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Need to Learn How to Flirt on the Phone and Text?

She loves using her phone so why not use that to your advantage and start flirting with her.

Written by Steve Scott -Flirt Master.

Texting has become THE best way to flirt and interact with women.

Done correctly, you can have her constantly thinking about YOU whenever you’re not around.

The problem is many guys don’t have a clue about how to text flirt.

In this article, I’ll cover THREE great ways you can use text messaging to flirt with a girl and enhance the sexual tension:

#1- Use Call Back Humor

When you first meet a woman, it’s important to have a fun, flirty conversation that she’ll remember. Often, I like to tease a girl on something about her background or her interests. Then I’ll assign her a nickname. And once I get her digits, I’ll send a quick text message that refers back to this nickname.

This is what’s known as “Call Back Humor”. It’s taking a previous conversation and using it to seed future discussions.

When texting a girl, you should always refer back to private jokes and conversations that you had with her.

#2- Create Familiarity

Call back humor is a form of what’s commonly known as “assumed familiarity”.

When texting a girl, you want to create the vibe that you’re ALREADY buddies.

Joke around with your messages.

Don’t be afraid to tease her.

And act like you’ve known one another for years.

#3- Use Your Imagination

People (even women) live boring lives.

Your text messages should help break the monotony of her day and get to her to imagine what it would be like to go on an ‘adventure’ with you. For instance,

you could text something like: “It’s 80 degrees out, wonder what it would like to skip work today and go to the beach with you???”.

Then you can text back and forth about the different things you would bring on your little adventure.

Text messaging doesn’t have to be serious or formal.

The idea is to use this device to playfully flirt and get her thinking about you.

If you want to know how to text flirt, then I recommend you try out the three tips that I discuss in this article.

How To Flirt On The Phone

Your phone game should be flawless when trying to get a date.

You should learn how to flirt on the phone or you won’t be able to close the deal.

Most guys don’t realize that proper flirting on the phone is the key to getting a girlfriend.

You see, women will most likely forget the people they met in the club or party they attended.

If you have her number, it means you might have done or said something to make her give it to you.

However, don’t be surprised if she asks you to re-introduce yourself when you call her.

So, now you’re back to square one. You have to flirt with her all over again.

Here are 3 tips on how to flirt on the phone.

1. Deepen your voice

A sexy hello is preferable to a squeaky one.

Adjust your tonality so that you sound sexy on the phone.

Exchanging pleasantries on the phone is the same as exchanging a handshake; you have to get it right, or you risk making a bad first impression.

2. Smile when you’re talking

Do this exercise right now: record your voice.

Compare the way you sound while you’re smiling and while you’re frowning. This slight difference will make or break the way you flirt on the phone.

A smiling hello will make her feel welcome, while a frowning one will scare her.

3. Do not phrase your initial greeting as a question

Say hello like you would when meeting her in person.

A lilting hello makes you seem weak, particularly if you’re leaving a message on her answering machine.

Here’s a bonus tip:

4. To really learn how to flirt on the phone, you must get over your fear of silence.

Sometimes, pauses are necessary to let the other person digest what you just told her.

Rambling on and on to prevent pauses will make her want to cover her ears and get rid of you as soon as possible.



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