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How and Why Creating Her Body Language Makes You The Leader She Wants

Body Language Creation

Written by David Wygant.

You know, it’s funny.  So many of guys ask me for tips and advice on women’s body language.

You want to know what it means when a woman is standing in a certain way or has her arms folded in a certain way.  The problem with this, is that you are concentrating on the other person in the wrong way.

Let me explain and go more deeply into this.  Let’s talk more about how to start concentrating on the RIGHT things when you meet a woman.

When you concentrate on and really listen to what someone is saying, your body language is going to reflect that interest to them.  The other person will know you are interested and intrigued by them.

When a woman sees you doing this, she will naturally start to loosen up her own body language.  She will do this because she knows you’re listening to her and connecting with her.

Women are all about connecting with a man.  A woman will also start to relax because you are relaxed.

The problem is a lot of guys do the reverse of this.  They start talking AT a woman (instead of WITH her), and then they start looking for body language clues from her.

They think things like

“What does her body language say?” or

“Her arms are folded. What does that mean?”

The problem is that you’re viewing things in the wrong way and the wrong order.

You are the leader, and you need to lead by example. 

What I mean is that when you go and talk to a woman, her body language most often is going to follow yours.

So if your body language is strong and shows interest in her, then her body language is going to follow yours and reflect signs of interest in you. 

If your face is engaged – you’re smiling and your eyes are focused in on her eyes – and you are paying real attention to her, then her body language will follow yours.

So you need to stop worrying about her body language all the time, and start paying attention to all the details.

I have stressed this throughout every part of every lesson that I’ve ever given.

You truly need to become a leader in life.  You need to become that kind of man who leads by example.

I never worry about other people’s body language because I always listen and pay attention to the details. 

I always communicate what I’m feeling and what I’m all about to others.  If you do this, you are not only going to see your interaction with women change…

But you are going to see your life change.

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