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The Best Places to Meet Women Besides Bars Or Clubs

How many women can you meet here?

Written by Steve Scott -Flirt Mastery

It’s another Friday night, and your buddies want to pick up chicks at the bar…again.

If you’re reading this article, odds are you’re tired of the usual song-and-dance when it comes to meeting women. The bar scene has grown old, and you’ve yet to meet a quality girl in the clubs either.

So what’s a single guy to do?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Meeting good women nowadays is easier than you think, and the best part is that they’re right in your own backyard. Continue reading to learn about seven overlooked venues for finding the opposite sex.

By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll never waste another Friday night at the bar again.

Here The Places You Can Go To Meet Women:

Grocery Stores

Two people bump into each other at the grocery store. After laughing at their clumsiness, they share a moment before succumbing to the power of true love.

Sounds hokey, doesn’t it?

While this scenario is nothing short of exaggeration, the fact is that grocery stores are great places to meet women. Women flock to this venue on a daily basis, and female shoppers far outweigh male ones, thereby increasing your chances of getting phone numbers.

For optimal success, go on the weekends when people aren’t working.

If you find yourself shopping during the week, try to go after working hours. When you see a woman you’re attracted to, the best approach would be to ask for her opinion on a product. Work in a joke about how terrible your cooking skills are, and question her about the difference between baking soda and powder.

Coffee Shops

These venues have increased in popularity not only for their caffeine fixes, but also for their ability to bring together members of the opposite sex. Venture into your local coffee shop, and take notice of the variety of people inside. Odds are you’ll find yourself in a pool filled with beautiful women.

Being surrounded by females is one thing, but starting a conversation is something entirely different.

If you want to approach a woman in your local coffee shop, the best approach is the old tried-and-true method of introducing yourself.

Grab your drink, sit down next to her, and say hello. If you’ve got a newspaper handy, make a comment about something in the columns, and get her opinion on it.


Parties are naturally set up for meeting women, and are ideal for hooking up. Consider them as networking events for singles. Not only are parties fun, but everyone in attendance is relaxed and looking to mingle.

Approaching women at a party should be far less intimidating than in other venues.

The environment alone lends itself to excellent conversation, as there’s plenty to see, comment, and laugh about. Being in the company of friends also places you at an advantage. Not only are you known and liked by others, but your buddies can vouch for your character.

No matter how you slice it, parties are the perfect recipe for seduction success.

Your Social Circle

If you’re serious about starting a relationship, one of the best places to go searching is through your network of family and friends. Use the people who know you inside and out to set you up with a woman. If you do, odds are you’ll succeed at finding love.

If you haven’t done so already, organize a get together with your friends, and tell them to bring along someone new. Keep an open mind by allowing anyone (male or female) to attend, and use these connections to further your immediate network. Somewhere down the line could be the girl of your dreams.


If you’re looking for a quality girl with good values, the best place to go hunting is at church. Women with a strong spirituality tend to recognize what’s important in life. They find strength in a source other than immediate gratification, and can offer you something deeper than what you’ve found at the bars and clubs.

Church-going women are often stereotyped as being dull, prude Bible thumpers, which is unfair.

Every individual is unique, so if you meet an attractive gal in the pews, take the time to get to know her.

On a similar note, don’t go to church if you’re not religious in any way, shape, or form. If your sole purpose is to hook up, she’s going to see straight through you.

Trains and Subways

If you’re like a lot of working men, you commute via the train or subway to your job. Instead of dozing off or reading that newspaper, look around you! Chances are you’ll see countless beautiful women, so why not strike up a conversation with one of them?

If you see a woman on the rail who is reading a book, ask her what it’s about. Your chances of success are even greater if you’ve already read the book, as this gives you leverage to discuss the theme or plot. From there, the conversation should flow naturally, and when it’s time for you to get off the train, casually ask for her phone number.

Lunch or Happy Hour

Cities big and small are filled to the brim with happy hours. Workers flock to these events for the chance to relax, have a drink or two, and enjoy the company of others. As a result, they are an excellent way to meet women.

While people from all walks of life are drawn to happy hours, the majority of patrons are workers clocking out for the day. With their jobs behind them, the atmosphere is alive with laid-back people looking for fun. When it comes to approaching women at your local happy hour, why not ask her where she works?

Tell her what you do for a living, and let the conversation grow from there.

The world is filled with beautiful women, and they’re all waiting to meet you.

The trick is opening your eyes and ears in order to find them.

Don’t feel confined to the bar scene in order to mix with the opposite sex. You could be missing out on something much better.

Meeting women is one thing but starting a fun flirty conversation is another thing.



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