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Fear and Motivation, The Path to Alpha Masculinity Is The Easy Escape

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Looking for the best possible way to escape the friends zone?

“Fear is a stronger motivator for humans because it helped us survive potentially life-threatening situations. “ –Carlos Xuma

Men who get stuck in the friends zone “suffer” from a fear of losing the woman they want so badly and it becomes entangled in their fears of never getting the woman they want.

Their motivation to get her becomes so strong it creates hope which helps to avoid the “life threatening” situation of feeling helpless and terribly depressed.

During all this it’s unfortunate the path to Alpha Masculinity gets lost to thoughts or the hope of making a quick get away with her heart.

It’s a double-edged sword which appears to only exist to make us feel like, Well I’ll just say it…

Depressed and helpless.

Combine that with the “fortune” or should I say “torture” of being able to see this women at any time gives us just enough hope to literally make us want her even more.

Because with each passing day that our mindset is strictly on her, we are quite literally creating an addiction.

Have you ever sat down at a slot machine throwing your money down its throat?

I have and it literally felt like the friends zone.

I was getting depressed because I kept losing. I felt helpless because with slot machines it’s pure luck. We have no control whatsoever on the outcome. ( Similar to life and controlling a woman’s attraction.)

But I have a  bit of hope… Perhaps the inspiration came from a small hit. A tease of the cash piling up. And as always I ended still losing. And in the process managed to waste all my time and money pressing a little button leaving broke and once again – depressed.

Now I like to stay positive, it’s a part of who I am,  so I stay determined to try my luck again.

After all my sheer optimism tells me when I experience long bouts of bad luck, good things are bound to happen. They have to… right?

So what does addiction have to do with fear and how is this going to help you escape the friends zone easier?

Our biggest fears actually create this addiction to one woman and we get stuck hoping and hoping and hoping…but unless something changes the odds are totally stacked against us.

Our positive attitude and optimism ends up fueling the hope and feeding the addiction.

Let me ask you a few questions about a girl who has put you in the friends zone.

Do you fear losing “her” to someone else?

Of course.

Who wants to see a woman we’re in love with some other guy. It stings for a long time.

Do you fear never being with her?

At some point you had to consider never being with her and I’m sure you imagined your life without her.

Are you hoping something good will happen?

Sometimes she seems to hint to you there’s a chance and your heart races.

You’re positive she has to eventually see things your way.

But more importantly without you fueling your hope by any means possible, your only choice is to give up on her forever. ( Suddenly this hope replaces helplessness because you’re not ready to give up on her.)

Consider becoming an Alpha Male…

I know without a doubt the drive you have to be with that one girl who put you in the friends zone can actually produce amazing results with more women than you can socially handle.

And it just happens to be the most beneficial and easiest way of escaping the friends zone.

By using your fears as a motivator, and your hope as “positive attitude” conveyed through your personality, you’ll find a definite path to Alpha Masculinity.

On the other side, by using your fears as a motivator to escape the friends zone you’re just pushing “her”button over and over hoping your luck will change the way she feels about you.

On your path to Alpha Masculinity you’ll get way more out of life and your relationships than you can possibly imagine:

Women will begin to realize you are now in high demand from other women.

Living your Alpha Lifestyle™ ( A Membership course on developing the lifestyle. ) will naturally give you less time for her.

She will have to admit to herself she can not be around you when SHE wants, she has to fit into your new schedule.

If she wants the friendship that bad she now has a real choice to make.

A true Alpha Male inspires confidence but he also inspires hope because being a leader makes others feel at ease to do things they may never have attempted.

This is when YOU become the marker in social proofing. Something you have to create if you ever want out.

Without your strength, encouragement, and ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks people lose hope in your leadership thus feel helpless to make changes themselves.

Which is a defined trait of the experienced Alpha Male.

Without a path to Alpha Masculinity:

The fear you’re feeling of never having her will not inspire hope in her. Only in getting the girl.

The fear you constantly live with only transfers the same energy to others.

This means if you’re always worried about losing someone you don’t even have – you will always be the “chaser” her attraction “trigger” runs from.

Your hopes and dreams of finally being with her will only motivate you to a constant state of anxiety when you’re around her and that won’t feel comfortable to you.

You will also fail at making her feel comfortable in being more than your friend.

Take the path to alpha masculinity and you will invariably gain a new motivation in your life which is not driven by your quest out of the friends zone.

To me, it makes more sense to change your motivation and allow yourself to change without messing up the core of who you are.

Which by the way is why she’s so attracted to your friendship. Because she likes WHO you are as a person.

So wouldn’t it feel better being driven by a positive emotion and not a negative one.

Doesn’t it make sense that more women will feel attracted to you if you are motivated in ways which go beyond “getting with her.”

The path to Alpha Masculinity is definitely the easier way out of the friends zone and in the end gives you a lifetime of benefits even your best friends and family will appreciate.

Oh and I’m sure you will too.

If the results you are settling for ( up until now ) are NOT what you really want – if you take this path and find yourself still not with the one you loved the most – you’re certainly going to handle things a lot better than if you decide to keep “pushing her button” and hoping for the big score.

Because if a few years down the road you’re not with her you’ll do what I did – hook on to the next “available” friends zone with yet another woman.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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