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Distraction With A New Hair Cut And Refining Your Look

Peter White’s transformation.New haircut and style.

Take a quick look at what I went through and this is just the tip.

Distraction with a new hair cut, along with refining your look, is simply this:

We’re taking the old “friends zone guy – you” and distracting you from the women you’re attracted to who may have befriended you.

We need to build an “attractive” life outside of women.

We also need to refine your look and slowly introduce new patterns and a new person to women in general.

It can be as simple as starting with a new hair cut and ending with some clothes BUT it can also be as complicated as introducing yourself to new passions and getting out more often.

Some of you may not like or want to do exactly what I did but I’m encouraging you to try it because the process works much better this way.

Remember I didn’t escape the “affliction” using my Ebook. I did it through trial and error and whatever worked for me – is what you get.

Skip all the junk and your time frame and rate of success goes up.

I found a few extremely attractive friends and yes make sure they’re women.

If you don’t have one – go meet one or two immediately—-> Where To Meet Women and Removing The Fears Of Approach Naturally.

One took me shopping and explained to me what fashion was all about.

For those of you who want to avoid the “fashion stuff,” I can’t blame you BUT to do that make sure you cover the basics of refining your look.

You’ll find those pages here at DiaLteG TM:

Okay now…

While we were out I found another even hotter and cooler woman to work on my hair. ( The girl first mentioned I should start by getting a REAL haircut.)

It might seem weird but finding an attractive woman who will always cut your hair on time is a very important step or habit to get into.

The benefits are amazing.

I’ve become extremely close friends with the same woman who has done my hair. I’ve talked her down in price because after we became more acquainted she casually mentioned she cuts hair at her home. This is where she makes more profit and so charges me less.

We also get to have incredible conversations about women and what they are looking for these days.

She stays up on fashion and clues me in on all the details.

We flirt a lot but never cross the line between business and our personal life.

I’ve made a cool hot friend and I tell her everything about who I am sleeping with or seeing and she loves every minute of it. It’s a trade-off. I give her my secrets she tells me hers.

She encourages me and gives me incredible secrets into the female mind and that is worth every penny of our friendly business arrangement.

She also boosts my confidence as we joke around.

That may not seem big to me now but when you’re in the distraction phase and a beautiful women is building your confidence – there’s nothing like it in the world AND I’m hoping you’ll become more comfortable talking to attractive women if this is a problem for you.

Another great thing about your relationship with your “stylist” is…

You now have something to talk about with other women and she doesn’t know who she is.

So don’t go telling her it’s the girl who cuts your hair!!!

Leave that information out for now. It’s just not important.

However it’s important when you can start to say to a platonic friend you’re looking to date things like this:

“So I’m talking to a friend the other day and she mentions how all women are irrational. I mean this girl went off telling me how one minute they’re thinking about sex, and the next minute they’re wondering if they’ve left their clothes in the dryer too long. Haha! So tell me…what do you think? Are all women irrational like this?”

This puts an image in the platonic friend’s mind you’re hanging out with some girl who is teaching you all the secrets about women.

She may even assume you had this conversation in bed.

The important thing is you’re proofing yourself to her without directly saying anything. Women assume things about you and they tend to over think….  Everything about a guy they’re feeling attracted to!

You can use that to your advantage in many ways but, just by getting a haircut and being selective about who is doing the cutting – is unbeatable – because unless you’re bald or have little hair left…

Getting a haircut every few weeks is unavoidable. Get in the habit of doing it. Make the next appointment before you leave.

Here is what you must look for from the woman who’s doing the cutting:

  • It must be a woman. Sure gay guys are great but there’s more to this than the haircut.
  • You must find her attractive.
  • She must have a cool REAL personality.
  • If you feel she is only being nice to you to increase her tip. Ditch her.
  • She must be creative and work with what you got.
  • She must not ask you too many questions about what you’re looking for. It’s her job to create your hairstyle. Remember that.
  • She must be friendly and work in an area where she is not able to gossip with her co-workers. Her attention is on you.
  • She must be able to take criticism from you. If you’re not into how it looks tell her why and work with her on it next time.

That is what you’re paying for so make sure you’re getting your money worth.

Distraction by slowly refining your look AND style means we’re creating a new confidence, developing new non-friend zone patterns, preparing for a re-introduction AND distracting you from your source of misery… the women you want who only want to be your friend.

So far you’ve been first given a blueprint on the three steps.

You’ve learned the one reason women will put you in the friends zone which is the most common… She felt little or no attraction.

You’ve also learned 36 other less common reasons women will put you there.

Hopefully by now you have a clear idea of why you’re there.


You learned about your limited belief system and how to start changing it. We’re creating an attractive mindset.

That’s the beginning of the inner work.

Today we’ve covered the basics ( follow the links above for more details on them ) of your look, appearance, and we also introduced a new way to talk to “future” women to leave her guessing and wondering and giving you the social proof MOST guys need to begin to create attraction.

Next up we’re going a little deeper into your fears and excuses because like a limited belief system, they will have you ACTING LIKE A FRIEND when you should be becoming an attractive dating option AND choice in the women you meet or already know.

Click here for the next page – Excuses Fears

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