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Why You End Up Just Friends – Reasons (33-36)

Being stuck in the friends zone causes your mind to explode.

33. You had sex once and it was awful.

This is one of the rarest reasons out there but I had to cover all the basics.

You can look above for the “Kissed her once” for some of the reasons as to why she may not have been at her best.

In other words SHE could’ve felt like she ruined it so don’t rule that out. Lots of women will back away when they feel like they screwed it up and put themselves in your friends zone.

At this point she won’t want to risk feeling like she let you down.

However if this problem was strictly you then it’s going to be tough to get back with her and move past the friendship she put you in.

Not impossible just difficult.

My advice is to start immediately working on turning women on and creating sexual energy because you’re going to need it.

Here are two great articles to start with:

  1. What Women REALLY Want In Bed – 4 Desire Creating Tips To Please Women Sexually.
  2. Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend.

34. You did not challenge her enough physically.

I separated the next two (physical and mental) for good reason.

This one is basically when you have failed to create physical chemistry. Perhaps she felt you were giving in too easy.

Whatever the exact reasons were this kind of challenge to women is important and if you missed it she only feels like you would make a good friend.

This can also mean you were not confident enough to take the lead.

If a woman constantly feels like she is leading you physically she will pull back and stop offering until you step up to her challenge.

Do not take the mental and physical challenges too lightly because they are very important in attraction.

Which is why you’re going to learn how to be a challenge to all women by the time you’re done reading. A few tips to get you started challenging her are listed below.

Launch Yourself Into A Real Alpha Man With Sexual Power And Confidence

35. You did not challenge her enough mentally.

This does NOT mean you were not smart enough for her or even you bored her.

This usually happens when a woman feels like she is always in control of the conversation or the flow of it.

Sure women love to talk about themselves but if you allow her to always lead and undeniably agree with everything you say she’s not going to feel much of a mental challenge.

Hence you offer no more of a rewarding experience than just a friend.

A few examples of what to do to challenge her is to:

  • Flirt more.
  • Don’t agree with her on everything.
  • Don’t fear a disagreement especially over trivial matters.
  • Offer more subjects of conversation she is interested in talking about.

That’s because it’s a huge challenge for a woman when a man know how to tease her just enough to get her energy up.

You might think they are silly games (which is why I refused to do them while I was stuck in the friends zone) But when I learned how to be a huge success at it I found they were highly enjoyable for the both of us.

And women loved it.

This post will cover lots of way to challenge women: Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You

36. She knew she could have you anytime she wanted.

I already touched on this earlier so let’s go in a different direction.

This reason is a huge killer of attraction and even a bigger reason why way too many men end up with just another friend.

Always leave a little mystery behind whether she can have you or not.

In other words don’t allow her to just flip to the back of your proverbial “book” to find the answer.

There are ways to achieve this by creating a new lifestyle, dating other women, allowing her to see you flirting with her competition, and there are ways to fake it until it’s a natural part of your life.

However you go about achieving the results you are looking for, even if you’re married for twenty years, never let a woman believe she can have you anytime she wants.

Sure this might include a little sexual role play at that point but trust me even if she knows it’s only role-playing it’s more exciting than giving yourself up at the drop of a hat.

Think about your own wants and desires and how if you can have something so easily the perceived value goes down.

Think of yourself as the rare commodity whose value is always rising.

Another way to connect all this to understand it better is your friendships with women.

Everyone knows great friendships are rare and are considered valuable asset in our lives. That is why so many women refuse to let a friendship be ruined by getting involved sexually.

In order to break through this barrier she needs to feel being your girlfriend has higher value than your friendship.

I know it seems impossible to do but when you consider women are more inclined to make a decision through her emotions the problem becomes easier to solve.

And that’s what we’re going to be doing to get you out of the friends zone.

In short we’re going to allow her to begin to feel emotionally connected to you and thus overriding the value of the friendship.

We don’t want to eliminate the friendship we just want to make sure the rare incredible physical relationship has higher value and is the right choice for her to decide.

Now that we’ve covered a very large list if mistakes or reasons why women put you in the friends zone let’s go inside your mind to figure out how you put yourself there.

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