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Being Nice, Wussy Moves, The Alpha Male Rejection And What It Means

Most women can handle being rejected.

Let’s talk about being Alpha and what is has to do with being stuck in the friends zone.

Men who exhibit or have many Alpha Male traits do not end up in the friend zone, at least very often.

They’re usually the guys putting women in their friends zone themselves for many reasons which go beyond how attractive she is.

Alpha Males are generally not affected by looks alone because they have more choices.

“Being Alpha… means that you understand the basic primal reasons a woman is attracted to a man, and you’re not afraid to BE a man. What The Alpha Male Is And Why It Helps You Attract Women.

While I was living a “nice friend lifestyle” and getting nowhere with women I did put a few women into the friends zone but it was always about her looks and rarely for any other reason like having a terrible personality.

As I started to integrate some Alpha Male traits into me I noticed a huge shift.

Suddenly I was meeting more women where despite how they looked, there was absolutely no way I was going to date them or even have sex with them.

But that old “nice guy” in me did not know how to reject them. I would simply avoid the problem and hope it would go away all by itself and honestly, that’s NOT a very Alpha way to handle things especially women.

This problem occurred to me while fighting off a woman’s advances who was riddled with deal breakers or lots of baggage.  

The easiest way to reject her was by using the same excuses which were used on me.

And you know what…

I felt like shit doing it.

Suddenly I understood why women used these excuses, or avoided me.

Strangely enough I even start to understand just another reason why the ones who rejected me, felt little or no attraction.

But I also realized something more important…

Women reject men this way because they’re being nice and they were actually trying to feel better about themselves by letting us guys down easy.

Their “rejections” were NOT about MY feelings at all. Generally speaking of course.

It was about THEM.

It made THEM feel better knowing THEY did a “nice” thing.

A question then began to arise…

How could I be even considered an “Alpha Male” when I rejected women the same way I was rejected by them?

So I started a new trend for myself.

I learned about what being direct really meant and I started to separate it from the indirect way in which I always demonstrated myself.

Alpha Men are DIRECT in their approach yet INDIRECTLY demonstrate who they are.

This means being confident or comfortable in who we are, we might never have to say it or feel the need to display it.

It also means never being afraid to take the direct approach when it calls for it.

Here’s something really strange thing about all of this so far.

The reasons women were putting me in the friends zone had a lot to do with my inability to reject someone despite their looks and the inability to directly get it done.

Before you start thinking you have to be rude or disrespect women that’s not true. 

I also don’t want you thinking I want you to start rejecting women because of their looks and I understand you don’t want to reject some women who put you in the friends zone.

There’s a must bigger picture to all this.

I was getting stuck as friends because I was doing more than just rejecting women by letting them down easy or because I was falling for the hotter ones based on their looks…

I was afraid to hurt a woman feelings because I wanted to play “Mister Nice Guy” all the time which has consequences:

  1. Assuming women are inferior and can’t handle setbacks thus not giving the credit they deserve.
  2. Assuming arrogance on our part as if most women who are attracted to us will also revolve or ( live or die ) by what we do.

Those two assumptions not only keep us from being truly alpha men BUT also do little to create the attraction needed to eliminate the friends zone.

Now was I really that concerned how a woman I did not even want would feel because I turned her down?

Would my ego suffer finding out my rejection towards her didn’t affect her that much anyways?

In a way yes.

Looking at the big picture every wussy move I made was:

  • Believing I would get rejected so doing nothing.
  • Afraid to reject a hot woman and falling for their on looks alone.
  • Rejecting them believing I was letting them down easy when in reality I was more concerned with making sure I felt good about myself for doing it.

Those wussy moves were really about how I felt about myself and had little to do with the women I didn’t want.

Until I was able to admit ( and act ) accordingly with a new trend or perspective I thought I was being the nice guy so I SHOULD get the girl. 

But they knew what I was all about.

They saw the truth.

Women do it more and on average reject more men than most men will ever have a chance to.

It’s no secret to them what is really going on.

It’s a beta wussy move and women do not feel much attraction to men who act that way.

You want to be the Alpha Male and get yourself out of the friends zone…

Change any and all habits you have which center around you doing things because you believe you’re being nice to someone but in fact you’re just proving to yourself you are a nice guy.

Trust me, there’s a difference here.

Think hard about it and figure out what they are.

And again no, I’m not asking you to start being a prick or some crude jerk.

I am telling that this form of communication will absolutely blow a woman’s minds when done right because they’re not used to seeing AND will find themselves not so strangely so attracted to you.

Being nice is cool and all. There’s nothing wrong with being a good guy…

As long as you first understand WHY you’re being nice and the difference between a selfish act and selfless act.

Wussy rejections based on arrogance or the assumptions them women can not handle life’s little setbacks are unattractive.

Being Alpha is in part about knowing when to be DIRECT and RESPECTFULLY doing so while at the same time INDIRECTLY demonstrating who you are.

Today’s article was about “re-introductions” because after we distract ourselves from the habits of revolving around women and being put in the friends zone, then by learning how attraction works and why too, we can “re-introduce” ourselves to women through many Alpha Male traits.

If the correct path is taken, along with the right amount of time, the women we know may begin to sense something is wonderfully different about us ( is a good way ) they’re more likely to become attracted.

Today’s recommendation comes with some powerful words you MUST read about the Alpha Male. Here you’ll find this and more “Five Secrets of Men’s Confidence and Creating Attraction With Women…” Make sure you read… SECRET #2: “The Secret Reason A Woman Uses The ‘LET’S JUST BE FRIENDS’ Excuse – And Why Women Go After the ‘Jerks’…” This is an offer you can’t refuse… Secrets Of The Alpha Man.

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