The MAGIC SECRET Of Getting A HOT Girlfriend

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating.

Wish you could learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about women and dating... from how to approach beautiful women... to "closing the deal"... even how to keep that ONE HOT, SPECIAL GIRL for the long term...

...and get it all in ONE PLACE?

Now you can.

A quick exercise...

Ask yourself this:

"What kind of advice about succeeding with women is Dave about to share with me?"

Simple question.

And if you're like 99% of guys who follow my teaching, you'd probably answer something like...

"Dave's going to show me how to come across as so COOL AND CONFIDENT that women will trip over themselves to be with me..."

Or you thought: "Excellent, Dave's going to teach me how to ramp up the SEXUAL TENSION with a woman until she's all over me..."

Or maybe you went a little deeper and guessed:

"Dave's going to show me how to use my TONE and BODY LANGUAGE in such a powerful way that women will find me irresistible from clear across the room..."

Well guess what...

I can -- and DO -- teach all of those things.

But read a little closer...

Again, here's what that subject line says:


The key word here: GIRLFRIEND.

Like I always say... it takes something TOTALLY DIFFERENT to get a GIRLFRIEND (especially the kind of in-demand, smart attractive woman I call a "Total 10") than it does to just "get dates" with one.

If you want that ONE SPECIAL, SUPER-ATTRACTIVE GIRL in your bed not just tonight but every night... it takes totally DIFFERENT SKILLS.

Totally different STRATEGIES and TECHNIQUES.

In other words -- it takes totally different KNOWLEDGE to become the kind of man that a high- quality woman wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with.


So listen up...

Before I share the "Magic Secret" of getting a mind-blowing GIRLFRIEND... (as well as a very BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that just may CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE) let's try another quick exercise...

Take a moment, and imagine what would happen if I asked a roomful of 1000 men how to create a great RELATIONSHIP with a woman.

Of course, I personally don't have to "imagine" it. I've already done it...

While filming my programs, I've asked huge auditoriums full of men what they think it takes to get -- and KEEP -- a high-quality woman for the long term.

And here's the sad truth:


And, odds are, YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE EITHER how to create a kick-ass RELATIONSHIP with a great woman.

But here's some GREAT NEWS for you...

If you can master the "basics" of meeting women and getting dates... it's EASIER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED to transform that knowledge into a system for BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP.

You can learn some pretty mind-blowing details about all that right here:

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But for now, I'll just tell you this:

Once you've got the basics down, learn just a few additional theories and techniques, and you'll suddenly have what seems like a "magic power" to keep ANY woman around for as long as YOU want her.

So let's dig into the MAGIC SECRET of making it happen...

The secret of building and sustaining a powerful long-term relationship with the woman of your dreams is all about ONE THING:


It's about learning how to READ and REACT to the emotions of the woman you want, so that you can create a deep, powerful CONNECTION with her that's BUILT TO LAST.

Now... after spending YEARS trying to understand exactly how men and woman "connect" on this emotional level (and then go on to form a "relationship") I stumbled across a fascinating idea...

Just look at that word..."relationship".

It's based on the word "relate."

What is "relating"?

After much study and observation, I learned that when people use the term "connection," what they're really talking about is how a man and woman "relate."

It's the "common ground" they look for as they get to know each other better. The similar ways that they see the world.

For example, I feel like I can "relate" to you when you see things the same way I do.

And that makes it possible for us to form a "relationship."

Make sense?


But here's the problem...

Long before there's even a possibility of a "relationship" developing between a man and woman, they usually BLOW UP the whole thing by failing miserably when they try to "relate".

And 99.99% of men have NO CLUE how to HELP a woman relate to them.

That in mind...

Want to be successful with a woman for the long term... as in... getting a GIRLFRIEND and a RELATIONSHIP?

Hot Girlfriend Sharing

Then learn how to "relate".

In other words, stop focusing on where and why you don't see things in the same way as a woman, like so many guys do.

Instead, focus hard and long on any "common ground" that you share with her.


Because the whole concept of "disagreement" is what I call an "ego move."

It's usually not about having a difference of opinion... it's usually about taking "power" and "being right".

That's why, if you're dating a woman that you think might be great for a relationship... and you happen to disagree...


You should TAKE ADVANTAGE of the situation immediately to CONNECT WITH HER *EMOTIONALLY*.



Ask her to describe in detail how SHE feels.

Ask her to SHOW you how and why she sees things like she does.

Then say something like: "I totally get it. And maybe I see this from a slightly different perspective... but we're both right to some degree. And I bet if we put our views together, we'll come up with something even better."


Know why?

Because you're not only showing that you want to understand and learn more about her viewpoint... but that you also want to COME TOGETHER WITH HER.

To make something BETTER.


Trust me...

That's the FASTEST WAY to create the feelings inside a woman that will make her practically start BEGGING to become your girlfriend before the end of the night.


There will always be TONS of opportunities to CONNECT WITH WOMEN in this way.

Want a great girlfriend on your arm come all those holiday parties and family get-togethers?

Then it's URGENT that you take advantage of these opportunities.

Of course, there's a lot more to it, from finding out if a woman is a good match for you, to having the confidence you need to approach a "girlfriend- worthy" woman in the first place.

Here's another example of how to become a "master of emotions" so you can connect with a woman for the long term...

Let's say you're walking down the street with the woman you're dating.

She breaks her heel.

She starts crying because she just bought these shoes. They were expensive, she took all day picking them out, and she loves them.

Plus now she's going to either have to walk funny or go barefoot.

Now... YOU obviously never broke a heel and cried about it (unless there's something I need to know about you right now...)

But SHE just did.

So what do YOU do?

How do YOU "relate"?

Look at it this way...

If you were a hot woman watching your man try to stick the heel back on your shoe without saying a word, what would you start thinking?

If you're like the attractive women I've talked to about this, you'd probably think,

"I guess he doesn't care that I'm crying... or why. He just wants to "fix" the damn shoe."

Then you'd start thinking:

"I guess he doesn't get me. He doesn't want to take the time to understand me, so I guess it's time to move on..."

(FYI: this is even more true of how "TOTAL 10" women think -- they get empty, thoughtless gestures thrown at them by men all day long.)

But guess what...

Once woman feels that a man *IS* trying to understand her... trying to connect with her feelings just a little... a MAGICAL thing happens...

Suddenly, you're looking like a "CATCH".

Now, this doesn't happen on a conscious level, but the message is received by her loud and clear just the same...

You're that one man out of a thousand who GETS HER.

And therefore you could possibly be "Mr. Right" -- the kind of man EVERY woman wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with.

And then the sky's the limit... with ANY woman you want... no matter how hot, smart, or in-demand she is.

But the question remains...

How do you CONNECT with that woman who's just broken her heel... or maybe just lost her job... or feels "ugly and insecure"... or WHATEVER?

How do you RELATE to her and prove that you GET IT... unlike 99.99% of other men?

Most of the time, all it takes is this:

Think about your own life experiences.

Dial one up that creates the closest emotion in you to the one that she's feeling.

Maybe you wrecked your car. Maybe you got fired. Maybe your dog died.

The key is: you must GENUINELY MAKE YOURSELF FEEL WHAT SHE'S FEELING... then communicate those feelings to her. Show her that you UNDERSTAND what she's going through in the moment.

Show her that you know how to RELATE.

Because, once you can show a woman that you can understand her EMOTIONS...



You'll then be able to take things with ANY woman you want from "dating" to "girlfriend" so fast you'll probably get whiplash.

But for now... I know, this all feels like some VERY advanced stuff.

Especially for guys who need to get a handle on the basics of just "getting dates" first.

But here's why I'm talking about it...

Up until a few years ago, I swore that I would NEVER, EVER talk about the "long-term" when it comes to women and dating.

I would personally lay the smack down on you for even asking about this "RELATIONSHIP STUFF".

But after years of sharing my "magic secrets" for meeting women and getting tons of dates... I started to want something more out of MY life.

I started thinking to myself...

"How can I do more than just get dates with great women... How can I find that one perfect, Total-10 woman who will totally rock my world... and stick around to rock it again tomorrow?"

In other words...


And it didn't take me long to discover the answer...

For better or worse, I discovered it takes this totally different set of skills, knowledge, and techniques to get a TOP-NOTCH GIRLFRIEND...

You must "BECOME" Mr. Right.

The kind of man that EVERY Total 10 is looking for. The kind of man who knows how to connect with her EMOTIONALLY.

So listen...

If you're one of the TONS of guys who've been emailing me lately saying they want something more out of their love lives than just lots of dates...

...or even if you've just been THINKING it but suffering in silence...

...I'm going to lay it all out for you in a SIMPLE 2-STEP PLAN...


  1. Get a "crash course" in the basics of meeting women and getting lots of dates.
  2. Then learn EXACTLY what it takes to move things to the NEXT LEVEL and KEEP the woman of your dreams in a relationship.

And as always, I'm here to help you do it.

In fact, it's the reason why I've put together a MAJOR OFFER that I'm positive will make that dream come true...


Right now, for a very limited time...

I can teach you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, from the basics of getting dates, to finding and keeping the "TOTAL 10" woman of your dreams.

That's right... I want you to HAVE IT ALL.

It will finally be the end of those days and nights you spent alone because you didn't "have a clue"...or an amazing GIRLFRIEND.

Here's all you need to CHANGE EVERYTHING...

Check it Out & Win The Big Game - Love The Final Chapter Today!

Your Friend,
David D.

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