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How Creative Phrases Penetrates A Deeper Conversation When Approaching A Woman

Approach Her Start Deep Penetrating Conversations Word Power

“Creative phrasing is a way of re-wording a question so it appears original, not made up, and gives her a good reason to answer. Thus, allowing the conversation to flow. Opening a woman, or approaching her this techniques works best. Compliment/question example. What word power is.”
Written by Dean Cortez.

The average guy feels awkward about approaching girls because he worries his opening lines will sound obvious and cliche. He doesn’t have anything clever to say and knows he’ll have to resort to something along the lines of “So, do you come here often?

Once you’ve made your three-point intro, you can start the conversation with a simple question along those lines.

The trick lies in how you phrase it.

We refer to this concept as “Creative Phrasing.

This means re-wording the question so that it sounds fresh and original, and prompts her to give thoughtful response. If she’s well dressed-this could be as simple as a nice-fitting pair of jeans-compliment her on her outfit.

Attractive women take great care with their appearance.

If you spent two hours at the mall shopping for the outfit you’ve got on, and spent an hour getting your hair just right, wouldn’t you want to be noticed?

Wouldn’t it feel nice to have a stranger recognize the time and effort you put into how you look?

There is no reason to feel shy about paying a girl an original compliment.

The key is to be SPECIFIC.

If she’s wearing an eye-catching skirt, blouse, or shoes, or has an stylish purse, single out that aspect and compliment it.

Never compliment her on how beautiful she is.

That is a deadly cliché which attractive women hear on a daily basis from over-aggressive guys.

Tell her she has great style instead.

No woman ever gets tired of hearing that.

Attach a question to the compliment, and you’ll open the door to conversation.

“I just wanted to tell you that I noticed your outfit. I love that color on you. I’m just curious-where did you get that dress?”

If the girl is fashion-conscious, which is very likely the case, then it’s a subject she enjoys talking about. Chances are she’ll tell you where she bought it.

If she wonders why you asked, tell her you need to shop for a birthday present for a girl you work with, and thought that the item you noticed ( purse, skirt, shoes, etc.) might be a good gift.

This compliment/question accomplishes a number of things.

You’re showing that you noticed a specific detail about her, while most guys only stare at her body; that you appreciate good style; and that you have female friends, and are thoughtful enough to buy them birthday gifts.

What woman would be turned off by those qualities?

Now that the door is open to a conversation, you’re going to act casual and nonchalant. But remember, everything you say from this point forward is calculated.

You are going to pose questions, give answers, and guide the conversation with an “invisible hand.”

If you are in a nightclub/bar, do not offer to buy her a drink at this stage. It may seem like the natural thing to do, but it’s too soon for you to lay out cash.

First, you need to get things flowing and determine whether this girl, regardless of how good she looks, is worth your time and money.

You are the Mack, and the Mack is the one in charge of the encounter. Adopt the mindset that it is yours to continue, or cancel.

You can always move on to the next.

Questions should be creatively phrased to avoid giving her the option of a simple “yes” or “no” answer. You want her to open up and talk, not respond with a single word.

Relating this principle to law enforcement, there is a trick that cops use when they’re trying to get a crook to spill the beans.

Let’s say a cop suspects a guy of robbing a house on Main Street last night around midnight. The wrong way to phrase the question would be, “Were you on Main Street last night at midnight?

This allows the suspect to simply answer “no” and leave it at that. It is an easy question to dodge. The more effective question is always, “Where were you last night at midnight?

Note the difference. Now the crook is forced to elaborate and come up with an explanation.

He may hesitate ( which indicates guilt ), or he may be forced into a lie ( which can be turned against him ).

Not that you’ll NEVER want to take an “interrogation” tone with women, but understand the difference between asking a yes/no question, and encouraging a more thoughtful response.

Cliché question: “So do you come here often?”

Mack question: “You strike me as a girl who has her finger on the pulse of this town. Tell me your top three spots when you go out on the weekends.

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Using Word Power:

Negotiators constantly use  with hostage takers. One example is how a Negotiator will never use the word “gun.

Instead of saying, “I need you to lower that gun,” he’ll say “I need you to lower that thing.


Because the word “gun” carries violent connotations that might make the hostage taker more excitable. Calling it a “thing” diminishes the weapon’s power.

Apply the same principle when a girl talks about her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Never refer to him by his name; refer to him as “that guy,” thereby diminishing his significance.

He is not an actual person to you. He is a figment of the past, not even worth discussing.

HER: “My ex, John, was such a lying bastard. We were engaged to be married and I found out he was sleeping with my best friend.

YOU: “It sounds like that guy didn’t deserve you, but I know you’ve moved on and you’ve got a lot of cool things going on. I actually want to hear more about your dog, I’ve been thinking about getting a pet but I’m not sure if a dog or a cat is the way to go…

Note: Get her on the subject of her pets, and watch her start smiling and chatting away…

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