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What The Friends Only Rejection From A Woman Really Means

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Is there a definite sign a woman is rejecting you?

Hey Pete, I need some advice from you..
Two years ago, I has the courage to asked a girl out whom I like and celebrated her birthday with her one on one.. after dropping her home, she texted me saying she she’s appreciative of the things I’ve done for her.. but she continues saying she treats me only as a good friend.. I was feeling miserable from then on and have not contacted her since.. partly due to the fact that she ‘rejected’ me and she seems to be going out with some other guys. 2 years have since passed and she communicated with me recently for some matters. I took this opportunity and asked her out, which she agreed. So we spent the evening together walking around, admiring the night scene and after dinner, I dropped her home. But the time round she did not text me anything ‘clarification’ kinda SMS. I’m thinking the reason why she could’ve spent time with me was because she knew my birthday was tomorrow and it wouldn’t be nice to have rejected me.A few days have passed and I asked her out for a movie. It took her awhile to reply me saying as a birthday treat, ok. Is his a very clear sign that she still see me only as a friend and indirectly hinting to me not to have any false hopes? I really want to have a relationship with this girl cause I really like her a lot. I feel like asking her out but I don’t know what’s on her mind. Thanks Pete

Hello Eric,

I must get this off my chest because I’m tired of hearing guys say a woman has “rejected” them.

Women need to feel “attraction” with you before there’s any chance of something else happening.

She did not “reject” you, she just wasn’t feeling attracted to you.

There’s a difference and if you want to understand women you must learn that difference.

It can change your entire mindset in ALL your situations and interactions with women.

You’re situation makes perfect sense.

She contacted you for “some matters.”

That’s it.

BUT if you had taken the last two years and learned how to create attraction in all women she might have experienced something different.

And she might have started acting differently around you.

Okay so you want a relationship with her… You REALLY like her.

You want to ask her out but you’re waiting for her to tell you what’s on her mind.

I’m sorry to say that’s a recipe for a long time engagement in the friends zone because there’s something missing – attraction.

Women rarely say exactly what’s on their mind over this kind of stuff to the guy who personally involved in it.

If you’re constantly looking for clues from her or waiting for some signal you’re missing the point of attraction.

My advice to you is to immediately stop looking for her to give you the “ask me out” sign and focus on how women act when they are feeling attraction.

Don’t try to decipher her clues and learn to make them happen and you’ll give yourself more than just a chance.

If you REALLY like her than learn to give her that emotional high she’s searching for.

Spend some of your valuable time learning what triggers it and spend even more time developing the personality traits women look for to experience real attraction.

Stop doing things women appreciate and start doing things women respect.

Challenge her in ways few man can.

Appreciate her for more than a “great girl you would like a relationship with” and expect HER to show you something more than just being a “nice” person.

Courtship is a process. Escalation from meeting to intimacy has a definite pattern.

I suggest you download and read this clever report to help you learn about escalation –> The Shark Fin Soup ReportHow To Go ALL the Way With Women.

It’s unfortunate too many men don’t understand how it all works because they can certainly use that knowledge to their advantage.

You have to learn how and why it works for women.

What you’re doing is reversing it all which is obviously leaving you confused.

For example:

This is how a guy gets stuck in the friends zone.

Sees her. Feels attracted to her. Gets to know her. Starts liking him more. Begins to feel she’s relationship material. Wonders if she likes him back or in the same way. Connects on a deeper level with her…

Then either asks her out or tells her how he feels or both.

But what a woman experiences with the guys she ends up in a relationship with is almost completely the opposite.

You meet.

You get to know each other. She starts thinking about you. Typically has more questions than answers.

THEN she begins feels attracted.

She seeks a deeper connection, a comfort in who you are, and intimacy normally happens at this stage whether it’s physical or purely mental… more thinking.

She will attempt to qualify herself to the man she desires which can include accepting dates or making herself more available to him.

Then if all is going well she’ll begin to think about more what a relationship would be like with him. She’ll either end up in relationship or continue to casually date to “see what happens.”

If in any case you’re questioning a woman’s actions AND you’ll followed the path I listed above ( for men ) – she already only sees you as a friend.

So you’ve received some bad news from me today.

It’s cool because I know you can handle it.

But I’m more than confident you’re taking away an education which can change how women interact with you.

If you start putting it into practice immediately.

I’ve broken it down for you quickly but it’s YOUR responsibility to get the exact help you need.

And remember it’s not enough to just know the steps but to practice them and constantly tweak them until they are naturally a part of you.

Thanks for writing Eric and I wish you the best of luck. You can leave any follow-up questions or comments below.

I know many of you would do ANYTHING to turn that female friend of yours into lover and then a girlfriend. Make sure you read through my Eliminate The Friends Zone Pages and definitely pick this up immediately so you can start learning how to create attraction and not just another friend. Learn 8 Powerful Tips – Friends Into Lovers With NO Games.

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2 comments… add one
  • Eric

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the very insightful feedbacks and opinions! I am really grateful and thankful for your time and effort in helping me understand my (or the) situation better.

    Oh, the ‘some matters’ was just a casual text message in which she texted me asking me questions (l)ke church service schedule and dresscode) as she will be visitng the church (that I frequent) for that weekend..

    The only reason why I took this ‘sudden conversation’ opportunity and asked her out was because my mum was saying to me since this girl, out of the blue communicated with me again, maybe I should do some ‘catch-up’ with her; knowing how shes doing all these while.

    But I must admit, many thoughts are always running through my mind whenever I deal with relationships. I will think of ‘What Ifs’ this and that. The main reason why I restrict myself from going all out to her again is because I fearkof getting the same ‘We’re just friends’ response from her. I wanna ask her out as a date and not some random ‘catch-up’ sessions.

    At this moment in time, I’m still not sure if she is attached or still seeing the same guy as months ago. I’m the kind of guy who would back-off if I come across a girl that I like who is already attached. I know many people have said as long as the girl isn’t married, its okay to go after her (whether attached or not).

    Its just my guess… but I’m pretty sure she still knows I’m attracted to her.. I mean from the fact that I asked her out on numerous occasions.

    Thanks Pe4e. Much appreciated.

    • You’re more than welcome Eric.

      On the side Eric. I’m not one of those guys. A committed relationship as far as I’m concerned should always be respected. I think it’s admirable that you want to back off from a woman who’s in a relationship.

      So you’re a “future” live-er. I’ve been there myself and I’m not talking about the actual future. I haven’t yet mastered that skill. Haha!

      I overcame it by first realizing what a great gift the present is, and how when you can give that to others you end up with a lot of people just wanting to be with you. (Especially with regards to attracting women.) Secondly I learned to face any and all of the “little” fears which was stopping me from living in the present. You’d be surprised how those small steps really add up over time. And to me it was the little steps that were ruining it for me.

      The big stuff was easy because it was so obvious. But the small stuff is what really stops us from living. And they usually lay hidden somewhere in our daily lives. The trick is to find them and eliminate them one by one.

      My advice or “suggestions” to you still stand but I don’t want you to stop asking her out. Just be very casual and “jokingly” about it. You don’t have to say, “Will you go out with me?” just say, “You do know you’re going out with me gain.”

      Stay persistent with her while facing those “future” fears, learning to live in the present more, and of course the whole escalation and attraction thing I talk about above.

      Just be warned there’s a fine line between persistence and stalker. Don’t cross it. Stay light-hearted but always maintain the “You’re going to be with me one day.” kind of cocky attitude with her. Trust me she’ll respect that about you. Also make it aware you’re not going to sit on your ass waiting for her – you’re going to seek out others and enjoy yourself.

      If you have trouble with that let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

      I do hope you can use what I’m giving you and make the best of it. I’m looking forward to watch you progress.

      And never forget to have fun with it all, if you’re not enjoying at least a part of the learning process you’re probably doing something a little wrong. Beware of that trap and the best of luck to you Eric.

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