How To Make A Great Impression On Her – 12 Things Women Look For In A Guy

The very first moment ANY woman sets her eyes on you is your ONE chance to give her a great first impression and to encourage her to want to meet you and want to see you again AFTER you start talking to her.

Looks and appearance DO matter when it comes to women noticing you and they matter if you're to pass her "sight" test or to not rule you out based solely on your appearance.

Which does happen and yes, you can overcome it by just taking care of ALL the details you can learn about below:

  1. Eyes - Generally the first thing she notices on you
  2. Hair - Clean, neat, and manly.
  3. Nails - Trust she will be looking them over as soon as she can.
  4. Skin - She wants to know you feel good to rub up against.
  5. Clothes - Show you value yourself in some way.
  6. Shoes - Says a lot about you and the life you lead.
  7. Accessories - Captures a little attention - gets you noticed.
  8. Glasses or Contacts - Real or not. Switch it up once in a while.
  9. Exercise Routine - You enjoy living enough to want to continue breathing.
  10. Body Language - What you communicate is mostly through your body.
  11. Smile - Second thing she notices from you aside from your eyes.
  12. Vocal Inflections - Lure her in closer. Make her want to hear your voice again and everyday.

Your LOOK does make a difference here - just not in the way you might think they do.

You don't have to be good-looking to get a girlfriend. Just look around and you'll see all the proof you need.

You don't even have to great looking to get a really hot girlfriend BUT to increase your chances of that happening - you MUST take care of the details that women notice and look for in a guy.

You must convey VALUE to a woman and if you can do that before you even talk to her - you're ahead of the "game".

When a woman looks at you and sees you take care of yourself or maintain whatever you have the best you can, she gets that you have value in yourself and can also value her just as much or even more.

The key point is - maintaining or doing the best with what you've got.

"A man who is average in looks but who does the best with what he’s got is the guy who gets the overall highest quality women. This has been proven time and time again.

What do I mean?

Well, if you want to get high quality women, you do have to brush your teeth, keep your fingernails clean, get a sense of style, and mix in some Dolce & Gabbana cologne or something.

You do the best with what you’ve got."

Do Only Good Looking Guys Get Women?

You're not always going to look your best or leave your home all dressed up and that's okay.

If you don't dwell on it too much it probably won't be a big deal to her either.

In fact if you can pull off a great conversation with a woman while you're not looking or feeling 100% then you'll make an even greater impression on her...

Because you won't come across as too needy, approval-seeking, or so concerned with how other see you.

What you're going to find on this page are the...

DETAILS you must take care of to get noticed.

Focus on maintaining these, again, with what you've got and you'll be more than just okay - you can STILL attract lots of women.

The point here is VALUE. Show some self-worth. Make yourself FEEL good.

Just show women you care just enough about yourself that she can relax when he's around, feel better being around a guy who is confident, AND you won't make her rule you out because she thinks you can't even take care of yourself - HOW could you possibly take care of her in a relationship.

"When a woman sees a guy whose attention to the details is impeccable, of course there may be some physical attraction created, but if you’re kind of average looking something else magical happens which goes beyond the physical attraction and is felt deeper by women…

It tells her instantly that you have your life handled in such a way you’re ready, capable, and smart enough to have a significant other in your life."

Refine Your Look, Style – How To Take Care Of The Details Women Notice

Let's begin...

How To Make a Great First Impression - Taking Care Of The Details Women DO Notice.

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Making a great first impression means you must take care of the details women do notice.

Show her you care about yourself and she'll care more for you too.

Show her how much value and self-worth you have for yourself.

There are 12 items to work on and you get specific advice in each one of them, including how to shop for clothes that match your style and give her a lasting perfect impression of you.

♦ Learn what your shoes really say about you and what women really see when they're checking them out.

♦ Revealed: The first thing women notice about all men which either drives them away or bring them closer.

♦ Learn how should you accessorize in a way that doesn't make you look like a fool and encourages women to approach you.

♦ What working out really means and why women love a guy who tries to stay in relatively decent shape.

♦ Where body language fits in and everything to assure it's attractive, inviting, and relaxes her so she'll open up to you more easily.

♦ How much your voice really does matter and how and why it's so easy to fix you don't want to skip doing it.

Women have a keen eye and a sense of fashion which typically goes above and beyond what men see...

Learn EXACTLY what it is, what they see, and you'll never blow another opportunity to make an amazing and lasting and attractive first impression.

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