There Are Only 2 Kinds Of Men – 3 Steps To An Attitude For Dating Success

My friend and mentor, David DeAngelo, has some killer insights on fear and how to re-frame it so that you can acknowledge it, then destroy it before you even make the approach, making YOU 100x more effective at approaching women.

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Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating.

There are only 2 kinds of men...

TYPE #1:

Men who feel paralyzing FEAR and ANXIETY whenever they meet or talk to a beautiful woman.

And TYPE #2:

Men who feel CALM, CONFIDENT and SECURE about it, no matter what the situation.

If you're Type #2, then cool... you can go ahead and not read the rest.

But if Type #2 is you... WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

You're just like I used to be, spending too much time imagining how YOUR life would be different if you *could* talk to great women WITHOUT your heart racing... your palms sweating... a sick feeling in your gut.

I'm sure you've heard the expression: "Nothing worthwhile is easy," right?

Well, when it comes to SUCCEEDING WITH WOMEN, it couldn't be more true... ESPECIALLY when it comes to men who don't have the right "Inner Game" attitude.

Basically, this is the critical attitude for dating success which boils down to this:

When success with women isn't happening for some men (or has never really happened in the past), most guys immediately jump to a devastating conclusion:

"There must be something wrong with me."

This is VERY BAD thing.


Because -- if you're a guy who’s suffering from this state of mind right now -- I've got news for you:

Without creating the right "inner game" attitude for yourself (also known as how you feel about YOURSELF on the inside... your internal world of self esteem, confidence, and emotions) it's 100% IMPOSSIBLE to succeed with women.

Let alone succeed at ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE.

But the news that I want to share with you today is this:

Taking just 3 simple steps toward adjusting (or even completely OVERHAULING) your "inner game" attitude can begin YOUR transformation into the kind of man who succeeds EFFORTLESSLY with women...

... and at almost everything else in life for that matter!

It's all about "reprogramming" your thoughts to stop them from constantly HURTING you... and get your mind and feelings to start HELPING you instead.

Here's the simple bottom line:

Once your own BRAIN is no longer a "traitor"... preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do in life... constantly sabotaging the opportunities you're getting and keeping you from experiencing the success you want...


If this sounds like an impossible dream to you right now, you can learn a lot more about how to TAKE CONTROL of your "inner game" and begin your
"transformation" right here:

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In the meantime...

Right now, I want to share 3 QUICK, EASY STEPS you can take IMMEDIATELY to begin an escape from crippling self-doubt and insecurity...

... and to start building the RIGHT attitude for HUGE dating success.

Strap in, here we go...


Stay with me here... this is pretty earth- shaking news for most guys.

But it's a fact:

The fastest way to start repairing a negative "inner game" attitude is simply to IMAGINE your life without it.

In other words, guys who turn their "inner game" around begin by envisioning the kind of life they'd like to lead...

... and then imagining the kind of person they need to "become" to achieve it.

Sounds deceptively simple, but try it...

Close your eyes and imagine how the version of "you" who's successful with women would be different than the "you" that exists today.


For now, do NOT worry about how you'll actually *become* that guy.

Just stick to imagining some ways that you'll be different once you're sharing your life with a great woman.

In my own case, a few years back, I realized that "Future Me" (that guy who's finally successful with women) would need a more "easy going" attitude and be more comfortable in his own skin.

He'd need to be more willing to take risks.

He'd need to be able to say and do things outside his "comfort zone."

Above all, he'd need a better sense of humor.

Maybe even be a bit "cocky."

Once I imagined this version of myself, the "steps" to get there became much, much clearer to me.

And they will for you, too, I GUARANTEE IT.

But again... that's for LATER.

For now, on to:


Did you know there's an area of psychology commonly called "internal dialogue" or "self- talk?"

Simply put, it's the way you sound inside your own head.

And here's the really fascinating part:

Research shows that men whose "inner game" is crippled by fear, shyness, doubt, and insecurity spend a majority of the time talking NEGATIVELY to
themselves instead of POSITIVELY.

They constantly tell themselves things like "Wow, my life is really going badly"...

Or, "Things never seem to work out for me"...

Or, "I'm just too (fill in the blank) to ever succeed."

Sound at all familiar?

If so, you probably feel it deep down inside already:

All this negative self-talk is a total self- esteem / energy vampire.

Trash-talk yourself enough, and you get worn down.

You feel drained and defenseless, and you begin to BELIEVE it.

It's a feedback loop of negativity that starts creating its own negative results in your life... dictating that you'll react badly to situations and therefore GET BAD RESULTS IN LIFE.

So... what simple action can you take today to deal with this "vampire?"

Just make a commitment to start talking positively to yourself ASAP... even if (at first) you don't believe what you're telling yourself!

I can tell you from personal experience... when you decide to start going EASY on yourself, in the beginning you'll feel like you're LYING to yourself.

You'll think, "All this good stuff I'm telling myself is B.S."

But you MUST fight through that stuff.

You MUST stick with it anyway.

So set phone alarms.

Send yourself positive texts and e-mails reminding you what's GOOD about you.

Do whatever you have to do to you remember to be NICE to yourself and let the bruises of all that "bad" self-talk begin to heal.

Once you do, it'll become a HABIT to talk to yourself in the right way.

And then... completely naturally... you'll begin to TREAT yourself in the right way.

Which will lead to ACTING in the right ways in key situations in life, with women and otherwise.

Now don't get me wrong... getting in this habit will be HARD.

But I kid you not -- the RESULTS will be worth it.

I dare say, almost MAGICAL.

So just try it.

I'm confident you'll be amazed at the results you start seeing FAST from establishing a POSITIVE internal dialogue.

But okay, let's wrap this up... the beginning of your "man transformation"... with:


Steps #1 and #2 are all about stopping the bleeding of your bad "inner game" attitude.

This step is about TAKING "OUTER" ACTIONS to create NEW RESULTS... results which will begin to show themselves in your dating success and your life in general.

Here's what to do:

Take out that iPad of yours (or a good old piece of paper?) and write down 3 REAL-LIFE, "OUTER GAME" ACTIONS you'll take this week to start turning things around.

These should be SMALL steps.

(Need more confidence? Participate in an activity you're semi-good at this week.)

These should be SIMPLE steps.

(Feel like you're too shy? Vow to say "hi" to a total stranger once a day).

Begin with these small "outer" steps, and before you know it, you'll start creating a better "inner game" attitude for yourself... new hope and confidence that comes from just BEGINNING to change.

Stick to them.

Add to them.

Make them an EVERY DAY part of your life...

... and it will ignite a CHAIN REACTION of transformation in you life.

It's so powerful -- and has turned around the lives of so many men who used to believe that there was "something wrong with them" -- that I've
actually created an entire home-study program dedicated to igniting that chain reaction.

It's a program called "Man Transformation," and for any man who wants it, it's designed to deliver the right "inner game" attitude (and results in life) that he's always dreamed of, including:

  • How to quickly re-program your mind and body for AUTOMATIC SUCCESS with women and in life... instead of for the INSTANT FAILURE you usually experience.
  • How to PERMANENTLY EXTERMINATE the deep, long- held anxieties and beliefs that have been crippling you and stopping you from "getting in the game" for so long.
  • EXACTLY what you need to THINK, SAY, AND DO to overcome fear and avoidance when it's time to meet a woman (or "go for it" in any other PIVOTAL MOMENT in life).
  • And a whole lot more... from transforming your dating life ... to turbocharging your professional achievement... to just plain-old feeling good inside at last.

But for now, like I said... Don't worry about the specifics.

For now... just GET STARTED.

Have a look at the details of my world-famous "Man Transformation" program right here:

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And make no mistake:

If you're ready to leave behind your fears, insecurities, and anxieties for good...

... and replace them with the life of your dreams...

... this is the FASTEST, EASIEST way to do it.

In fact... I GUARANTEE IT.

Your friend,

David D.

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