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Dean Cortez – Fron Conversations to One Night Stands With Women

Six Guest posts from The One Night Stands Playbook:

Dean Cortez –  The Cortez Files – One Night Stands Underground Seminar Notes (free download .pdf file open in new tab or right click and save)

“Taste Test” & How It’ll Get You One Night Stands
– This one is not for me but some of you guys might like it. Especially if you hit the clubs a lot. The tactic is getting one woman to possibly sleep with you by talking to her less attractive friend first. Aside from the “tactics” I feel you’ll learn how women are extremely competitive and how you can use that to your advantage.

5 COMMON Objections For One Night Stands
– I really loved this one. Believe me. Not many women go out looking for one night stands for obvious social and health reasons. This posts deals three objections in detail and you can opt in for the rest. You will definitely understand a woman’s mindset a little better after reading it.

One Night Stands “Secrets”
– This another one I put high value on. It deals with compliments, what women do not want to hear from you, taking things slow, going with the flow as the evening progressing. In this post you will learn how to get women to do things with you without having to ask directly. Which typically women will object to.

One Night Stands: How to Get It
– Another one I put high on my list of must read for guy even if you’re not looking for one night stands. It deals with conversations, challenging a woman, how to get women to seek your approval, testing woman, escalating, and has plenty of conversational examples.

Penetrate Women DEEP With Creative Phrasing
– Interesting name. Hmmm perhaps a little keyword play here. Aside from that this shorter post is designed to give you insight in how to rework your conversations with women. This is essential for attraction because it can teach you how to talk to women which keeps you out of the friend zone.

Speed Closing Women With Seductive Humor
– Another shorter post but it can teach you the difference between being funny, using your wits o attract, and how to use humor which actually can seduce women. Rather than just making her laugh. If you’re a funny guy not getting your fair share of one night stands or casual sex you might want to read this one first before you go out looking for women again.

Download Area for the .pfd(s) listed Below from Dean Cortex


Preview:Nothing about what he is saying is stimulating her imagination or distinguishing him from the last 57 guys who approached her and hoped to get in her pants. In reality, he could have been a cool guy with a lot to offer. But because he didn?t demonstrate any of this during the conversation, she sees no reason to continue the interaction. So she cuts him loose.

My Opinion: I can never emphasize how important communication is in this world, and when it comes to attracting women, your conversations, how you speak, and what you talk about, is even more important.

Because you can control and change the part of you that communicates with women without having to change who you are.

This report is more than just a promo filled with useless tips. Read it a few times and you’ll begin to understand what I’m talking about and Dean has a great way of explaining it to you so you too, can start making the connections I already know.

Stripclub Report

Preview:If you’ve read the Mack Tactics book, then you’re aware that I maintain a residence on the Las Vegas Strip and have spent countless wild nights there in the company of many beautiful women. Many of these evenings have involved trips to the hottest strip clubs in Sin City, and some of my greatest sexual escapades have been with strippers. I’ve dated some, too—I count some of the top dancers in Vegas among my ex-girlfriends.

My Opinion: Hey man. This is what it is so don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t learn something from this.

In fact if you’ve never dated a stripper or you frequent these clubs hoping one day one of the girls will go home with you, download it and read it entirely before you ever go out again.

I say ‘entirely’ because the first part is a big promo to buy Dean’s product. But after that, lots of great tips and info you won’t just find anywhere.

Secrets Report

Preview:: The material you are about to read contains excerpts from the best-selling books that I’ve written with some of the world’s top experts on seduction, dating and lifestyle transformation.

If you’re serious about turbo-charging your game and becoming the super-confident, charming, playful “bad boy” that women cannot resist, then this is your first step towards unlocking the secrets.

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