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Scot McKay – Discover Your Real Masculine Self To Attract Great Women

“I’m genuinely impressed with your down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach. The truth is that most guys are smart enough not to be fooled by empty promises, and the DIALTEG site is content-rich and really delivers. I’m glad to know I inspired and motivated you Peter, in whatever way I could.”

All of Scot’s article I found useful and were allowed to publish are listed below.

You’ll find great relationship and dating advice along with a little “how to live a better more confident life” which will obviously help you to attract better women into your life.

Go through each one and learn about limiting beliefs and how to rid yourself of them.

Learn the difference between being nice and the manipulating nice guy and which one attracts more women.

You’ll also learn about how women see the dating side and how it an make a difference in you being rejected and approved by them.

Learn how to take charge of your masculinity.

The big four women look for such as confidence, character, and more.

You’ll also learn how not only good-looking guys get women and the actual disadvantage those guys have which means just being “average” makes attracting women easier.

Bet you didn’t think that was true, but it is.

Read on to learn if women are just teasing is or not.

How and why you’re being rejected by average women.

How to be her superman and what it really means, the secret truth behind what her words, “I want a man to protect me.”

Knowing that alone can change ALL your relationships with women if you think being a bad-ass jerk filled with muscles is what women are looking for.

Think again because there’s more to women than meets the eye.

Lastly there’s a few on how to choose a woman who is good for you.

How to decide to commit and date just one and to make sure she’s not using you, manipulating you, or a pain in the ass double standard chic – basically all the women you should avoid and the ones you should keep around.

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17 Articles On Dating and Becoming An Attractive Man written by Scot McKay

Do Only Good Looking Guys Get Women?

“Do you believe good looking guys have an unfair advantage with women because of how they look. Is it relationship management? Why does it seem like only good looking guys actually get beautiful women?”

Are All Women Teasing Us Guys or What?

“Women are sexual beings. If you believe they are all teasing you then you’re missing an important part of the picture.

Learn the truth about teasing…

Well they must all be part of the supposed majority who just play “keep away” from men, manipulating them with empty sexual promises just to get what they want their whole lives…

At our expense as guys.”

Are You Still Getting Rejected By Average Women?

“The problem of nice guys being rejected by average women is revealed. Stop feeling dejected. The problem is how you see yourself as average. Be a man. Lead yourself. Stop going after average women.”

But I’m ‘Average,’ How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?

“No one is average. You do deserve a wonderful partner. Couples find each other because they don’t listen to bad stuff. They don’t feel average. They’re not arrogant. They know themselves. You’re not average.”

Have You Ever Dated A Double-Standard Chick?

“She won’t allow you to do things that she can. She can look at guys but you get accused of looking at girls. She can have guy friends, but you aren’t allowed any females friends. You can try to argue with her, but she is always right. Is she a double standard chic?”

How Do You Know If You’ll Make A Good Couple, Become Exclusive Or Not?

“Real reasons to go exclusive or not to commit to your current relationship. Whether you stay or go can decide your dating life. Get it right today.”

Limiting Beliefs – Dating and Attraction From a Woman’s Perspective

“How does she view attraction? Are her limited beliefs stopping her from being attracted to you. Look at it from her perspective. Maybe you’re disqualifying yourself to them because you’re attracted to them. If you can not believe a woman would feel attracted to you, how can you expect her to actually feel it and believe it.”

The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

“Fundamental attraction and how it attracts women to any man. Looking for a great woman, be a great man and start inspiring confidence and don’t be afraid to show your masculinity.”

Who “Chooses” and Who “Chases” Men Or Women?

“Both men and women are choosing and chasing the opposite sex. They’re just chasing different things. Men want one thing, women want something else. Both are guilty in dating. If you’re being rejected, understand who is leading whom.”

What She Really Means When She Says, “I Want A Man To Protect Me”

“Guys hear something different when a woman says she wants to feel protected. If you take her words literally you might not understand women. The protection she is looking for is listed here and it’s not what you might think it is.”

Understand How Women Think and Increase Your Dating Success

“Women are not wired the same way a guy is. You must understand the difference if you truly want to know how women work and attract them in dating.

And for better at worse, it’s the DIFFERENCES between men and women that spark attraction. Therefore, the DIFFERENCES are indeed at the heart of dating advice in general.”

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

“Nice guys are afraid to flirt with women. It’s almost feels like a player move to them. Breaking down the definition of flirting and what it really means, we can now see it’s appropriate and helps to create attraction. If you’re not a flirty guy, start now because that’s what women really like and want.”

The Real Cure For Neediness, Clinginess And Manipulation

“Your social skills work this way. The cure for your neediness may be a clear conscience. What is manipulation? How this stops you from being overly clingy.”

The Difference Between “Nice” and “Mr Nice Guy”

“There is a big difference between being a good guy and being too much of a nice guy. How your nice guy ways are not the reason why you’re failing. If you listen to all the bad dating advice out there, you’re apt to treat women badly, and that won’t lead to success in dating either. This is how it is.”

Stop Being Manipulated – High Character and Identifying Others

Woman Smoke Screen Controlling You

“Potential challenges in approaching and seducing the opposite sex. Manipulation. The plastic rule. Flaky character and affecting your attraction. Remain high in character and identify others who will try and succeed at manipulating you, and this includes women.”

Put Your Limiting Beliefs Aside – How to Become Her Superman

“Can a simple story about a bike accident change your limited beliefs about women? Yes. You be everything she wants in a man and rid your bad limiting beliefs. Change your limited beliefs and you can be any woman’s superhero.”

How To Make Women Love You – Six Ways To Be Masculine

“This lesson is in how to get straight A’s in masculinity. Assist, assert, attend, align, assume, and anticipate with strength. This is how a truly masculine man attracts women and gets her to love you. This is about being a high quality human being. How masculine traits combine with character to attract a high-character woman of quality.”

How to Succeed With Women – BE Murphy’s Law

Instead of letting Murphy and is stupid law you didn’t make up hurt your dating life, succeed in dating women your way by becoming Murphy’s law. When it comes to getting what you want when others want it also, the fact is that someone is going to get what he or she wants. Which means they too are subject to his law.

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