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Why Your Nice Guy Voice Does Not Communicate Attraction To Women

You must communicate attraction and pass her early tests or else you’ll end up in her friends zone.

Here’s a short story of two different women, two different responses, and how to communicate attraction in a way too many nice guys don’t, which inevitably lands them in the friends zone.

One woman was typically seen as a bitch. The other was feisty and fun.

We all worked in the same place just not at the same time.

Well one day while walking past by the break room the “feisty one” was getting on the table to change the television channel.

Apparently she believed that even though the remote was broken that the table had some magical powers to make it work.

Put in this kind of situation before the “nice” voice inside would’ve tried to help her out by offering a solution to her problem. The nice guy hoping to gain a few “brownie” points which did little to take advantage of the situation and create attraction but likely to land in the friends zone because of it.

Since I had just learned to “ignore” that voice I didn’t think twice about helping her out.

Remember all she was trying to do was change the channel in a funny, playful, absurd way and not solve the worlds hunger problems.

That day I was more interested in having fun with her and so I did…

I smiled at her antics and teased her about being just a little too foolish at which she screamed back at me to “Stop teasing her!!!”

While I walked closer to her I reached for my wallet and urged not to move. Grabbed a few dollars bills and tossed them on the table smirking at her taking the stance as I was ready for dance and she was now obliged to give me.

She loved it. She laughed her ass off with her mouth wide open in disbelief of course.

She faked danced for a few seconds and hopped off the table laughing the entire time.

The other woman’s “reaction” went quite different.

She was on top of a counter changing a light bulb.

Boring and mundane in her typical “bitchy” way but still enough to stir the “light bulb” inside my head.

Once again I walked closer and reached for the few dollar bills I apparently always have in my wallet and then tossed them to her feet while taking on the stance of a patron expecting a dance.

However this time… no laughter.

She was pissed. In fact outraged at my assumption.

To her it was deemed a personal attack from a “typical” male chauvinistic pig.

She hopped down screaming something about treating women like objects and furiously stormed away.


Or maybe not.

I didn’t apologize.

I didn’t track her down or defend my action hoping she’d understand I was normally a nice guy just having a little fun and just maybe crossed the line.

In fact she quickly came back to me still huffing and groaning about it but I laughed it off, probably pissing her off a little more and actually said to her,

“Haha! Maybe next time I’ll throw a ten… pffttt!”

The friends zone is full of nice guys whose nice “voice” is constantly telling them to act a certain way around woman and destroying their ability to create attraction first.

Both women reacted totally different and whereas the first one went along with it, the second one actually released a certain test on me because SHE was FEELING attracted to me.

She was testing for my resolve. My strength. She was actually trying to control my action by reacting negatively to see how I would then respond.

If I had listened to that old voice telling me to kiss either one of their asses hoping to create something by being nice I would’ve in all likelihood failed their tests.

The first woman’s test was more discreet and by being her fun little feisty self she automatically has some guys acting one way or another.

We can either choose to have fun with her, bore her to death by giving her typical compliments and being all nice OR we can choose to be a little edgy with her and TEST her resolve first.

The second woman’s test was more obvious.

Sure she has an emotional attachment to her beliefs or her feelings of guys being pigs but the guys who suddenly changes who they are just to appease her, or who are afraid to piss her off because of her beliefs, fail her early tests.

Keep in mind that a woman’s real tests are normally a very personal art form which she has little or no control over and are often formed and molder through her experiences with guys.

Either way, fail her tests early on and you WILL end up in the friends zone.

For more info on the way women test you… read this: Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them

Be afraid to show a little edge to your nice guy ways and you WILL end up in the friends zone.

For more info on letting out your inner jerk so your nice guy voice doesn’t talk you out of creating attraction… read this: Letting Out Your Inner Jerk to Become More Successful With Women

Change your behavior just to appease her over something small and trivial and non-threatening and you WILL end up in the friends zone.

Learning how to communicate attraction to women is very important to eliminating the friends zone and often your “nice guy” voice could steer you wrong.

This is NOT about being a jerk or treating women like objects.

It’s about passing her early tests.

Being fearless enough to have a little fun with them.

It’s about not being afraid to show a little edge and communicating that to her early on.

That voice inside your head is there for a reason and I’m hoping it helps you to avoid the real dangers in the world and to help you avoid being taken advantage of by people who are not good.

BUT that same voice confuses us on how we’re supposed to act with woman and often leads us far from attraction.

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Today’s recommendation is about getting a little edge to your personality to make it easier to attract women AND pass her tests. Check out this video to Get Rid Of The Nice Guy & Attract Women With The Most LETHAL Form Of Attraction. I would also suggest you watch this video: Three Reasons Why Women Test You so you can start communicating attraction and eliminating the friends zone immediately.

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