Four Ways You Can Become Massively Successful With Lots Of Women

Written by John Alexander – Creator of How to Become an Alpha Male.

4 Breakthroughs That Will Revolutionize Your Love Life and Your Lays.

Who’s Getting the Girls Now... and Why.

In this post I’m going to teach you the exact mindset used by the men who are the natural players with women.

These are the guys who have sex with literally hundreds upon hundreds of women in every context you can imagine.

You probably know a guy like that.

When I was in college, there was this one dude, James, who seemed to be able to literally get any woman attracted to him just by talking to her.

It was surreal.

The longer a woman would talk with him, the more attracted she would become.

And if there was a woman I liked, I didn’t dare introduce her to James. Otherwise I’d later have to hear her say, “Your friend James is so charming!”

It really surprises me that more men don’t study the players.

It’s like how if you want to become rich, you should study the self-made millionaires and then emulate what they did.

Or if you want to become a star recording artist, you study those who have been successful at it.

Same with seduction.

Well, I have good news for you: Women are extremely easy.

They’re especially easy when you compare them to other challenges in life.

Now, to understand these men who can get laid with practically any woman they want, let’s look at who they are and what they do.

First of all, who they are.

They are NOT high-IQ geniuses.

When I was going through my own years and years of struggle with not being able to get laid no matter what I did, this was one of the most frustrating facts to me. I was proud of how well-read I was, and yet... I got no action from the ladies.

Then I saw how many of the men who get massively laid only have average intelligence levels.

“What the heck is so special about them?” I thought.

A lot of the students of my How to Become an Alpha Male course are highly intelligent men who got no play before they got my course.

So no, it’s definitely not intelligence that these players have in common that makes them successful.

And besides, intelligence, when it’s applied too heavily toward getting females, backfires. It’s as simple as that.

You also know that being the “nice guy” gets you nothing.

All it got me was women telling me things like, “You’re such a nice guy, and you really deserve an awesome girl!” And of course that awesome girl never came (until later when I changed my “nice guy” ways).

Well then, what about good looks or a lot of money?

In the case of good looks, that certainly gives you a bit of a boost. But you need to have a lot more than that.

There are plenty of ugly guys getting tons of ass, and there are plenty of “prettyboys” getting zero.

And while it doesn’t hurt to have money, there are plenty of rich guys who can’t get laid and plenty of guys getting laid who aren’t rich.

So it must be something else.

Breakthrough #1 to Massive Success With Women: The realization that women are interchangeable in your life.

The first thing I noticed was that men who are successful with women all realize deep down inside that there is nothing magical or unique about any woman.

One woman can be easily replaced by another.

This isn’t a sexist belief and it doesn’t reduce women in any way.

What it does is prevents you from viewing women as superior to you.

It pulls them down off their pedestal in your mind. No woman is “The One.”

You see, if you stop worrying about what any individual woman thinks of you, then your neediness and desperation both vanish.

The best attitude to have is (as the Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis put it):

"There is only one woman in the world. One woman, with many faces."

This is where I see a lot of guys in the “seduction community” screw up, especially the ones who are not getting laid.

Someone will discover hypnotic patterns or attraction-building routines and try to memorize the hell out of them.

But the net result of all that work is to keep women up on that pedestal.

This of course keeps driving them away.

Then the guy not getting laid just keeps studying like crazy, trying as hard as he can but rarely getting anything more than a woman’s phone number.

Meanwhile, the men who are getting laid are the guys who relax, enjoy themselves and act cool.

It’s sad really, but the good news for you is that all you need to do is change your mindset and all the sex and romance you’ll ever want will flow into your life as naturally as turning on a water faucet.

So this is the first solution to give you massive success with women:

The realization that women are interchangeable in your life.

Breakthrough #2 to Massive Success With Women: Realize that women are just plain, ordinary humans and not worth going crazy about.

One of the biggest, most education experiences I ever had was to be the roommate of a smoking hot female who made money as a model and actress.

What I got – and what you’ll get if you do this – is a really amazing “behind the scenes” look.

It makes you realize that there’s nothing special about even the hottest chicks in the world.

This is because when you’re a woman’s roommate, she doesn’t consider you a romantic prospect.

Instead you’re like her brother, so she does all the gross things that any guy does, from passing gas to picking disgusting boogers out of her nose.

One time she went into the bathroom and had loud “number 2” (as obnoxious and gross as any guy would do it) – and then literally one minute later walked outside to the swimming pool of our apartment complex where all the guys would drool over her half-naked body.

They had no idea that there was nothing special about this woman; she was just human as anyone else.

Instead they had her up on the ridiculous pedestal.

My own success with women started to turn around when I realized that women are not magical creatures who should be put up on a pedestal.

I was then able to “see the matrix,” so to speak.

Here’s the way the world works for a hot woman.

She realizes the powerful effect she can have on most guys just by smiling at them.

And she uses that power.

And of course it goes without saying that she does not have sex with any of the drooling guys.

They simply do not interest her.

I have another close female friend who works as a stripper.

If there’s anyone who experiences tons of men drooling over them, it’s a stripper. Definitely make friends with one if you ever get the chance.

(Do not try to get into her pants. Just be her 100% platonic friend.)

It’s eye-opening to see what kind of man a stripper falls for.

It’s not one of the men who stuffs money into her g-string.

Nope, it’s not any of them, not a single one.

Instead the guy a stripper falls for is the guy who’s apathetic about her.

She’ll get off the phone with him and try to get you to analyze whether he likes her or not.

Then she’ll tell you how this guy goes days without calling her.

And that it seems like he never has time for her. “Sorry I had to take that call,” she’ll tell you. “He’s very hard to get a hold of.”

I of course roll my eyes because I know exactly what’s going on.

She is going crazy about this guy only because the scarcity principle is working its magic on her brain.

But of course she thinks she likes this guy “because he’s so fascinating and cool” (her exact words).

I don’t like telling my own success stories, but let me tell you what happened to me recently just to prove the point.

I was at an all-day wedding party that was full of single guys and exactly one single woman.

She was stunning. (I’m talking hot like Angelina Jolie from the Lara Croft movie.)

She was wearing this ridiculous outfit, clothes that were too small and too tight and designed purely to get male attention.

It was absurd.

Before too long I started seeing guy after guy try to force himself into conversation with her.

The ones that were afraid to even speak with her would conveniently “just happen” to stand near her when they were having their drinks, hoping in the back of their minds that she would strike up a conversation with them.

(She never did.)

It didn’t take long to realize why all these dudes were still single (and destined to go back to their rooms alone that night).

You see, when you enter the woman’s frame by acting like a puppy dog, she automatically labels you a loser.

There’s almost nothing you can say to change her mind.

A hot woman doesn’t take any of this dating stuff seriously.

She knows she can get just about any guy she wants, and she feels good simply because of the self-esteem boost she gets from that.

So she goes out wearing ridiculous clothes just to see who bows before her and who thinks her vagina is made of gold.

She uses your obvious longing for her against you.

Once you realize this simple fact, your success skyrockets.

I was the only one at the wedding party refusing to pay attention to her or become absorbed in her reality – and you can take a guess whose attention she was practically begging for by the end of the night.

As an alpha male who is attractive to women, you are not captivated by any woman.

Any interest and attention a woman receives from you must be earned.

(And even if you can’t have this attitude for real, you should at least pretend not to be interested in her!)

Just this one behavior and mindset got me a lot more sex than I’d ever had before.

Rather than me be captivated by women, it all of a sudden became the other way around!

No longer was there any need to be afraid of talking to women or put out a whole lot of effort to get them.

All you need to do is label their attention-seeking behavior as “cute” and not fall for it like the other guys.

So the 2nd breakthrough to massive success with women is this:

Realize that women are just plain, ordinary humans and not worth going crazy about.

Breakthrough #3 to Massive Success With Women: Being in the moment and turning off that part of your brain that wants to always analyze how you’re doing.

In 1906 an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, noticed that 80% of the wealth in Italy was owned by 20% of the people. Then he noticed that every other country he studied had that same 80-20 ratio.

Experts have noticed that this 80-20 mathematical rule applies in many other areas too.

If you own a business, you might notice that you get 80% of your profits from the top 20% of your customers.

In your social life, you spend 80% of your socializing with just 20% of your friends.

In your web surfing life, you probably devote 80% of your Internet time to 20% of the total sites you visit.

And in seduction, the top 20% of men are having 80% of the sex with women. (Or maybe it’s more like 10% are having 90% of the sex!)

In any case, as I’ve said, if you want to be part of that small group of men having most of the sex, do what they do. Have the same beliefs that they do.

So let this sink in for a moment...

This small group of men realizes just how much women love and crave sex.

As you have more success with women, you too will find that most of them have no problem with one-night stands.

This is probably the biggest secret men learn as they develop into players.

You see, tons of women will tell you that they’d never sleep with a man on a first date.

But of course, their actions reveal a different story – that under the right conditions, almost every woman would absolutely have sex on the first night.

They will use you for sex, as a matter of fact. (You might even find the woman kicking you out of her house right after she’s done with you!)

So really, women want you badly.

They want to throw themselves at you if you would only let them.

That means the true goal of the aspiring alpha male is not to force yourself to learn and practice a bunch of new things, but instead to unlearn the crap you’ve been brought up to believe.

This is a very externally-focused world we are living in.

You’re conditioned to believe that women do not like sex.

You’re conditioned to sometimes even think a lot of them are bitches.

You’re conditioned to believe that you are not a man of high value, and that only other men (not you) deserve great things in life.

You’re conditioned to believe that you should feel embarrassed if you make a mistake and other people may think bad things about you. Etc.

What the true players have is the ability to just be in the moment.

Fundamentally they’re happy guys, and their happiness comes from within, not from external things.

Self-doubt and other negative thoughts just don’t enter their reality.

It’s kind of like when you’re surfing the web.

You just do it.

You’re not feeling embarrassed or whatever. You just flow with it, doing whatever you want from moment to moment.

This is the third breakthrough to massive success with women:

Being in the moment and turning off that part of your brain that wants to always analyze how you’re doing.

Breakthrough #4 to Massive Success With Women: What successful guys do is realize their own awesomeness.

The men who have the most sex are sexual guys and proud of it, and women enter their world from all over the place, as if sucked in magnetically.

This is, in my observations, where a lot of guys who discover seduction methods start to screw up.

They’re coming from a background of having little or no success with women, and so they do not believe they are worthy. Instead they think things like,

“What hypnotic pattern can I run on this woman to fool her into having sex with me?”


“What attraction-building story can I give this woman, so that she laughs at what I say and thinks I’m a captivating guy?”

While these sorts of tactics can be good because at least they’re pushing you out of your do-nothing state, they are a lot more work than you should have to do.

Remember, getting women is easy.

The natural alpha males don’t do this stuff.

Instead what the successful guys do is they realize their own awesomeness.

This is the fourth and most important breakthrough to your success.

From this point forward I want you to start repeating these two questions over and over in your mind every time you’re talking to a woman:

  1. What has she done to earn my attention right now?
  2. How happy is she going to be when I give her a chance with me?

Just by asking these two questions, you’ve gone from being a man of low value to a man of high value.

Now when you give her good conversation, it’s not because you’re forcing yourself to do it as a way to entertain her.

Instead it’s the reward you give her.

You give the woman good feelings, not the other way around.

You enjoy yourself, the woman enjoys herself, and sex with her becomes the easiest thing in the world.

Your state of mind is the most important thing because it affects everything else you do.

If you realize your own awesomeness, then for example...

  • Your conversation flows rather than you struggling for words or stumbling.
  • You come across as desirable instead of creepy.
  • You’re indifferent to the woman when you need to be.
  • You have zero neediness whatsoever.
  • You react perfectly to whatever the woman says or does.
  • ... and most importantly, you have a ton of sex!

I know it’s not a typical thing to undo all your societal conditioning.

Your mind has built up an identity and set of labels for yourself. Deep down you feel comfortable when you cling to these inner beliefs.

But unfortunately, your ego is getting in the way of you becoming a massive success with chicks.

Just think about it...

If you did not identify yourself the way you do, then you could just have an easy flow and vibe with any woman you met.

You definitely wouldn’t put her on a pedestal, act like she’s some sort of magical being, and feel nervous around her.

Instead, you would already realize your own awesomeness, and you wouldn’t try to get approval from a woman or strain for conversational topics to try to keep her talking to you.

Finally, I have a question for you to ponder...

Could it be that the only thing holding you back is that you’re just not realizing how easy this stuff is?

This is the big picture I want you to start to see.

The plain fact is that once you value yourself, you can accomplish anything – especially women!

All these seduction tactics you learn may help, but the underlying core is you have to believe in yourself.

There is nothing more complex than that.

You know, Harry Houdini was considered the greatest magician of all time.

He would escape from handcuffs and every other kind of locked restraint you can imagine.

His audiences would number in the thousands, and the roar of the crowd when he escaped from the most impossible-looking restraints was deafening.

He became known as the “King of Handcuffs” because no one could figure out how he did it.

Did he have some sort of supernatural powers?


All he did was use hidden keys.

You might think, "Hidden keys? Thats it? Thats the big secret? Just hidden keys? Anyone can do that!" ...And you're absolutely right to think that.

You might have been watching all these “players” and “ladies men” and “alpha males” and wondering what their big secrets are...

And now you know.

The hidden key is you.

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