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Real Confidence Review – Ebook – Scot McKay

The quiet cool confident poses leading to self-awareness.

Scot McKay’s Real Confidence is well crafted, well thought out, and highly enjoyable.

It lasts about an hour covering a definition of Confidence, great advice most men have never heard before, intelligent and real tips to give your confidence a boost, and he doesn’t stop there.

You will also learn the difference between self-esteem, self-worth, how you value yourself, and how you can use your own passionate abilities and skills to once again increase your own confidence.

I feel if you want to develop your confidence and are looking for a simple, easy to understand, affordable audio e-book Scot McKay has developed this with you in  mind.

Rather than sell you something you probably already want but are unsure if this inexpensive program can help you, in other words you don’t want to waste your money and walk away feeling buyers remorse, I listened to it and wrote down all the high points I heard along the way.

I’m not going to lie to you I did not purchase this Ebook to boost my confidence.

I merely wanted to give you a clear idea of what you’re going to get and I honestly do hope you can benefit from Scot’s program.

However I did learn new points after listening to it a few times.
I did find material I had not thought of before, and I was able to see confidence more clearly in my head.

Here is a breakdown of the contents:

  • Definition of Confidence – “Inherent optimism versus pessimism”
  • How women are attracted to confidence.
  • The difference between being Cocky, Cockiness, and  Arrogance.
  • Your first steps to becoming confident – “Better equipped to succeed” &  “A Foundation”
  • How to handle yourself – “Self-worth”, “Portraying yourself as a man of confidence”, & “Being assertive”
  • Your rights and tolerance.
  • Internalizing being cool and confident feelings – “Empowerment”  & “Mindset of victory”
  • The cartoon bubble effect – “Frailty of emotion”, “low self-esteem”  & “sixth sense of social interaction”
  • Helping others around you to be more confident.
  • Sense of confidence is built around…
  • The contributors to your confidence.
  • Step by step plan to getting there – “Core view”, “Values”, “Limits”, & “Boundaries”
  • Foundation Self respect –  “Passion and aptitude.”
  • Learning to be more comfortable – “Maturity”
  • Taking opportunities – “Robbing yourself” ” Being social”
  • Approval seeking – “Needy”
  • Mutual respect – “Respect your ability”, “Choosing”, & “Choices”
  • Human reactions –“Made fun of”, “Teased”,  “Avoiding you”, & “Behavior”
  • Sober judgement – “Hidden” & “Common elements”
  • Other ways to build our self-esteem.
  • Breaking habits – “Self-deprecation”, “Stupid”, & “Giving yourself a hard time”
  • Social interactions. Routines.
  • Being offended or being offensive.
  • Extreme habits and shame.
  • Mannerisms – “Personal hygiene” & “Taking care of themselves.”
  • Dealing with failures.
  • Being your own worst enemy.
  • The Summary.

How much does this program cost?

$17 and it is instantly downloadable in an .mp3 audio file. You also get a one month subscription to Power Sessions for Men. Remember to opt out before your trial period is up on this one but I still feel it’s worth checking out.

Who can benefit from this product?

Anyone looking for a well-rounded education in confidence an audio format to boost his or her confidence. Anyone who is seeking tips which pertain to their everyday lives. Real exercises based on real life.

Can a woman use this program to increase her confidence?

After listening to it several times I believe the steps he gives you can help anyone regardless of their sex. Sure it is meant to give men the boost they need to attract women but I feel the applications Scot gives can be used by anyone.

What this Ebook is not?

It’s not full of scientific theories or hard to understand concepts which can take forever to decipher before you even learn anything.

It’s exactly what it claims to be, practical steps.

If you’re looking for a full length feature on everything from attraction, dating, grooming, dressing, online, confidence, self-worth, being an alpha male I would suggest you sign up to Scot’s X and Y Communication – Homepage – Deserve What You Want and he’ll give you ALL the extra information you need or you check out more great advice from Scot here at DiaLteG TM by going here –> Scot McKay.

Buy Real Confidence – Practical Steps To Bulletproof Self-Assurance

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Real Confidence–Practical Steps To Bulletproof Self-Assurance

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