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Conversation Blueprint: Building Sexual Chemistry With Women, Closing

Conversation Blueprint Seduction Cover

Approaching women like a mack? Is he serious?

Honestly it’s a great ebook because you get some cool openers, how to talk to girls while creating attraction, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to build sexual chemistry so you can take her home that night.

A great read for guys who are not clear on what to say in these situations or who don’t know why what they’re doing is not working.

“A sequential process you can follow to build effective conversations with women, cause them to feel attraction towards you, and get the results you want—whether it‟s getting her phone number and seeing her tomorrow, or taking her home for sex tonight. This process is completely different from how most guys attempt to pick up women.”

Conversation Blueprint: Building Sexual Chemistry With Women, Closing
Written by Dean Cortez – Bulletproof Seduction – 22 Pages long.

Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction

Stripclub Seduction Cover Report
There was a little hesitation on my part to put this one on my nice guy approach but then I thought, well I do tell guys who need it to go get laid and dust off the cobwebs.

Also who am I to judge?

If you want to date or sleep with a stripper, that’s your deal man and I want to make sure you have the right tools (besides what’s in your pants) to get the job done.

Learn the common mistakes guys make in strip clubs.

How you should treat strippers so the don’t just see you as a “cock” with a wallet.

AND of course what it’s going to take to get some of those girls to go home with you or date you.

“Most men, this belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They willingly play “the game.” They allow the strippers to run their routines on them: some phony chit-chat, the girl pretends to like them, and then the guy shells out cash for lap-dances. The chumps accept this as the price of hanging out in a strip club with beautiful exotic dancers. They go home alone at the end of the night, with a depleted bank account and a desperate need to watch some porn and whack off. In many cases, the stripper did such a good job of manipulating him that he can’t wait to get back to the club to see her—so he can keep blowing money and receive nothing in return.”

Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction
Written by Dean Cortez – 19 Pages long.

Notes From A One Night Stands Underground Seminar

Cortez Files Night Stands Cover
This is exactly what the title says – notes from some one night stands seminar.

It’s like a story told and written on some strange looking old-timy parchment paper.

High-powered pick up, bringing home 10’s, getting with a woman who put him in the friends zone, and the list goes on.

Not much of a teaching tool but if you’re into stories and to get excited about having one night stands, you’ll like it.

Plus it leads you to the actual program teaching you how to get one nights easily.

The Cortez Files – Notes From A One Night Stands Underground Seminar
Written by Dean Cortez – 16 Pages long.


One Night Stands Secret: How Your Conversations Can Lead To Sex or Not

Sexy Conversation Woman

This another one I put high value on. It deals with compliments, what women do not want to hear from you, taking things slow, going with the flow as the evening progressing.

In this post you will learn how to get women to do things with you without having to ask directly. Which typically women will object to.

How To Get Past 3 Out of Her 5 Common Objections For A One Night Stand

Couple Woman Objecting Sex
I really loved this one. Believe me. Not many women go out looking for one night stands for obvious social and health reasons.

This posts deals three objections in detail and you can opt in for the rest.  You will definitely understand a woman’s mindset a little better after reading it.

Using Her Friend As A Wingman & The Taste Test For A One Night Stand

Friend Upset Picking up Another Friend

This one is not for me but some of you guys might like it. Especially if you hit the clubs a lot.

The tactic is getting one woman to possibly sleep with you by talking to her less attractive friend first.

Aside from the “tactics” I feel you’ll learn how women are extremely competitive and how you can use that to your advantage.

Speed Closing Women With Seductive Humor, Listening and Interruptions

Guy Trying Close Talking

Another shorter post but it can teach you the difference between being funny, using your wits o attract, and how to use humor which actually can seduce women.

Rather than just making her laugh.

If you’re a funny guy not getting your fair share of one night stands or casual sex you might want to read this one first before you go out looking for women again.

Get One Night Stands – Attractive Conversation Examples to Challenge Her

Dating Conversations Talking

Another one I put high on my list of must read for guy even if you’re not looking for one night stands.

It deals with conversations, challenging a woman, how to get women to seek your approval, testing woman, escalating, and has plenty of conversational examples.

How Creative Phrases Penetrates A Deeper Conversation When Approaching A Woman

Opening Her Approaching Her Great Attractive Conversations

Interesting name. Hmmm perhaps a little keyword play here.

Aside from that this shorter post is designed to give you insight in how to rework your conversations with women.

This is essential for attraction because it can teach you how to talk to women which keeps you out of the friend zone.

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Create Chemistry And Amplify Her Attraction To You!

Sweet Woman Checking You Out

  • The #1 thing to change about your beliefs and behaviors TODAY to stop getting rejected by women.
  • How to pass a woman’s “tests”… and instantly show her you’re worth a second look, a first date, even a relationship.
  • A roadmap for creating unstoppable sexual chemistry with a woman to the point that she’ll be all over you!
  • How to use simple, subtle body language to turbocharge attraction.
  • The world-famous “Kiss Test” – the simple, effortless, “risk-free” way to tell if it’s time to make your move with a woman.

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