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Guys Guide To Texting – David Wygant – My Opinion – Not A Review

Does the guy texting her know how to do it better than you do?

I hate writing reviews but I love giving my opinion…

Have you ever seen the movie, “Hot Tub Time Machine” ? There’s a scene in the movie where the youngest of the four time travelers gets caught dancing with the hottest girl he has ever met.

He has a earlier engagement so he requests a way he can get in touch with her.

He asks for her number, her Facebook, or her email or some way to text her later but since they are trapped in the late eighties she’s a little puzzled.

He gets frustrated and finally asks,

“So how am I going to get in touch in with you?”

She replies with,

“You come and find me silly.”

As he walks away quickly he is heard saying,

“Wow that seems like a lot of work.”

The young man is also seen hugging his phone when they are finally back in the present.

I grew up in the eighties and let me tell you, it was a lot of work.

Sure we had our tied down phones and our little black book of numbers. Sure we had snail mail and video personals. We even had ‘900’ numbers at a (ahem ahem) fair price. Yeah I went there a few times. Never got off though it was always just a joke.

We now live in an instant communication world. I have over 20 women’s phone numbers safely stored on my phone and I can text them literally at any time of the day.

Which is cool and all but that also means at any given time of the day I could screw up with any one of those women.

If I text her the wrong things at the wrong time and I’m not closely involved with her she will stop responding to my texts and if I try to call, it goes right to her voice mail.

This wonderful instant communication unfortunately also means an instant “shut down” or rejection based on what I say to her or text her.

Here we have this incredible tool to turn her on. This incredible tool for getting her off. I also have an easy way to amplify attraction with just a sentence or one quick text.

BUT it’s really just another tool!

A communication device which when used simply is easy. Hit a couple of buttons and it’s on.

And just like every other tool if we don’t know how to use it to its fullest extent it might as well be connected like the old phone with a ten foot cord getting caught on everything.

My opinion on texting our dates or potential partners is do NOT is it unless you know how to do it RIGHT.

Otherwise it can and will hurt your chances with the women you most desire.

I’ve checked out David Wygant’s Guys Guide To Texting to see if I personally believe he can assure you know how to use your phone so you don’t screw it all up AND to help you actually build on her attraction.

I love the intro.

It really sets the tone.

Your phone is an opportunity that if you don’t take advantage of or use the “tool” to help you succeed with women, you’re missing out on something where if the guy next she meets has the skill and will use it.

David will walk you through the first time you meet her and get her phone number.

This includes examples of what mistakes to avoid. I’m assuming the mistakes have something to do with your phone texts.

Next up David gives you his favorite tips.

I love it. His “favorite tips.” Okay honestly being in the business I am in this means, “I’ve used these myself and they have worked for me.” I have my favorites too and yes I do tell you about them because they have worked for me.

He then suggests that you never ask her out the first time in your text and will reveal why when you buy his Guide.

I agree. Bad move guys. It’s not a very confident move at all.

Personally I use texts as amplification and never as a cop-out or the easy way to get over a rejection without face to face interaction but I have worked on my wonderful voice and I have learned to use it to attract women.

Real Life examples are next on his list.

Well David. You better give us these up. This is a great framework and if you find a product that doesn’t offer any real life examples ask for your money back quickly.

The next point is challenging her and making her think through your texts.

This is the area most men make way too many mistakes. They think they’re being challenging but they’re actually making her think about not getting back to you.

It’s essential in attraction. Challenge her and get her to think about you equals a want to see you again.

He wants to show you how to tease a woman with your text.

Judged by how David first entered the field of being a dating coach, listen intently. This man knows how to turn women on though any form of communication.

You would be surprised how easy it is to do this and how doing so changes your whole relationship with a woman.

Do this right and I doubt you’ll be slotted as just a friend.

Do this wrong and as he mentions in the next point, you’ll just be another pervert to her.

Skipping over the next few examples of what you get: sexting, sexual tension, creating visual imagery, nicknames, emotions, creating comfort with your texts, and how texting changes when you’re in an exclusive relationship…

What I believe he is getting at is…

He’s giving you everything it takes to attract women, keep her attracted to you, build an intimate relationship though sexting, and exactly how to do it and more.

Please don’t misunderstand me. My opinion is that he may be selling you his Guide To Texting but those last few points are what every man SHOULD get.

In other words when you buy any program designed to teach you how to text and turn it into something more than sexting you better make sure you’re getting it all because otherwise it’s not really worth your time OR money.

Maybe I’m being biased because I enjoy Daivd’s approach to attraction and I feel we in some way are similar to our approach.

Maybe I learned a little too much from him to be completely objective.

Who knows but I will say this…

I never thought it was possible to give a woman an incredible orgasm through a phone or texting. I always thought it was for guys to get off on 900 numbers.

That is until I learned to do it.

I never thought it was possible to use my mobile phone to get dates, that is until I learned HOW to do it.

That means I believe you can learn it too no matter how skeptical or how bad you are at using this incredible tool…

Guys Guide To Texting

Texting IS essential in the modern dating world.

It is my opinion ( based on my experience with women ) that David DOES offer extremely intelligent real world advice. Which is why he is here. His products are polished, well thought out, and well written and I won’t say anything more about that.

Trust your instincts. If you want to learn the skills of texting and sexting  for whatever your specific reasons are, what are your instincts telling you about David Wygant?

Texting Her

Texting is a form of communication which can be used to help you attract women.

Sexting is fun with reason and when used in context can make or break your future relationships with women.

Texting is here to stay and if you avoid learning how to do it right, just like anything else in the world, someone else will use it to their advantage against you, knowingly or not.

The cost and guarantee are competitive and there’s nothing quite like it out there I have aware of.

David has produced a product to teach men his knowledge based on his experiences with women which specifically centers around texting.

You know what to do… Go Here –> Guys Guide To Texting

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