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Are Women Frustrating You? How to Understand What They Are Thinking

Some girls simply don’t know what they want. Others only date guys who pass their tests. And a few simply like the feeling of having power over guys.

Written by Steve Scott -Flirt Master

Frankly, women can be REALLY puzzling.

Case in point, have you EVER thought any of the following:

 “Why won’t she return my phone calls?”

 “Why did she agree to a date, but cancel at the last minute?”

 “Why does she flirt, but get annoyed when I make a move?”

 “Why does she complain about the guys she dates, but doesn’t want a nice guy”

The actions of women can be extremely frustrating!

It seems like they enjoy saying one thing then turning around doing the EXACT opposite.

And this is even more annoying when we think we’re starting to finally understand them.

The other day my buddy Mike was complaining about a girl he recently met.

From what he told me, she showed all the obvious signs of interest:

  • SHE approached him
  • SHE flirted and carried the conversation
  • SHE insisted that they meet for a date

So what happened?

At the last minute she called up and canceled the date. After that, she wouldn’t return Mike’s phone call OR text messages.

Mike told me this story in the hopes that I had some advice on the matter.

And all I could do was shrug my shoulders and say…

“Women…who knows what goes on in their heads!”

I felt bad that I couldn’t really give any advice to Mike. That’s because I really felt he handled pretty well. Since she was showing obvious signs of interest, I was a little baffled as to why this girl flaked out.

Now I’ll be the first to say that you never really know when a woman is going to something flaky. You could be having the best time with a woman! Then she’ll turn around and do something completely BIZARRE!

So I ask the question- “What goes through the minds of women when they meet a guy?

Well from what I’ve experienced, the MAJOR difference between the sexes really boils down to one thing:

How we view each situation.

Typically a guy will use LOGIC in most areas.

(ie: A girl is flirting with me. She must be interested!)

On the other hand, women use EMOTIONS to decipher a situation.

(ie: He’s interested, but does he really like me. Let’s do a test to find out)

Yes, women are testing you.

And when I think about Mike’s situation in hindsight, I realized that he didn’t recognize a test at some point in their conversation.

My opinion is this girl was interested when she met him. But she tested Mike to see if he was the type of guy who challenges women…

AND he failed!

The truth is almost every woman you meet will probably do some form of a mind game to judge your reaction. They simply can’t help it.

They do this because of a specific emotional reaction they’re trying to create in themselves or in YOU.

For instance if a woman is flirting without wanting to “hook up”, she’s probably wants to feel sexy by having guys hit on her.

Or if a woman doesn’t return your call, you didn’t build up a serious emotional connection.

Or even better:

When a girl cancels your date, she’s trying to create a situation where she’s in the power position. In other words, this girl wants to see how much she can dominate your actions and turn you into the pursuer.

How can you stop this from happening?

Honestly, that’s a hard one to answer. Some girls simply don’t know what they want. Others only date guys who pass their tests. And a few simply like the feeling of having power over guys.

To prevent this from happening to YOU, it’s important to do the following:

  1. Understand what motivates the different women you meet
  2. Identify the moments when they’re testing you
  3. IMMEDIATELY challenge a girl when she starts acting like a flake.

You really can’t control the actions of women.

But you can make them understand that you’re the type of guy who doesn’t deal with any bullshit in your dating life.

You’ll find that directly challenging a woman is one of the best ways to avoid weird behavior AND make them do what you want!


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