A Simple Way To Approach Her and Close The Deal Every Time!

By David DeAngelo creator of Double Your Dating and an entire catalogue specifically designed for you to achieve the dating and relationship success you deserve.

*** POP QUIZ ***

Let's say there's a great woman that you've had your eye on...

But (as usual) you don't have the FIRST CLUE how to approach her... let alone what to say and do once you try.

QUESTION: How can YOU "break through" and get her to NOTICE YOU?


There's a SIMPLE way to get her attention -- and then "CLOSE THE DEAL" -- that's so powerful, easy, and effortless, that you'll be kicking yourself for wasting so much time NOT knowing it!

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Have you ever fantasized about how your WHOLE LIFE would be different if you only knew how to "close the deal" a woman?

Well, I can tell you this...

For YEARS, this was all that *I* thought about.

I fantasized what would it be like to be able to easily, effortlessly approach ANY woman... in ANY situation...

... then EFFORTLESSLY start a conversation with her without my usual "shyness", "awkwardness", and "fear of rejection...

... then "close the deal" with her.

Also known as bringing her home, or setting up a date.

Like I said:

I wasted YEARS of my life "fantasizing" about how to make all this happen...

... when I could have been DOING it the whole time... and WAY more easily than I ever thought possible!

In a nutshell, things went like this for me:

I'd see an attractive girl in a coffee shop or bar or the supermarket. And the moment I even started to THINK about approaching her:


In other words, I felt NERVOUS and SCARED.

I started making EXCUSES to myself about why she'd NEVER go out with a guy like me.

And get this...

Sometimes I even started BLAMING HER!

That's right -- without knowing anything about her, I'd imagine how "stuck up" or "shallow" she was... just because I knew she'd NEVER choose a caring, sensitive guy like me over some rich, handsome JERK.


... I found out how INCREDIBLY SIMPLE it really was to CHANGE ALL THIS!

I leaned how easily I could make my painful daily "fantasies" into every day, easy-as-falling-off-a- log REALITIES.

And once I did that, I don't have to tell you...

I wanted kick my own butt for WASTING SO MUCH TIME!!

It literally made me sick.

Truth was, "closing the deal" with a woman was actually EASIER THAN I EVER DREAMED... but I NEVER KNEW IT.


But onto better news...

If you're in the same situation right now... still WASTING YOUR LIFE failing with women (or never TRYING with them at all)...

... All because you have NO CLUE how easy it actually is to succeed...

... then you're right where I used to be.

You're totally convinced that you couldn't possibly "close the deal" with a woman even if you somehow got up the "nerve" to approach her in the first place.

You feel like there's just no way you can possibly say and do everything right, including:

  • Successfully starting a conversation with her.
  • THEN keeping it going (without hemming and hawing and getting tongue-tied!)
  • THEN sparking feelings of ATTRACTION in her.
  • THEN stoking that spark into SEXUAL TENSION that makes her want to GET PHYSICAL with you.

I mean, forget about it... personally, I could barely get words out of my mouth to a woman I didn't know, let alone get all of this right.

And here's the kicker:

Even if I did "get lucky" and pull off all this stuff... none of it MEANT A THING because I couldn't "close the deal".

Sound familiar?

If SO...

I'm about to hand you a life-changing SOLUTION to this situation, and I mean RIGHT NOW.

Sound good?


Plus, you can get a feel for ALL of the DOZENS and DOZENS of ways that I teach to start approaching women with CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS right here.

But for now, stay with me, because I'm about to share 1 of them right here -- a simple way to "close the deal" with a woman EVERY TIME that's so easy it'll blow your mind...

It starts with what EVERY man must understand before he can "close the deal" with ANY woman...

First, you need to understand what it is that EVERY WOMAN is REALLY looking for in a man when he first approaches her.

And then you need to GIVE IT TO HER -- in SPADES -- before she even has to think about it.

So then... what is it? What is every woman looking for in the men that approach her?

What is this "magic trait" that, if a man is missing it, will get him rejected faster than a 3- dollar bill?

The answer's no surprise... especially after you've spoken to as many women as I have about the subject.

You see, a woman wants to FEEL A SPECIFIC SOMETHING the moment a man approaches her...

Something that makes him STAND OUT from the crowd...

Women CONSTANTLY tell me that they spend the minutes after a new guy approaches them waiting for him to finally "give up" and "go away" because MOST MEN BORE THEM.

They tell me most men act awkward and nervous... using body language that projects fear and uncertainty... hemming and hawing or using lame, stale pick-up lines.

After hearing this from so many women, here were my inescapable conclusions:

  1. Approaching women using "pick-up lines" or "rational logic" is a fool's game.
  2. "Hitting on a woman" is even WORSE, the ultimate road to nowhere. (By the way, ever wonder why they call it "hitting" on a woman? It's because it's usually such a horrible, PAINFUL EXPERIENCE for her.)
  3. There's just NO WAY that lines, wuss-like "begging" or Spock-like logic will get a woman interested enough to even "hear your story"... let alone CLOSE THE DEAL.

Just won't happen.


More on the fascinating reason (a reason MOST guys will NEVER figure out for themselves...) right here.

But for now, here comes the bottom line:


How do YOU make an attractive woman feel differently about YOU than about the parade of losers, wusses and dorks who constantly approach her?

Listen close... slide your chair closer to your computer monitor if you have to...

I LOVE revealing this part to guys, because it's so simple it usually BLOWS THEIR MINDS...

It's the kind of "duh" moment that makes guys realize the answer has always been right in front of their face (and that they've been WASTING THEIR LIVES not seeing it).

Ready for your "duh" moment?

Then strap in, here it comes...

To discover this "magic trait" for yourself, all you have to do is take 2 simple steps:

  1. Go to any online dating site
  2. Check out the profiles of a few dozen women.

That's exactly what I did. And guess what I noticed...

I noticed that 1 TRAIT popped up again and again in the profiles when it came to what women were looking for...

Something a THOUSAND TIMES MORE POWERFUL than good looks or money....

There it was in plain sight:

ONE WORD kept popping up again and again, when it came to what almost EVERY WOMAN was looking for in a guy...

That word was "FUN".

And that's when the light bulb finally went off for me...

What if I could make my first few moments with a woman just plain FUN?


There was no way I could know it at the time, but this realization was HUGE...

So, getting back to that "duh" moment...

I realized that this "fun" thing could -- and SHOULD -- be an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for *ME*.

I realized all I had to do was make the experience of "being approached" FUN for a woman, and I'd move straight to the head of the line.

I'd have an INSTANT ADVANTAGE over 99% of other guys.

I'd move closer to closing the deal with her (more quickly and easily) than I ever imagined possible.

And guess what...


Big time...

Once I perfected how to make it FUN for a woman when I approached her, the results I got were NUCLEAR.

Once I had an arsenal of fool-proof ways to IMMEDIATELY make my approach FUN for a woman... suddenly I COULD CLOSE THE DEAL almost every time!


If you'd like IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my FULL "arsenal" (as well as the opportunity to put it all to work for YOU instantly, 100%-RISK FREE) just click here.

In the meantime, here's the SPECIFIC EXAMPLE I was talking about:

Want to show a woman you're FUN instead of a PAINFUL BORE the moment you approach her?

Try this:

Let's say you're close to a supermarket when you see a woman you'd like to meet...

Walk up to her and say: "Excuse me... I was on my way to grab a few groceries to cook a special dinner, and I need a woman's advice. Would you mind helping me?"

Yeah, I know... to most men this sounds unthinkable.

I mean, why would you do something like asking a woman to accompany you on an errand to the supermarket... possibly to prepare for a date with ANOTHER woman.

Well, let's analyze what's happening here for the A-B-C answer:

A) You're asking for her HELP while showing no signs of the usual "pick-up mode" anxiety, twitchy gestures, laughs and ticks, etc. This broadcasts CONFIDENCE to a woman every time.

B) You're INSTANTLY letting her know you're "no threat" and "in demand" because you're possibly preparing for a big date -- with ANOTHER woman!

C) Best of all, you're showing her that you're FUN and SPONTANEOUS.

So, what's going to happen next?

9 times out of 10, she'll be so intrigued that "blowing you off" will be the furthest thing from her mind.

Assuming she's not in a rush, she'll probably say something like: "What? You want me to come grocery shopping with you?"

She'll be wonderfully confused.

She'll be emotionally engaged.

You'll have her full attention.

Communicate all of this to a woman, and she'll immediately be HOOKED.

She'll instantly respect you.

She'll want to know more about you.

In other words:

She'll feel the first tiny sparks of that magic feeling called ATTRACTION.

And, as you know, that's what *EVERYTHING* I teach is all about.

Okay. So now you have her attention.

What's next?

Let's rewind a bit and find out...

Truth is, early in the supermarket visit, I usually make a pass by the MAGAZINE RACK.


Because it's literally a bottomless pit of FUN conversation.

I'll pick up a tabloid and make fun of some handsome movie star's picture and say something like this,

"How does George Clooney get so many women with a nose like that?"

Or, when we're in the aisles, I'll pick up some odd product.

A jar of "Clamato" juice or something.

Show it to her with a baffled look and bust on her "What's in this stuff? Who drinks it? You definitely look like the ‘Clamato' type..."

If the woman picks up anything for herself, I'll bust on that, too... "Wow, that's fattening..."

If she gets nothing at all, I'll ask her if she's fasting.


There are a million possibilities for Cocky & Funny at this point.

*** ALERT ****

If you'd like a CRASH COURSE on how to stop being BORING -- and START mastering the endless possibilities of being "Cocky & Funny" with women -- here's the ONLY way to get it, Right here.

But here's my point:

Once you have her suggestions about what SHE would like cooked for her on a date, it's time to "close the deal."

At check-out, let her know you're shopping to make dinner for HER.

At this point, it's almost GUARANTEED she won't reject you because:

  1. By now, you've engaged her EMOTIONS. She's feeling fun and adventure -- separating you from all the other guys who just make her feel BORED and UNCOMFORTABLE.
  2. Because all this was NON-THREATENING to her, she's TEN times more likely to give you the "benefit of the doubt" and go along for the ride a little further.
  3. You've proven you're a "FUN GUY" -- and she didn't even realize it was happening!

Basically, whether it's grocery shopping or jumping out of an airplane, when you approach a woman with a sense of "Hey, let's have an adventure, let's go have some FUN..." it's 100% contagious.

A woman will start attributing all those positive feelings to you... and you're IN.

You'll not only end up with her number at the end of the day... she'll probably end up BEGGING YOU to bring her home.

Gotta love it.

Okay... as I said, this just one simple way to successfully approach a woman and "close the deal."

If YOU want to learn a lot more ways to leave behind the FEAR that's DESTROYED your success with women up until now, I'm ready to help.

Just Click Here to Approach ANY Woman Any Time And Never Be Worried About “Blowing It” With Her Again.

Meantime... forget the "pick up lines" and focus on learning how to BE FUN, and you'll have success with women like you never thought possible.

I personally guarantee it.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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  • robert

    i’ve never had a relationship with any women

    • Hey Robert. Thanks for the comment and sorry to hear that if you’ve been wanting one.

      How many dates have you been on? Why don’t you think they’re led to a relationship?

      You don’t want to go diving in the deep end unless you’re ready so get yourself ready.

      ANYTIME is a perfect time to start going after what you want. Why not now?

      Thanks man.

      All the best.

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