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Handing Problems and Sticking To Your Path – Recovering from Mistakes

You going to have a lot of questions pop. You’re going to worry about screwing things up.


I’ll cover a few here to help keep you on your path.

The one most important thing to always remember is to NOT over think everything.

I see way too many guys who ask question after question and most of them are centered around:

“What if she does this…?” or

“What does it mean when she…?”

Resist any temptation to ask those kind of question and you’ll be much better off. If it help let me tell you this. I give advice to women all the time about you and they ask the same questions over and over again. Women over-think, over analyze, and are constantly questioning me on “Why does a guy do this…” and “What does it mean when a guy does that?”

-My best advice to you and I know this sounds harsh – DON’T THINK LIKE A WOMAN and you’ll be much better off.

Remember in everyday relationships when there is a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman, she wants a man and not a woman. So you can help yourself by not letting yourself get sucked into thinking like she does.

You’ll only drive yourself crazy. You’ll go in circles. You’ll wind up right where you started almost every time.

Trust me this is the biggest downfall and the easiest way to fail in attracting women.

What if you do all this work and she stills only wants to be friends?

Trust me. I wish I could guarantee results with one woman. I understand completely how easy it is to get hooked on one woman and not be able to see yourself with another.

They key to this is to make sure you follow another important rule – If you want ONE woman in particular you must take her out of the equation. You want to learn the skills to attract lots and lots of women and hopefully you’ll be dating them also.

This way – if things don’t work out – you’ll have options.

You’ll also find by going through these steps your “dream girl” might not exist anymore because you’ll find yourself at a new level of attraction.

I can think back to several women who “friend-ed” me which I failed with and where I am now in my life, honestly speaking, I would NOT be caught dead dating those women. I do hope you also hit that level and open your options to ALL women. Prepare for the future because you never know.

What to do if you fail or suffer a setback?

Setbacks are not fun. But since you have now learned to recognize when they happen they will happen less. And best of all you’ll be able to clearly define what happens.

You’ll rid mistakes made unconsciously and bring them out into your conscious mind making it easier to avoid them next time.

Remember you can never cover every situation in social dynamics. You’re going to run into things I may not be aware of. So its best to be ready when they happen. And if they surprise you I want you to treat it as a lesson and learn something valuable from it. That’s how you rapidly increase your success.

What to do when nothing seems to be working for you?

The truth is if nothing seems to be working for you you’re doing something drastically wrong.

FIRST –  As always feel free to email your problem and if it warrants a reasonable response I’ll get back to you.

SECOND – Get to the root of what is really happening by objectifying more of the situations you are in. Some will need more overhaul than others. So if you focus too much on your strong points only looking to avoid your weaknesses you’re going to find “nothing seems to be working for you.”

  • How are you going to handle new rejections?
  • Setting up dates with women…
  • Is it okay to try to make women jealous?
  • What kind of interactions can increase my chances of getting close to her?

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