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Flirt Mastery – Creating Essential Conversations That Attract Women

Flirt with women and you’ll notice how much attraction is created almost effortlessly.

Flirting is a form a sexual communication.

Women experience attraction through emotions inside them in which they have no control over and flirting is a way to trigger those feelings.

A man who attracts lots of girls knows how to flirt.

It’s that non-verbal sexual communication with his body mixed with playful and flirty conversations that separates the average nice guy from the man who has choices with women.

Think about this…

Imagine you lost your sight one day in a horrible accident.

How would you know if you were attracted to a woman?

Would it be how she felt when you ran your hands down her face?

Perhaps it was the taste of her lips when she kissed yours?

Yet each one of those would require you to already be sexually involved with her.

There is one way that she can make you feel attracted to her without your sight, and that is through your ears. Men get extremely turned on by a woman’s voice.

I recently had a great conversation with a woman I was involved with and we were talking about our current relationships. I told her to be careful not to scream my name during an orgasm because that may get him a little pissed off.

She laughed and said she will try.

But then she quickly mentioned during sex with him the night before she did scream his name for the first time. She was amazed by how much it turned him on and how much better the sex was.

He loved it and wanted to return the favor.

Without your sight do you think you would be attracted to a woman who had a manly or twangy voice?

Probably not.

Let’s assume that she did have a twangy voice though. Very high-pitched and slightly annoying. The only way she might invoke attraction in you is by slowing down her words and lowering her voice just a little.

She would speak to you with a sensual tone while casually alluding to sexual acts and this alone, would turn on just about any man. So when she can not use a man’s biggest weakness, his sight, she must learn to control her voice and her inflections.

Now put yourself in her shoes.

She does not work by sight alone.

Her attraction comes from a different place.

Sure she will notice certain things about you physically but rarely will it be the one thing that will cause her to feel a great attraction.

It will come down to many traits and one of the most important traits would be is how you flirt with her.

By learning how to flirt and using the form of sexual communication to your advantage can easily invoke attraction towards you…

Regardless of what physical attributes you have or how good-looking you are.

Flirting shows her you are a sexual man. It shows her you’re a man who gets women in more ways than one.

It shows confidence and intelligence wrapped in a great package.

If you’re a nice guy who struggles with women you MUST learn how to flirt effectively.

With a little practice and the right person to show you, like Steve Scott, creator of Flirt Mastery.

Flirting IS a proven form of sexual communication that woman get instantly.

And it just so happens you can use this invaluable skill to tease a woman.

Now if you don’t think you can learn how to flirt listen to this…

Steve Scott was a guy who stuttered. He was by far not a natural with women. He struggled getting dates and attracting women because of his low self-esteem and he had such little confidence – women would literally run from him sexually.

Then he stumbled on “flirting.”

Where he learned it from I don’t know.

But I do know he practiced it enough to learn the entire process.

He learned what it takes, how you should say it, what you should say, and how you should present yourself to women to maximize the effect of you and your flirting skill.

Posts Written By Steve Scot:

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