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Using Her Friend As A Wingman & The Taste Test For A One Night Stand

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“When you meet two women and you are only attracted to one of them, there is a way to use her less attractive friend as your wing man. This is how you do it with your body language, your conversations, and end it all with a clever taste test to open her attractive friend to kissing you and a possible casual night of sex.”
Written by Dean Cortez.

In today’s article we’re going to cover how to use her friend as a wing man to create attraction in the woman you do want; for a possible one night stand, and then a clever way “taste test” to get her lips ready for a kiss which could easily lead to casual sex.

Let the fun begin…

Last night I hit one of the hottest clubs in Vegas with my wingman John. It was Thursday night, when the place is always filled with hammers. (A “target rich environment,” as we like to say.)

I noticed an exotic dark-skinned hammer, standing across the room by the dance floor. She was with a friend who was far less attractive.

I could tell they’d come to the club together.

(Have you ever noticed how beautiful girls tend to travel with less-than-beautiful friends? Must be an ego thing.)

Normally Rob would act as my wingman and distract the wack friend, but he was already making his move on some other girl.

I’d have to do this one alone. I decided to use a Tactic designed for this exact situation.

I’d make the wack friend my wingman without her even knowing it.

(I call this technique “flipping,” the same way the cops flip a bad guy, make him their informant, and use him to catch the bigger crooks.)

More on this trick here:

So I walked over and introduced myself.

It turned out the hammer was named Lisa: tall, beautiful smile, banging body. She introduced me to her friend, and I made sure I introduced myself to her in the same charming manner-I told her my name and gave her a nice smile and a warm handshake.

I knew what I had to do next.

As we began chatting, I positioned my body towards the wack friend and pretended to be into her-more so than Lisa.

I could tell by the way she was smiling, she wasn’t used to getting this kind of attention. Especially not when she was out with Lisa. I chatted with them both, getting some background details.

They were college students visiting from California.

They were staying at a nearby hotel, sharing a room, and had taken a cab over here because they heard it was a cool club.

I dropped a line:

“I can’t believe your boyfriends let you come to Vegas by yourselves.”

They giggled and assured me that they didn’t have boyfriends.

They probably wouldn’t admit it if they did, but I could tell by Lisa’s body language that she was indeed single and available.

During this phase of the encounter, I maintained a 30-70 attention ratio. I paid attention to Lisa only 30 percent of the time, while giving the wack friend the rest of my attention.

I was flirting with her, and she was loving it. She probably couldn’t believe her luck-when was the last time a guy showed interest in her instead of hot friend Lisa?

So now the friend is laughing at my jokes, flirting back.

She’s building me up in front of Lisa-acting as my wingman without even knowing it.

I could tell this was putting Lisa on uncomfortable ground. This type of situation was alien to her. She was trying to smile and be a part of the conversation, but I knew she was feeling jealous and ignored.

All part of my strategy.

Now it was time for the first Break Point of the encounter.

I asked them what kinds of drinks they wanted, then I went to the bar to get them. Obviously, the second I walked away they started talking about me behind my back.

Under normal circumstances, the guy (me) would have been hitting on Lisa, and the wack friend would start trying to discourage her: “He’s not all that, let’s go to another club,” etc.

But instead, because I flipped the friend, she’s singing my praises while I’m at the bar. She’s blowing me up, telling Lisa how great I am. Now Lisa’s starting to feel competitive.

She’s also feeling self-conscious, wondering why I’m macking her friend instead of her!

OK, so now it’s time to take care of business.

When I return with the drinks, I shift to a 70-30 attention ratio.

Now I’m giving Lisa the majority of my attention and starting to ignore her friend.

After I hand Lisa her drink, I do the “taste test.

I ask her how it tastes, implying that I want to taste it myself. She hands me her drink. I go to put my lips on the straw, then smile and ask her if I’m going to get “cooties” from her.

She laughs and says “no.” I take a sip from the straw and hand it back to her. Then she goes ahead and uses the straw.

The straw move is a very subtle technique that works with girls on a subconscious level. Now that we’ve swapped spit, a kiss won’t be much of a leap, right?

At this point, I’m totally in control of the conversation. I’m breaking Lisa down and applying heavy Tactics. I’m locked in with eye contact and I’m guiding the conversation, talking about music, fashion, and travel…all stimulating subjects that we share common interests in.

The whole time, I’m still being polite to the wack friend and keeping her marginally involved. But it’s obvious who I’m focusing on. My eye contact is locked in with Lisa.

Now it’s too late for the wack friend to get between us. I’ve successfully removed her from the equation.

At this stage, if the friend tries to pull Lisa away from me, or tries to badmouth me in any way, Lisa will think she’s just being jealous.

Eventually, the friend takes the hint and tells us that she’s going to go dance. She wanders off and leaves Lisa and I to get to know each other better.

We got to “know” each other really well late that night 🙂

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