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3 Steps to Escape The Friends Zone – Ebook

3 Steps to Escape The Friends Zone – Ebook post image

You’ve fallen for your friend and it SUCKS!

The part which hurts even more is that this has probably happened before.

It’s a cycle of never-ending “casual” rejection starting with you meeting a woman you’re probably already attracted to, getting closer to her, becoming friends with her to stay close to her, and by then it’s usually already too late…

You’re just friends.

You want to reveal to her how you feel but that’s what you tried before and that’s when the nice rejections come spilling out of her mouth as if she’s treating us like a child, trying not to hurt our feelings…

“I really like you BUT…”

“You’re a great guy BUT…”

“I don’t want to ruin the friendship.”

“I’m not ready for a relationship.”

“You’re just not my type.”

You can name a few of your own below but I bet that about covers it all and I know this because I’ve been there.

I’ve heard them all.

I’ve revealed my feelings over and over again thinking it would change things between us but it never did.

It only made the friendship awkward and destined to fail.

This Ebook is my gift to every guy who feels like they need to be friends first with a woman.

For every guy who has been rejected with the classic excuses above.

For every guy who feels helpless, powerless, frustrated, and annoyed because despite your wonderful ability to get along with these girls – they are not feeling it enough for you to see you as more than just a buddy.

For every guy who sat and listened to ALL her relationship, work, and family problems, and kind of got the shaft because of it.

For every guy who was there for them. Did them favors. Picked them up. Drove them places.

Who were the kindest men in the world but the only feelings or intimacy you got back was an awkward hug and a “demotion” as being something less than a man.

If you haven’t noticed by now…

I am a friends zone expert.

For 20 non-concurrent years I was “just a friend” of practically every woman I wanted sexually either for a relationship or more or less.

I’ve done over 8 years of research, trial and error, reading, writing, developing tests, exploring anything and every about how we get in the friends zone, how we put ourselves in it and through all that learned how to finally eliminate this friendly affliction almost entirely.

Let’s get real here because I do NOT intend to coddle you, hold your hand, or treat you like your “woman friends” have when they rejected you.

And I mean this from my heart…

Do you know why you are in, get stuck, or find yourself in the friends zone over and over again?

The number one reason ( and yes I’m going to give lots more so you can narrow down everything which may go wrong – you know the easier stuff )

We put OURSELVES in the friends zone.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become friends first and yes I won’t lie, some women may find themselves attracted to you over some time ( especially in the work place ) but we act complacent, we become afraid to be seen as something more, we dance around our “masculinity” when she’s close AND we fail to set ourselves up as a sexual option first and foremost.

Yes, there’s more but we’ve got a lot to cover here so bear with me. Remember when we’re dealing with these kind of social issues there’s always going to be more and we have to generalize.

We end up in the friends zone because…

  • Women find us too easy.
  • We’re too accommodating.
  • They GET us.
  • They understand us.
  • We’re not a mystery.
  • We have no other options.
  • They have no other women to compete with.
  • We make easy mistakes like putting women on a pedestal and not treating them like equals.
  • We’re predictable.
  • We fail her tests too easily and early on.
  • We pretend we’re something else by agreeing with her every move.
  • We feel privileged among the jerks and assholes of the world.
  • We feel it’s not fair and how our “niceness” is destroying it for us but find it difficult to be anything more or less.
  • We’re not a challenge.
  • We believe attraction is her choice to feel.
  • We’re not proactive and fail to move during those early critical times.
  • We get stuck on one woman at a time for way too long thinking and believing destiny brought us together.
  • And unfortunately and sadly enough… there’s more.

Like my newsletter states to give to you…

We’re not UPFRONT. HONEST, and REAL about it all.

Whatever the reasons we come up with to explain, no matter how awful it feels to hear all that above… it’s the absolute truth I’ve come to see because at one critical time in my life I took the blinders off and saw what was in front of my face the entire time.

Women know this shit and don’t let anyone make you believe women don’t end up the friends zone themselves because they do… a lot!!!! In fact they probably end up in there more often for reasons I won’t get into right now.

Some of your were not friend zoned that quick but sooner or later she either gave up on you because you didn’t make a move, or realized you make her think more than feel which generally destroys attraction.

I want to assure you my point of view comes from a man who has befriended almost every girl I was attracted to.

If the numbers seem absurd I’ll put it in perspective for you…

I hit puberty in 1982. Every year I lived not counting the last decade I was in the friend zone on the average with 3 women a year.

That’s 72 women in which I poured more than my heart out to with nothing to show for it!

72, give or take a few, women who I put every effort in getting to be my girlfriend. All with the same failed techniques and the same goal,


There were a few I fell madly in love with.

My life centered around then completely and faithfully.

In fact I’m willing to bet they were in no way attracted to me but if I were to get with another woman while they were in my life, I would have felt as if I was cheating on them.

Pretty sad huh?

Don’t feel sorry for me.

I just want you to understand why I feel like I’m an expert of the friend zone.

And not solely because I’ve been there.

And not because I was wrong to believe the same thing would eventually work when it never once did.

And not because I feel like my life has been an experiment in futility and failing tactics. Someone who was only interested in the probability of accidentally getting laid.

My expertise has been formed by actually learning how to change that probability I mentioned above from 99% failure rate to I’m going to guess…

A 85% to 90% RATE OF SUCCESS.

Yes I’m proud of that number. As I should be.

I put in the work and now I get to share it with you.

What you’re going to read are the exact steps I have used to eliminate the friends only role.

Some you may have to skip because they won’t apply.

Some you’re not going to like or want to do.

Some of them you’re going to miss because you don’t have the time.

But that’s your choice. Again, I don’t plan on holding your hand.

I trust if you’re going to follow my lead the best you can and that’s all I can ask.

So once again…

You’ve fallen for your friend and it sucks BUT let’s start changing the future, stop making the past mistakes, and let’s start focusing on the present and what we can do today to change this seemingly inevitable outcome of rejection.

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3 comments… add one
  • heather

    how can girls get out of the friends zone by their male friends?

    • Heather,

      I’m positive the steps for women are the same for men. I’ll briefly explain.

      STEP 1 : Distract yourself from the source of your attraction by figuring out if the “friends zone” is a common theme in your life and if so, why is it happening.

      This may include removing yourself from that person’s life almost completely.

      This does include working on yourself specifically in the areas which put you in the friends zone AND other areas you may have neglected, forgot about, didn’t feel “worthy” of, completing yourself while at the same finding a way to date other people.

      STEP 2: Learn about attraction. How it works. Why it works. Experimenting with it a little to find new boundaries or to enhance your happiness you were creating in step 1.

      This step also includes learning new “attractive” communication skills and strengthening your ability to attract the masses rather than just one guy.

      Since this step is open to some interpretation, if you were to explore other “tactics of attraction” this is where you would do it.

      Step 3: Re-Introduction. This is where you slowly integrate the work you’ve done and build a new relationship with the person who brought you here.

      This is the toughest step which is why it’s last but from all the inner work you’ve done to increase your esteem and confidence makes it easier.

      Start interacting “differently” from the basis of attraction and how it works and from a stronger foundation and begin to put yourself in situations with the person where something is MORE likely to happen.

      The difference between men and woman are most prevalent here.

      This is where men take the lead and where women tend to accept the right man’s lead.

      This is also where lots of people either find someone else, get over the person they were after, learn the person they wanted in the first place isn’t doing it for them anymore and also where the greatest risks are involved.

      That’s normally the news… we’re dealing with people here and no friends zone escape is ever guaranteed to work. Even if all the rules are followed.

      You have to trust it CAN work but you also must be willing to accept the responsibility and use the strength you’ve built to get past it all, if it doesn’t work.

      The GREAT news is…

      Most come through the process more attractive and receptive and find themselves with more choices anyways.

      It’s easier to go from friendship to long-term relationship than it is from sex first to long term because the foundation of friendship can be so strong… as long as sex is not confused with attraction.

      Attraction needs to be there.

      I understand I have not gone into details for you Heather but this is book material and not something which can be covered in a comment area.

      I recently re-wrote this and suggest you give it a quick read:

      Two Big Reasons Why, As A Woman, You End Up In His Friends Zone


      The only “outside” help I’ve currently found is through an affiliate link:


      It’s a promotional video and please understand I have no idea what’s in store for you after you watch it BUT at least it’s one opportunity designed specifically for your needs.

      Hope that helps you a little Heather and thanks for asking.

      Make sure you keep your eyes on “Why Do Guys…?” because I have a few rough drafts which will sooner or later be published based on your question.

      Thanks for asking,


  • Shoshannah

    Dear Pete,

    I’ve been posting here several times before… and now I’m back, because I need advice. (Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but that was the best idea I had).

    Friends zone is not exactly what I have with my crush, because we haven’t really been friends. We work in the same place and we’ve been for drinks a few times (with others from our work). The attraction came almost immediately. Also, we really have a good time together. We like to talk, we laugh a lot. We’ve been definitely very flirty, touchy-feely, once or twice we spent whole nights texting each other. Until… his girlfriend came back to town. Yes! He has a girlfriend, they were long distance, but now she moved here. To be clear – I didn’t know about her and unfortunately, I started to fall for him before I found out.

    Anyway, now that she is here things have changed slightly, but not entirely. He doesn’t text me anymore. But we work together, so we meet regularly and I see that… he is seriously into me. Not only he can’t take his eyes of me, he seems all intimidated, abashed. He’s more than horny, it seems way deeper than that. Normally I would think that he may be in love with me.

    And I have feelings for him too, but… there is his his girlfriend. And I have no idea what to do.

    Of course, I don’t want to be the girl who steals a boyfriend. On the other hand, I can’t help hoping that something is wrong with their relationship, since he’s been flirting with others (i.e. me). He doesn’t seem to be a player. Rather a nice, a bit shy, guy – that’s why I believe there must be a reason for him to be looking for others outside of his relationship.

    What do i do? I want him. Should I wait for him to make up his mind a make a move? Should I tell him about my feelings? Or try to seduce him? Or should I give up and just… start to avoid him?

    I’m afraid I’m deep in this – I think about him every day. Was trying to be dating others, but it doesn’t work – I think about him during my dates.

    I may add that he’s not with this girl for a long time (about a year, from what I know), but they live together. And – I may not be objective, but it seems to me that she is way less attractive than he is.

    Thank you in advance. I’m in pain 🙁 (I’m in my 30s and really feel like a teenager in love!!)

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