Winning The Big Game With Women, Dating, and Relationships

By David DeAngelo - Creator of Double Your Dating, Love The Final Chapter, and more.

Are you feeling not-so-great about how love is going (or not) for you right now?

As if no matter what steps you take... what you say and do... what car you drive or how much money you make… there’s still something HUGE missing from your life and it hurts?

That’s exactly how I used to feel...

And get this: I was feeling this way despite a lot of great stuff that was already going on in my life, from my professional success to meeting and dating more “hot” women than I could handle.

But there it was - that void… that feeling of “something missing” that lingered and even got WORSE… no matter how well things were going for me in life otherwise.

Finally, I had no choice but to stop, take a look at my life, and try to figure out why I was feeling this way.

And, for reasons I’m going to tell you about today as the investigation began with a look at:

My History With Women

Basically, I went through most of my life as the kind of guy who could never get the women I really wanted.

For a very long time, I felt lonely, afraid and insecure because of my failures with them.

To fix things, I tried everything… ads, pick-up lines, books, seminars, you name it … but none of it worked for me.

Of course, if you know anything about my story, you know that I finally turned things around by watching “the masters” - men who weren’t really any better looking or richer than I was… but who, for SOME reason, enjoyed huge success meeting and getting dates with women.

I spent years studying these guys and the totally counter-intuitive things they said and did.

I learned from them, saw their patterns and started doing what they were doing.

And guess what:

I finally started succeeding with women!

The biggest lessons I learned along the way were that:

A man can’t MAKE a woman feel that irresistible, unstoppable emotion


Once you know how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION, there’s nothing she can do to “turn it off” and NOT feel it

It took a while and a lot of soul-searching, but I soon realized there’s a much bigger “game” out there than just learning how to get lots of women and go out on dates…

There was a “next level” that HAD to be achieved if I were ever going to fill that “void” and feel truly fulfilled and happy in life.

But what was that next level? What was that bigger game?

Soon, I realized that I would ONLY find happiness by learning how to do something totally different than just meet women and get dates.

I had to...

Learn How Make A Great Woman Fall In LOVE!

After more reflection about what was working for me in my life and what wasn’t I was able to identify...

3 learning “milestones” along the journey to finding happiness and fulfillment with women at last.

They were:

  1. Learning how to approach and start a conversation with a woman.
  2. Learning how to get a date by taking control of ATTRACTION and the sexual dynamics that were in play.
  3. Learning how to make an amazing woman FALL IN LOVE with me.

But this wasn’t about just any woman…

I knew on an instinctual level, after dating so many women who were just “attractive”, that this woman had to be beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and above all…

Compatible and just right for ME.

… also known as my own “most amazing woman in the world”!

Now, like most guys, I spent a LOT of time focusing on 1 and 2.

But, once I made the decision to take action and make #3 happen, I was in for a big wake-up call…

It turned out that great women are looking for VERY different things when it comes to who they’re dating versus what they’re looking for in a relationship.

In other words, choosing and creating a passionate, fulfilling, lasting relationship with the right PARTNER is a much bigger game than just getting a date.

In fact, I’m comfortable going even further to say that there’s no way to overstate this:

Your choice of romantic relationship partner is THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE you will make in your entire life!

Choose wisely, and you’ll be rewarded with growth, support, companionship, and an increase in your overall ability to be successful in life and make an impact in the world.

Choose unwisely... and life turns into nothing short of a living hell.

When it comes to MY story, to my surprise, I finally met that right choice… the woman who I felt was “the most amazing woman in the world” for me… and she became my wife and the mother of my child.

And, true to the promise, I’ve never felt such a sense of joy, fulfillment, and happiness in life like the experience has given me.

That’s why, right now, I want to help YOU find your “most amazing woman in the world,” too!

Start with these first 3 assignments.

1. Review the “3 learning milestones” above.

Now ask yourself: Where are you on the journey?

Be brutally honest … are you able to approach women? Talk to them? Get dates?

Don’t worry how far you still have to go - this is your starting point!

2. Write a brief note to yourself about how you think YOUR life will be different when you finally create an intimate, lasting relationship with your “most amazing woman in the world.” Include the smallest details.

Have fun with it!

3. Keep this note handy and refer to it often - especially when you feel discouraged or hopeless about love.

Everything you wrote is the whole reason you’re going to start taking specific action to change your life. And (with my help) make these dreams come true at last.

Meet And Attract YOUR Most Amazing Woman In The World

We discussed how the biggest prize in life is the ability to attract and keep an amazing woman... and that you must learn what she REALLY wants before you can possibly make it happen.

Above all, if you don’t want to keep walking through life feeling lonely, unsatisfied and unhappy, the time to get started is NOW...

Take it from me, I had to learn all of this the hard way...

Like most guys, I used to think that if I could just get dating and attraction figured out, I had already won the game.

I used to think that an attractive, physically beautiful woman was the most valuable thing on the planet.

I thought that I wanted to be with smoking-hot models and actresses and other “fantasy” women that they would finally make me feel happy and good about myself…

… but I couldn’t have been more WRONG.

Looking back, it shouldn’t have so hard for me to wake up and get a clue.

All I had to do was look around at guys who dated these types of women...

In almost EVERY case, their “relationships” did NOT work out.

And that’s putting it mildly.

Eventually, reality hit me: it takes so much MORE to succeed in love than than just raw physical attraction and sex.

That stuff is vapor… we get used to it, it dissipates, and all that’s left behind is a long-shot hope that we’re lucky enough to be compatible on a deeper level.

And here’s a shocker: almost every time, luck doesn’t cut it.

We find out we’re NOT compatible at all.

So... once we know and accept this reality, then what?

The answer comes down to this:

Every Man Has His Own “Most Amazing Woman”... The One He’s Uniquely Attracted To And Compatible With

In other words:

When you finally come across YOUR “most amazing women,” she will instantly create certain feelings in you that identify her as ‘the one” instead of just another woman.

Yes, she will be physically beautiful to you.

But more importantly, from the moment you meet her, you’ll feel something way beyond just physical attraction...

You’ll feel that her personality is a perfect match for yours.

You’ll feel that she meshes, enhances, and complements your sensibilities, your goals and dreams in a way that no other woman ever has.

She will come across an incredible person, someone you love being around... a BEST FRIEND that you can’t get enough of sharing your life with and learning from.

And here’s the other thing you need to know above all about your “most amazing woman”...

She’s out there right now!

Maybe you haven’t met her yet.

Maybe she’s already in your life... now you need to get her to fall in love with you.

Either way, if you fail to make it happen, it’s literally one of life’s the biggest tragedies. What could be worse than meeting the woman who’s exactly right for you…

… but she doesn’t recognize YOU as her perfect match and feel attraction for you in return?

If this sounds like YOUR life right now, it’s probably happening for just one reason:

You Haven’t Learned How To Meet And Attract YOUR “Most Amazing Woman” Yet!

As we’ve talked about, the biggest secret that pick-up artists and players just don’t get is that their lines, flirting and games work to create curiosity and chemistry to a point...

They may even to give a woman a false and fleeting feeling of a “connection” with a man...

But here’s the thing:

Tricks and gimmicks ALWAYS stop working when it comes to creating a life-changing relationship with the amazing woman who is really “the one” for us.

How do I know this?

Because it happened to me.

A few years ago, I met an amazing woman who was unlike any other I had ever known. So smart, funny, and intelligent. Insightful and sensitive. Inspiring and beautiful.

Turns out… she was ALSO the woman who would one day become my wife and the mother of my child.

But, when we first met and I started using my dating techniques on her, here’s what happened:

Absolutely nothing.

She just stopped and stared at me.

It could have been a total tragedy and the worst disaster of my life… if I hadn’t already done the legwork necessary to learn how to reverse course and switch instantly from “dating mode” to “relationship mode.”

Once I did, it wasn’t long before the woman of my dreams started to feel LOVE for me.

And, if you take nothing else away from reading tis, I want you to know that love is real and possible for YOU, too.

You really CAN find your own “most amazing woman in the world.”

You can figure out who she is, approach her and meet her.

You can make her feel ATTRACTION for you that she can’t deny or resist.

You can do everything right to create a mind-blowing, fulfilling, lasting relationship with her.

Now, I want to show you in simple, step-by-step detail how you can do all of this and more when it comes to finding and keeping YOUR “most amazing woman,” and I’ve taken an extraordinary step to make it happen…

I’ve created a ground-breaking video program called “Love: The Final Chapter” that will light the way to your success in love like you never dreamed possible.

Not only does this NEW program contain EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNED about attracting and creating a mind-blowing relationship with your ultimate dream woman… it ALSO includes hours of special coaching directly from today’s top experts…

… including MY own “most amazing woman,” a renowned love-and-relationship expert herself… my wife!

But like I said... getting this part of your life handled can feel like a tall order.

In the meantime:

1. Write down the PHYSICAL traits you find attractive in a woman.

2. Next, write down the PERSONALITY traits you find attractive.

Take your time - a lot of guys *think* they know what they’re looking for... until they really sit down and think about it.

3. Now, read both lists and ask yourself... which list makes you feel HAPPY just imagining being with a woman who has these qualities?

If you’re like most guys, the first list may turn you on... but the second makes you feel GOOD.

4. Finally, imagine a woman who has it all… every quality you’ve written down on BOTH lists.

Now… accept that she exists. She’s out there. You WILL meet her if you haven’t already... it’s just a matter of time.

The billion-dollar question is:

How will you make her fall for you when you do?

Women don't know what they want in ADVANCE.

As men we do know that - we know what kind of car we want to drive, what kind of job we want, we know what kind of woman we want...

Women operate differently.

She has a vague idea of what she wants but she's always looking... when she sees it.

This is one of the reasons why women love shopping so much. Lots of chances to stumble upon the perfect thing so her emotions can say to her,

"That's what I want!"

This provides the key to getting women to want YOU.

What a woman wants more than anything is to find a man who knows what he wants.

She wants someone that has a superpower that she doesn't have.

Generally - she's the emotional and relationship genius who is sensitive, in the moment, with her family and such...

AND she needs to find a partner who is good at this OTHER thing. Who knows what he wants, going after it, creating it, and making it happen.

Imagine that you didn't have the skill to know what you wanted in advance and you were interviewing potential relationship partners.

What would trigger your internal hot button that THIS is the guy?

You'd want to find a man who was good at knowing what he wanted and getting it so you could have this skill as part of your relationship and ultimately as part of your family.

So what a woman wants that she doesn't know she wants... is a man who knows what he wants.

And the ultimate catch is a man who knows what his purpose is in life.

If you know what your purpose is then you will be one of the most attractive man walking on this planet.

How To Make “The Most Amazing Woman” Want You.

True love is out there for all of us.

It’s real and possible. It’s the most powerful force we’ll ever experience in our lives.

But, to get there, we must understand that we can’t just sit on our hands and do nothing.

We can’t just wish, want, and hope for true love to fall into our laps.

We must take ACTION!

First, we need to learn how to find that one incredible woman who’s perfectly right for us.

Then we need to know EXACTLY what to say and do to make her feel attracted and want us in return. (Also known as “the hard part,” right?)

Then we need to know how to keep things going, growing and getting deeper with her instead of cooling off and dying .

The BIGGEST SECRET you must know to do all of this and more, from finding your “most amazing woman” to  creating that mind-blowing relationship with her.

In the free video below you’ll find everything you need to know about meeting, attracting, and KEEPING the super-high-quality woman of your dreams including a critical shift in strategy that you must make to have her fall in love with you.

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