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Your New Conversations Must Create Attraction

This is real tough for guys who have spent a lot of time in the friends zone.

Their conversations are not edgy. They hold back too much but in a way reveal way too much about themselves.

Ambiguity is your friend in having attractive conversation with women so use it often.

This means never give more information than is needed. Just enough.

Attractive people have this common trait – they get their point across very clearly and decisively yet they can hold back a little to bring a listener in.

Learn the difference between asking an open-ended questions and a closed one.

Closed questions lead to one word answers. This takes some practice but when you notice how the dynamics of the conversation instantly changes you’ll like it so much you won’t ever go back.

Here is a common question I hear lots of guys ask women –

“What do you do for a living?”

Bad bad bad close ended question.

Instead find something unique you noticed about her and suggest you know what she does for a living because of it.

Here’s one I wouldn’t suggest using much but it will give you a clear example:

“Wow you have amazing hands – you’re either a hand model or a dishwasher”

You see the difference. You assume you’re already know what she does and then work in a smooth compliment attached to something unique about her you like.

The only time it’s okay to ask a woman what she does for a living is when she’s a stripper dancing for your friend. “So what do YOU do for a living?”

Let’s take a quick peek at the different type of conversations friends zone guys have.

They ask close-ended question to appear interested when all they’re thinking about is keeping her interested and trying to show her how “different” you are. When in reality it only screams you’re like every other guy she is used to. Which is why she only feel those friendship vibes.

They’re afraid to bring up sex or any topic that might offend her so they censor everything they say for her benefit. When in reality they are again just making sure they don’t scare her away.

Granted you can go overboard by being too aggressive or an ass her so learn to balance it a little.

But trust me it’s actually better to be over the top a little than it is to appear ass kissing or masking why you’re having the conversation in the first place.

Your conversations must flirt with women, tease them a little, appear not overly eager, and definitely not just you trying to prove you’re perfect for her.

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