Are These Myths About Women Standing Between You And Dating Success?

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating.

Today's topic is SO INCREDIBLY CRITICAL to achieving dating success, I'd talk about it all day if I could.

The topic is simply this:

WAY too many guys confuse what they *THINK* it means to be a "real man" with what it ACTUALLY takes to succeed with women.

To put it another way...

If you're a guy who's still looking for the relationship of his dreams (or maybe hasn't even had much dating success yet) then tell me if any of the following statements apply to you:

A: You feel like there are specific REASONS that you haven't had huge success with women yet -- most of which involve feeling like you're somehow not enough of a "real man."

B: You use these reasons to "explain" and "excuse" all of your challenges with women, from not getting dates to failing to build great relationships.

C: You believe that if you could just become more of a "real man," all of your problems with women would magically go away.

Okay, so how many of these statements apply to YOU?

If you're like most guys suffering from a lack of passionate, fulfilling experiences with women, I can tell you this:

It's almost GUARANTEED that at least 1 of the above answers applied to you.

But even more interestingly:

There's an EXTREMELY good chance that you would actually answer:


Like I said...

For more guys than I can count, their beliefs about what it means to be a "real man" are completely FALSE.

As in, total MYTHS.

Tragically, most men make it impossible to get their love lives on track because they accept one or more of these "myths" as an EXCUSE for not succeeding with women.

They let their false beliefs about what it takes to be a "real man" bog them down in both life and love.

They let these false beliefs hold them back.

Worst of all, they let these myths give them a reason to continue ACCEPTING PAIN and FAILURE.

Not good.

But all of that in mind...

If you're a guy who can't get a handle on what it takes to succeed like a "real man" with women, I need to share some information that you desperately need to hear.

Strap in, here it comes...

The top 3 "Man Myths" that might be keeping YOU from succeeding with the women of your dreams:


This myth is like a disease. I wish I could wipe it out with a vaccine or something.

The real FACT is this:

Although most guys may focus on superficial traits like a woman's looks...

WOMEN tend to focus more on "intangible" qualities.

Qualities like personality.



Especially when it comes to intelligent, interesting, attractive women, the "intangible" traits of CONFIDENCE and CONTROL are far more rare and valuable than just looking like Brad Pitt.

But here's the REALLY great news for every guy reading this right now:

Becoming the kind of confident, secure man that ALL women are looking for is actually a LEARNABLE SKILL.

It's something that absolutely ANY guy can do.

It simply takes a commitment to ONE THING:

Working on your "inner game" -- AKA: how you feel about YOURSELF -- in order to turn the ship of your love life around.

"Inner game" is really the entire foundation of how a "real man" acts...

It has NOTHING to do with how loud and obnoxious he can be in public.

It has NOTHING to do with how good he is at "hitting" on women.

It has NOTHING to do with the car he drives, or how much he can bench press.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how he feels about himself on the INSIDE.


That's why...

If you're having doubts about whether you can become the kind of "real man" who can create unstoppable feelings of attraction in a woman... here's the very first thing that I want you to do:

Do something... anything at ALL... to start improving your INNER GAME.

In other words, get out there and start doing something that makes you feel better about YOURSELF on the *INSIDE*.

What's the easiest way to do it?

I always recommend doing something in your life that takes you outside of your "comfort zone."

Think outside the box about something you've always wanted to do... and START DOING IT.

It sure as hell worked for me.

Start playing ice hockey.

Learn to play chess competitively.

Become a wine aficionado.


Point is, get good at something NEW beyond what you currently do, and you'll quickly start building new, ATTRACTION-BUILDING INNER CONFIDENCE.

Make sense?

If so, you actually can get TONS more simple, life-changing ways to start "evolving" into the "real man" that you were naturally BORN to be right here:

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In the meantime, check out:


This one makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

Stop for awhile.

Then start again.

This myth is the one that guys carry around like a ball and chain.

It boils down to the belief that a man can somehow "convince" or "persuade" a woman to feel attraction for them through gifts... favors... expensive dinners... you name it.

But the FACT is this:

At best, doing these things only makes a woman start to feel that "I'll be your friend" kind of love.

At worst, they can make a woman run for the hills because your constant "chasing" is "crowding her," even "creeping her out."

Let me say this another way:

You can only LOSE when you constantly attempt to "win" a woman's attention.

That's why, instead of focusing on how to "win a woman over," I urgently recommend that men focus on one thing, and one thing only:

Standing out from the crowd of all the other guys who are doing it.


By learning to do something that 99% of guys HAVE NO CLUE how to do...

I'm talking about learning how to connect with a woman's EMOTIONS.

Basically, stop worrying about pick-up lines... and start learning how to have a heart-felt CONVERSATION with a woman about her passions and interests in life.

Stop worrying about whether your car is cool enough... and start learning how to recognize what a woman is FEELING.

Stop worrying about having enough cash to take a woman to a fancy restaurant... and start learning how to COMMUNICATE with her in ways that she knows so that you can UNDERSTAND those feelings.

Do just that much, and you'll NEVER make the mistake of trying to "win a woman over" again... It will happen AUTOMATICALLY because you suddenly STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD just by what you say and do.


Okay... deep breath... this one really gets me...


In my line of work, I meet a LOT of guys who have challenges with dating and building relationships with women.

And one of the first things I notice is that almost every one of these guys blames HIMSELF.

In other words, when things don't work out, he always thinks it's ALL HIS FAULT.

But the FACT is this...

There's just no way to get around it. It's a law of nature: women come "pre-wired" with an internal idea of what comprises a desirable mate.

It's a set of EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS that spark the first feelings of "attraction" in a woman and compel her to want to be with a particular man.

And, harsh reality is, If you don't match up with this "internal template," you're dead in the water.

It's natural. No blame necessary.

Now... this fact can either work AGAINST you -- or you can make it work FOR you.

And you know you're old pal Dave... I love harnessing the power of how things NATURALLY work between women and men to CREATE MIND-BLOWING DATING SUCCESS.

But the problem is this:

MOST men have no idea that this natural mechanism even exists in women... let alone how to trigger it.

So, when a man has little or no success with women, obviously the first thing I do is point this mechanism out to him.

The second thing I do is tell him to stop "blaming" himself -- and start learning what actually WORKS and USE IT to his advantage.

Learn how to connect with a woman in ways that make you MATCH HER HARD-WIRED, PRE-EXISTING IDEA OF "MR. RIGHT", and it's 100%-GUARANTEED:

Women will begin responding to you like they're under a magic spell or something!

Believe me -- if you've never had women practically tripping over themselves to be with you, it'll BLOW YOUR MIND.

But okay... right about now, you're asking how to actually DO it.

How do you start SAYING and DOING all the things that make sure you "match" with a woman's idea of "Mr. Right"... and drive her insane with WANTING YOU because of it?

Click HERE for More Info on: The Man Transformation home-study program.

Bottom line:

If you feel like there's an "invisible barrier" preventing you from finding and dating the kind of women you want, you need to get it through your head right now:

None of these "Man Myths" are to blame, so leave them behind NOW, and start focusing on THE FACTS.

Take the time to learn what it REALLY takes to meet and get dates with the women of YOUR dreams... and watch your whole life start CHANGING in ways you never thought possible.

Once it finally happens, I can guarantee you this:

You'll kick yourself for wasting so much time!


And, once you do, be sure to keep me posted how it's going.

Until then...

Your friend,

David D.

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