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A Review For Short Guys Who Want To Learn To Succeed In Dating Women

Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. You can enjoy success with women of all heights.

Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. You can enjoy success with women of all heights. This is a review of Secrets to Success with Women for Shorter Men written by Peter White produced by Scot McKay.

The secrets to success with women for shorter men will show you:

  • How to make a shorter woman feel secure around you.
  • How to make those challenging taller women feel more attracted to you and how to stop chasing them away.
  • The insecurity women have which causes her to rule out shorter men.
  • How those insecurities apply to other men and your height and clever ways to deal with them.
  • Learn the signals short men put out that do NOT attract women.
  • How to avoid the “Napoleon Complex”.
  • How to make a woman feel more safe around you than a “taller guy” can ever hope to and why.
  • What women want to really be protected from.
  • What women need to feel secure around men.
  • How to separate yourself from 90% of aLL other men, despite your size.
  • How to dress to maximize your attractiveness as a shorter man.
  • Fashion mistakes shorter men make.
  • If you should bother building larger muscles.
  • Why your masculinity is more important than your height.
  • Why women attracted to leader of any height.
  • Concrete examples of short men who have succeeded with women and found long-lasting relationships.
  • What you could excel at as a short man to attract lots of women and what to avoid attempting as a shorter man.
  • How to deal with short jokes.
  • Developing an attractive positive mentality with clear examples.
  • How to gain respect without asserting your authority on others.
  • Great examples of building your character to gain respect.
  • How to be the man who can build security inside taller women.
  • Profile secrets specifically designed for shorter men.
  • … and lots more!

Whether you just want to increase your success with women because you’re already decent at it, or if you’re just starting out you WILL walk away with an increased knowledge and understanding of how to succeed with women as a short guy.

This product was specifically designed with YOU ( and me ) in mind and is not meant for anyone else.

You’ll get exactly what it is intended to do…

Give you the secrets to success with women for a shorter guy.

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It’s no secret that I am a shorter man. Just a hair under 5’5″.

In my part of the world I am the same height as an average woman.

The dating rules set forth by the “social norm” says women ONLY like or “prefer” to date taller guys.

It also states women are mainly attracted to guys who are around five foot eight or above. It’s their thing – Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

The last past of this terrible equation for shorter guys is… the really shorter girls go for the real tall guys and the taller than average women choose not to date “smaller” men.

So where does that leave all us shorter guys?

Well depending on how we handle the problem growing to our small stature… with little if any choices.

That is IF you subscribe to the “norms” listed above.

Which I definitely did early in my life…

So before I give you my review of Scot McKay’s Secrets to Success with Women for Shorter Men I’m going to tell you what being short meant to me.

I have heard my share of ball busting on being short.  There’s also no doubt about it, my friends, men and women included, have had their share of busting my ass for being shorter than the average guy.

SO of course I let it get to me and I let it affect my self-esteem!

Being short felt like a curse.

I felt literally like an evolutionary dead-end.

Every time I failed with a woman it was always because I was short and I reasoned it out enough to come to these conclusions:

  • She must only date taller guys.
  • She would not want to be seen with a short guy.
  • Short women only date very tall guys and tall women only date tall men.
  • How am I supposed to sweep her off her feet when she believes I’m not big enough to even carry her.
  • Even if I do manage to get a taller woman to date me what happens when a tall guy she’s really into wants her too. She will leave me for HIM.
  • She wouldn’t want to dance with a guy that can only stare at her tits.
  • It’s no secret women want tall, dark, and handsome. Every survey proves it. Look around. Every hot girl I see is got some tall stud as a boyfriend.
  • And there’s more…


I’m going to stop there and I think you should too.

You’re here to find out what I thought of Scot McKay’s, Secrets to Success with Women for Shorter Men.

I’m hoping you have thought about buying it and went searching for reviews before you decide and I’m hoping, based on my reputation, mine will be taken at fave value.

Scot McKay is a shorter stocky guy and yet has found a way to achieve success despite what (others) would call an insurmountable task.

I’m a short skinny man myself and have managed to go from zero dates to more choices with women than I can logistically handle. Which don’t get me wrong is a good thing.

I’m not going to bullshit you. I achieved my success before I subscribed to his specific newsletter targeted to help men of our stature.

I achieved my success by studying under everyone listed on my experts page and through years of trial and error on my own…

And not one of them mentioned more than a few paragraphs or so on how to overcome the specific trait of a below average height for men.

They all talk about limited beliefs and how to untangle the mess of our past. They talk about being bald, not having money, overcoming approach anxiety, and even what to do about not having a sexy voice.

Being a short guy I had to do my own research.

I came to my own conclusions.

I gave myself the advice I felt I needed to never let this so-called problem stand in my way.

I understand it’s something we can never change because…

We’re never going to get any taller!

Even if we were to wear lifts or shoes with some chunk to them, when it comes to getting naked with a girl she’s going to find out we’re not as tall as she thought we were.

This is where Secrets To Success with Women for Shorter Men comes in…

It can and will dispel the myths on why it appears women are not attracted to men shorter than them.

And it will do much more than that.

It’s whole purpose is on track throughout the entire audio.

Scot is NOT going to tell you to just be yourself and stand tall and he’s NOT going to waste your time teaching you things you may or may not want to learn.

He’s going to show you every advantage you have in dating just because you’re short.

And that to me is the most beneficial part of your success in this area.

When you feel something is your weakness and someone shows you how it’s really a strength it literally changes your perspective.

The slight shift in the way you see things can automatically make you appear more attractive.

That’s the “I know” look in your eyes.

It’s that cocky smirk on your face that drive some women crazy for you. It’s the “I have secret knowledge about your female ways.” attitude which makes women interested in you.

And trust me if you’re a shorter guy and you start looking at women with that wink in your eye of how much of an aware man you are, your height will be the last thing on her mind.

That’s what you should expect to take away from Scot’s program.

Expect a new perspective on woman and how they perceive shorter men.

Expect it to center around what you may think is a weakness but actually is a strength.

Expect it to boost your confidence alone enough to have you “walking taller” than ever before.

No. I did not grow three inches after.

I did not gain knowledge on how to sleep with tall supermodels.

I didn’t learn to get over it and start dating women my height. I don’t think that’s the point Scot wanted to get across anyways.


I did learn how much space I have in the world to do my own thing, succeed despite social norms, or the words of another person projecting their shortcomings on to me.

If your height is an issue for you and is holding you back from dating who you want you’re not alone and Scot McKay has developed a well crafted product with YOUR specific needs in mind.

It’s true, there is literally nothing out there quite like this with our huge goals and little bodies (haha!) at the center of the discussions and let’s face it…

We don’t need a support group.

We don’t need another forum to bitch about our problems.

We don’t need to blame women or everybody else.

What we need is a little help from people like Scot and I that have succeeded despite our height and what we need is for someone to give us real usable advice and not just some self-help affirmations.

What we need it everyday examples that actually happen in our lives and how to deal with them. What we need is a big push in the right direction so we choose our own path from there. (choosing to date taller women, shorter women, women our own height.)

I honestly believe Secrets To Success with Women for Shorter Men is a small price to pay as compared to what you will learn.

Its value and benefits are unlimited.

Even after all my knowledge and experience, ( I’ve been short for my whole life I stopped growing in eighth grade and come from a long history of short people ) I still learned something new which I had never thought of before.

Secrets to Success With Women for Shorter Men – read the next page, and give yourself at least the opportunity to learn how your height can finally be used as a strength instead of a weakness, but also what it really takes to date women who are taller or shorter than you.


If you are a short man, you may be like many who face a dilemma when it comes to dating and relationships. You’ve heard that women prefer taller men. And you are not a taller man. Are you frustrated because you are not experiencing the success with women that you know you deserve? If so, are you thinking that your troubles are because you are short? Think again!

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