Are All Women Teasing Us Guys?

Written by Scot McKay - creator of Behind Closed Doors and Invincible.

Take for example the concept of whether or not women really enjoy sex.

For guys who would like to be physical with a woman, but are as yet unsuccessful at doing so, the easiest assumption to make is that women must not enjoy sex at all.

Certainly, this is the conventional wisdom among "average frustrated chumps" (or AFCs) everywhere, right?

I mean, you walk down the street and women LOOK amazing but seem to be ACTING asexually, if you get right down to it.

You don't see them giving us any clear signs that we should approach them, let alone making any "bold moves" that would suggest they're up for anything sexual at all.

In fact, the only place you ARE likely to see women advertising sexuality in a remotely "public" way is on some porn website or at the local strip club.

All this, of course, fuels the market for books and programs specifically designed to teach guys how to pick up strippers.

After all, if they're the only ones DEMONSTRATING sexual openness in one's neighborhood, then they must be the only ones who ARE sexually open, right?

And surely, then, they represent a guy's best chance at "getting some", right?

The multitude of other women out there?

Well they must all be part of the supposed majority who just play "keep away" from men, manipulating them with empty sexual promises just to get what they want their whole lives... at our expense as guys.


And worse, some of them even have the audacity to PRESENT THEMSELVES in a way that causes us to become completely wadded up in frustration.

The bikinis and sundresses this time of year especially are flat-out tantalizing.


It's easy for a guy who isn't experiencing the success he wants with women to automatically assume that women are just "teasing" us.

And the darkest result that can come from that thought progression is we begin to truly become BITTER and RESENT women.

But guess what?

In most cases, it's NOT their problem.

The truth, which can be either GOOD news or BAD news if you let it, is that the vast majority of women out there ARE indeed VERY, VERY sexual beings.

And that's not all.

There's also even BETTER or WORSE news, depending on how you look at it:

It's up to US AS GUYS to ignite that feminine sexuality.

Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity  - The Preview

Like TNT, the fuse isn't going to light itself.

Imagine stepping out on the tarmac at LAX, London Gatwick, Atlanta Hartsfield or whichever airport is close to you and finding a Boeing 737-800.

It's clean, freshly fueled up and even retrofitted with those cool new "winglets". Although silent and stationary at the moment, it WANTS to fly.

But if I sit behind the controls of the thing, it probably isn't going to go anywhere.

It's not that I'm a worthless, powerless human being. Mostly it's because I don't have a pilot's license, let alone a class one instrument rating.

To spell it out in plain English (or is that "plane English?") it's not the plane's FAULT I can't fly it.

And if I want it to stop TEASING me badly enough, then I ought to do what it takes to get a pilot's license.

Now every one of us on Earth, man or woman, has our own idiosyncrasies. But generally speaking, most women are a lot like that 737.

And unfortunately, most of them are-at best-parked on the tarmac wanting to FLY.

But nothing is going to happen until someone worthy of making that happen steps up.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, most guys don't ever learn what it takes to ignite a woman's femininity.

Instead, they either approach her as if walking up to the nose wheel of that 737 and commanding it to "fly", or they just give up and don't even bother.

Either way, the truth doesn't change. The 737 is designed and equipped to fly, and very well I might add.

14 Distinct Ways That Women's Femininity Is Ignited When They Are In The Presence Of A Man:

  1. Compassion versus Destruction.
  2. Enabling Safety versus fomenting Peril.
  3. Calculated versus Combative.
  4. Leadership versus Indecision.
  5. Planning versus Disarray.
  6. Knowledge versus Ignorance.
  7. Influential versus Domineering.
  8. Ambition versus Indifference.
  9. Purpose versus Confusion.
  10. Victory versus Failure.
  11. Choosing versus Chasing.
  12. Strength versus Weakness.
  13. Character versus Inconsistency.
  14. The BIG FOUR.

Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity  - The Preview

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  • Ted

    I don’t know if they’re teasing us or not on purpose, but a hot woman, no matter what she does is a big tease to me cause I just don’t get it enough. It’s like they hold all the cards and we’re at their whim. They can not possibly not see it. How could you miss it. They make us hard easily!

    Unfortunately Scot is right. It’s not their problem, is it?

    All fairness aside, not sure if I want them to stop it or not. What else would I jerk off to?

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