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Failing A Woman’s Early Test Can Leave A Nice Guy Alone And Wondering

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Today’s “lesson” is about passing a woman’s early presumed test: When to call her after you got her number. BUT that’s not the real test you need to pass. Below is HOW things are supposed to happen which guarantees you pass and gives YOU the POWER to call her whenever you want.

Failing her early test has nothing to do with how nice you are. You’re being left alone and wondering because you’re not making a great first impression.

Let’s begin…

There’s a friend of mine who just happens to be an attractive bartender and we were talking about you the other night.

She’s approached by “nice guys” every night. Okay most of them are drunk assholes but let’s skip that part because it won’t help you at all.

She was telling me about a guy she recently met and if he’s anything like you – nice – then you’ll want to listen closely; unless you want to be home alone wondering what the fuck just happened just like him too.

They talked for a while and it went “well.”  He was nice…  She said he seemed like a good person and so when he eventually asked for her number, she gave it him.

Her eyes widen as she hits me with a huge “BUT!” – here it comes… He called her around ten the next morning and of course she didn’t answer.

She said he called her too quickly so she let it go to voice mail.

(*Side note guys, it’s one thing to call a woman the next morning and I’ll show you how you can call her whenever you want but think first about the women. She’s a bartender and they can work until 4am and probably got to bed and 7am. Calling her at 10am will only guarantee she’s not going to answer her phone.)

Well eventually she listened to it and here’s what he said:

“I ‘m doing (whatever he was going to do) this afternoon but call me back if you’re interested in going to the movies tonight.”

She told me it was a big mistake and because of it, she waited a week to call him back. And yes of course he made a stupid move by not answering and she hung up quickly without leaving a message.

Fast forward to a week later, he was probably following some stupid dating rule bullshit thing, and he called her again.

She didn’t answer and told me she’ll never call him back, answer if he calls again and will NEVER go out with him anyways.

She knows a little about how women test (mostly because she does it ALL the time to guys to weed out what she calls the waste of my time guys) and so she remarked to me that he failed her “call” test by calling too quickly, the next day and at ten in the morning!

We went on to discuss what REALLY happened.

Did he fail her first call test or was there something more going on?

There’s was an actual hidden test neither one of them saw. It had nothing to do with calling (well a little) and not following some stupid dating rule of when to call a woman.

Yes. In her eyes or mind he failed one of her first tests but nope, the actual failure happened long before the first phone call.

The call was just her excuse or rationalization based on the real fact that he did absolutely NOTHING to get her excited about talking or seeing him again.

Being nice to a woman might get you some numbers (some real, some fake) but it won’t help you pass those early tests. Nice is good and all but remember most of time you got her number for reasons which have little to do with attraction. Read on for more and I’ll explain to you what’s more important.

Listen to how she described the interaction when they first met,

He was nice. The conversation went well. He seemed like a good guy.

Fast forward to his morning phone call keeping their “nice” conversation in mind…

When the phone rang and she was reminded of him a list of feelings (or lack of feelings) went through her head. This happens to ALL women as they’re deciding what to do next or whether they want to get back to a guy.

Nice –> Well –> Actually kind of BORING –> Called me quickly –> Needy –> Seems a little desperate –> We didn’t even really connect all that well –> What did I get myself into? –> No, I don’t think so –> Not interested –> Not feeling attracted to him at all.

Her subconscious (or intuition on guys) detected all that from just a few interactions which is big reason why passing a woman’s early tests are so important.

In my effort to explain to her what really happened I offered her a different scenario,

“What if this guy really excited you? What if right after you met him you couldn’t get him out of your mind? What if instead of having a nice conversation you had a heated fun argument full of banter and wit and he teased the hell out of you… And that same guy called you the next morning?”

Her eyes lit up as she smacked me on the arm, “YES!!! You’re right!”

Then I suggested a “What if ” he left a better impression, as noted above, and  she got this message instead of the lame one he actually left,

“Great meeting you yesterday. I’m going to be busy for a while but I wanted to make sure you weren’t lost without my great conversation skills. I’ll call you back soon. We’ll do something.”

My point is – after leaving a real attractive impression on her which has little to do with being nice – you do NOT have to leave some pre-programmed message or follow a wait time before you first call her…

All you have to do is pick up right where you left off the last time you spoke and REMIND her, assure her, of who you are and what you’re going to mean to her.

It would’ve become perfectly naturally to leave her a message the very next day and she wouldn’t even have considered that he called her too quickly.

Leave an amazing lasting impression on a woman and she’ll want you to call her as quickly as you can and won’t think twice about it. The call test won’t mean anything and she won’t even consider it being a failure.

She’ll want to know you remembered her. She’ll want to know you’re at least interested in getting to know her because “hello” you DID ASK FOR HER NUMBER.

Failing a woman’s early tests such as this is rarely about knowing or not knowing how long to wait before you call her

The test starts as soon as you interact with a woman.

This guy’s niceness had nothing to do with what happened or why he probably spent a few weeks wondering what the hell happened – oblivious to when or how he screwed it up.

He probably still thinks it was because he called her too quickly.

He failed because he did little to create attraction and leave her wanting more of him.

She just put it together in her head that way – nice, boring, and now he’s calling too quickly. If he gave her every reason to await his call – things would’ve have played out differently and she’d be the one wanting to pass his tests.

“Women don’t base their choices of men on how “nice” a guy is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them.

And guess what?

Being nice doesn’t make a woman FEEL that powerful ATTRACTION.”

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In conclusion…

Make sure ALL your interactions with women is about:

  • Creating or triggering attraction.
  • Having a real exciting conversation.
  • Making a great first impression regardless of the outcome.
  • Leaving her with a want and a desire to want to see you again AND…
  • Leaving her with a real reason to continue where things left off.

Because then and only then can you stop worrying about all the rules or passing her tests because when done right – she’ll be more interested or worried about passing your test or whether you are interested in her or not.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you’ve learned something today about women, tests, nice guys, attraction, and the important stuff you need to know about woman and dating.

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