTLY toward you.

They'll start acting INTERESTED.

They'll start acting OPEN and RECEPTIVE.

They may even start acting a little NERVOUS.

Get this:

They may even act a little CONFUSED.

And once YOU start getting these reactions from women, you'll know it for sure:

The "curse" is over.

In fact, that's EXACTLY how it happened for me...

After learning the behaviors that signal SEXUAL CONFIDENCE to women, my "love life" started to change in ways I never dreamed possible.

Suddenly a new world of MIND-BLOWING SEXUAL SUCCESS opened up for me.

And you know what?

It was an unbelievable feeling.

It felt like I'd never have to worry again about "blowing it" when it came time to "make my move" with a woman.

It felt like I could get to the "next level" with any woman I wanted, any time I wanted.

Above all, it felt like a HUGE RELIEF, leaving all my fears of failure, humiliation, and rejection behind for good.

Which brings us back to YOUR situation right now...

How do you think YOU'LL feel when you finally leave the "curse" behind?

Even better... how will YOU feel when women suddenly start doing all the WORK to get physical with *YOU*?

Stupidest question ever, right?

Well, because I understand the pain and hopelessness of men afflicted by "the curse" so well, I've dedicated one of my most powerful home- study courses to eliminating the problem forever...

It's a program called "POWER SEXUALITY," and it's my acclaimed video series containing EVERYTHING YOU NEED to STOP FAILING when it comes to "getting physical" with women.

Here's just some of what you'll learn, (so quickly and easily it'll blow your mind):

  • What to do in ANY situation to "connect physically" with a woman and move things FORWARD (instead of screwing up and "turning her off").
  • The #1 way to trigger a massive SEXUAL REACTION when you first meet a woman (and subconsciously confirm that you're her perfect "sexual match")
  • How to get a woman so TURNED ON with "innocent" words and touches that you'll have her fantasizing about having full-on sex with you the rest of the day!

Finally, and most importantly:

How to "deliver" in the bedroom so she'll keep coming back for more!

You can learn about all of this and more RIGHT HERE.

In the meantime, I still need to say this:

"POWER SEXUALITY" includes EVERY fail-proof strategy and technique you'll need to make women see you as irresistible "mating material".

But, that said, there's more to the story...

You see, once women start WANTING you, it's meaningless if you can't "CLOSE THE DEAL."

To be blunt... you can be the most confident, skilled lover on the planet... but if you can't COMMUNICATE those qualities properly to a woman, here's what you'll likely hear:

"I can tell that you're an amazing guy... can I fix you up with one of my friends?"

What? What just happened there?

Not good... yet it happens ALL the time (for reasons most guys will never understand).

Fact is, there's actually a hidden "secret language" that ALL women look for in a man before they'll actually get physical with him.

Now as you can imagine, I've spent YEARS trying to decode this "secret language"... and I'm proud to announce that I've finally SUCCEEDED.


Here's what I learned:

Any man who can't speak this language will CONTINUE TO FAIL WITH WOMEN.

And to make matters worse, when it comes to this "secret language", there are only 2 rules:

  1. Attractive women are "fluent" in it.
  2. Almost all men are NOT.

Add them up, and here's what you get:

Women can tell INSTANTLY if you speak the "secret language" of sexual Communication.

If you DON'T, they move on.

Case closed.

But listen, no worries. I've got that covered too...

I've assembled a killer "crash course" on how to speak the language of SEXUAL COMMUNICATION like it's second nature.

It's the companion video course to "Power Sexuality" called "SEXUAL COMMUNICATION."

Here's what you'll learn in this one:

  • How to FLIRT PROPERLY with a woman so she doesn't see you as just another "lame loser" or "total player".
  • A step-by-step process for going from "hand holding" to "hot sex" that NEVER, EVER FAILS! (This alone is worth the entire cost of the program!)
  • How to overcome a woman's "shyness" or "resistance" to getting physical with you. (FACT: Men CREATE their own failure by not doing just one key thing!)

And WAY more... too much to list, so click here for the details.

Meanwhile, the "elephant in the room" remains:

If YOU still feel like you live under a "curse" that makes women treat you like "just a friend" (or worse, a "creep")...

...this is happening to you for a REASON.

So stop feeling helpless and embarrassed... and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Put just a few of my SIMPLE, PROVEN METHODS to work for you, and you can put "the curse" behind you for good.


Listen. I can't make this any easier...

You can get started NOW by checking out "Power Sexuality" 100% RISK-FREE right here.

And "Sexual Communication" here.

After that, let me know how it feels to break free of "the curse" for good...

...and to start "getting physical" with the women of your dreams!

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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About David DeAngelo:

David DeAngelo Profile

David released his first book over ten years ago which changed the dating and attraction world for men everywhere.

He coined the phrase “Attraction Isn’t A Choice” and defined it in his first book appropriately named “Attraction Isn’t A Choice“,

Attraction Is Selfish.

With that said, Attraction works in very selfish ways. Attraction is not concerned with the feelings of others. Attraction is designed to hijack a human mind and body for it’s own ends.

Attraction is either on or it’s off. You either feel it or you don’t.

If a woman doesn’t feel it for you, she probably never will. And if she does feel it, no amount of reasoning and logic will change how she feels. (On the other hand, if you start acting like a wussy, she’ll probably start losing the attraction rather quickly.)”

The quote is in part. Get the book for more because it is much more defined and precise.

The definition alone has helped men around the whole succeed in dating and attracting women. His life story as a failure with women combined with his “hands-on” research with naturally attractive men led him to his second “package deal” to sell at a discounted price. No man can pass up. All the benefits can be found here.

Double Your Dating” became and is still the “go to manual” for everything from approaching women to becoming a master of the inner game, something needed for consistent dating and attraction success.

What brought me in to David’s material was also a lifetime of wussy failures and nice guy tactics/manipulation I wasn’t aware was going on behind my pathetic interactions with women.

Luckily and thankfully I immersed my self in ALL his material and like David enjoyed my “share” of dating, online exploration, and sexual fun with lots a great women…

And similar to what most men really want, a real relationship, I found and MARRIED THE WOMAN Of MY DREAMS!

To which I get to pass on my years of experience to you here with a membership of DiaLteG™.

Thank you David DeAngelo.

My wife and I appreciate everything and will continue to pass on our success to any man or woman will also do the same in return…

Peter White

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