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Great Tips On How To Shop With Your Friend and Creating Attraction

Great Tips On How To Shop With Your Friend…plus more.

As I’ve stated it’s not easy to distract yourself from her and just telling you to give her space is not real advice.

I’m including a two-part letter about shopping because:

  1. You’re going to learn how you should shop with a woman when you’re looking for advice and what questions to ask. I’m covering this in part two.
  2. You’re going to learn some cool tips on what to do if you plan on taking the woman you’re in love with shopping with you.

WARNING: Unless you can be confidently charming and funny, with a little cocky mixed in, you should refrain from taking her along with you.

BUT if you must and are willing to risk it, here are some tips I suggest you stick to when out shopping, or in most public situations with her.

  • Walk away often while she’s in the dressing room. You do not want her to see you when she first comes out, whether she’s coming out to show you.
  • Never hold her bag for her. I don’t care what excuse you have to give her. “I can’t I have to run to the bathroom and I’m not taking that with me.” is a good one to use.
  • Never sit down waiting for her. Have an agenda and keep yourself busy.
  • While you’re walking with her point out a few items she would look good in which are obviously funny. Also point out a few she would actually look good in, but make sure you say it the same way you did with the other one. The right balance is key here because you want her to be a little unsure of what you really mean.
  • Always shop ahead but don’t buy anything. You want to familiarize yourself with where you are going and what to expect. Find a few items you are interested in but don’t buy them. What you are doing here is showing her how you always know where you are going and what you are looking for.
  • Unless you can say to her things like, “Hey. Tell me this makes you want to tear it off of me?” DO NOT ask or take any advice on what you’re going to buy. If she makes a great point change your mind about it. You’re better off buying it a few weeks later without her and then show up one night wearing it.
  • Bust her ass and tell her something like your Mom or Sister bought it for you. “They do have great taste. Don’t they.
  • No matter how slow or fast she walks with you always maintain a steady fluid pace that is your own. Preferably a little slower than everyone else.
  • Always flirt just a little with the woman behind the counter. No matter how old, young, good-looking or not.
  • Make soft eye contact with other attractive women and lightly smile. But don’t do it hoping your friend notices. Do it because once you’re good at it, it’s fun. And trust me I have fun with it all the time. It’s not only great practice but you would be surprised how many people working in these places have some great stories.
  • Go off on your own and make her come and find you or text you about where you are. If she does, text back and tell her you’re right next to her. Tease her about it. Don’t just tell her where you are and don’t ask her where she is.

Stick to most of those above and your friend will be less likely to treat your shopping experience in HER favor.

Letting yourself be just her company is not a good idea for turning any friend into a girlfriend. You need her to understand she might even have to start working for your attention in public.

You could arrogantly assume she is always with you but that could backfire quickly in this situation so I wouldn’t recommend it.

What you’re doing is letting her see your independence as a man where it may not have existed before.

I understand most men who are stuck in that friendship mode rarely feel independent around the woman they have feelings for. They follow her lead way too often.


If you continually follow a woman’s lead she will never let you lead her into a relationship.

You can also consider the above tips to be useful any time you are out in public.

You’re distracting yourself from paying too much attention to her and at the same time distracting her from your old ways.

When you accomplish this smoothly she will become curious. If you do this indirectly you won’t raise too many suspicions. Because her suspicions will turn to questions and then you’re going to have to answer them.

Trust me in do not want to get stuck answering too many questions about yourself and what you’re doing. Always leave her guessing just a little.

You’re in the friends zone with her so there’s a big chance she sees you as being predictable.

By keeping her guessing without being obvious and “strange” the mystery can trigger her attraction.

She’s also going to fight it in her own way which is actually what you want anyways.

If she starts to frustrate herself about her feelings towards you, step back and smirk a little, because it will become that much easier to eventually not just attract her, but to turn her on.

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