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Sexual Chemistry and Identity Experiences

Creating a sexual identity is a great way to make sure you’re not friended by a woman again.

You’ve done a lot of work. You’ve learned more than most men will ever learn. You’ve come to understand what attraction is really all about it but now we must work on your sexual identity and the chemistry you create with ALL women.

Tip: You can do what most guys do – get comfortable touching attractive women but if you watch the best guys in the world they quickly and comfortably, with a delicate blend, break touch barriers with everyone including other men.

Women sense a sexual energy from men who are able to:

  • Create an extreme amount of comfort NOT counting when there’s a sexual moment happening. She may feel a little nervous or unsure. Just make sure her physical signs are good.
  • Moving just a little too slow.
  • Being very comfortable with your own body.
  • Calculated movements. Call this moving with assurance. Like you mean to do everything and every move you make has its own unique purpose. Leaving nothing to chance. This makes it appear you’re extremely confident and nothing surprises you.
  • Never be closed off. Owning the space around you and taking as much as you comfortably can. Not closing your arms and legs to the world. But not putting your hands on your hips or waist. Avoid any confrontational body language.
  • Hugging other women and men when the moment is right.
  • Make sure you shake people’s hand when you meet them, including women.
  • Great Eye contact is very important. Not creepy stares. Don’t look at every woman like you’re going to sleep with her.
  • Tip about eye contact – when you are around a very attractive women let your mind casually think that SHE is trying to imagine YOU naked. Or imagine some fantasy had just ran through her mind which included you. Then once in a while give her a slightly raised eyebrow and a soft smile. Don’t force it so pick your moments right.
  • Touching her back low when you introduce her to someone else. Obviously this doesn’t work with groups so just do it once with the first person then let your hand slide back to you. Remember it has to be natural to you and her.

You can make breaking the touch barrier happen naturally by:

Taking her on action dates or hands on activity like dancing.

This will also help you get her emotions up. These heightened feelings can easily be connected with you when you’re there.

Stuck in the friends zone I would always seem stuck just chatting with a woman. There was nothing too exciting about it.

One day it hit me when me and a friend went out dancing and having a great physical time. Normally we would just be hanging out not doing much at all. Well when we got back to her place later that evening suddenly this “old” friend of mine was engaging physically with me.

It was like we carried over all the high emotions back to the bedroom with us.

Don’t get caught or allow yourself to get stuck in monotonous times when you’re in the friends zone with a girl. You’ll find it much more difficult to progress physically.

Start putting yourself and her, and all women in situations where something is more likely to happen naturally. (Don’t label them as dates.)

You have to be comfortable touching her and she has to be comfortable letting you touch her.

This also includes flirting with her.

Knowing and sensing the sensual parts of her body. Neck, wrist, inner thigh, eyes, cheeks.

If you find yourself stuck in conversation mode with her. Like you’re both talking normally about your day or what’s going on in your life you can get her energy up through several different ways:

Be Interesting. Storytelling with edge.

Re-Intro means leading her in closer as you’re talking.

Don’t just talk – share your EXPERIENCES.

All this and everything I’ve covered so far are really about Building a sexual Identity for yourself. It’s not about pushing it or trying to make things happen.

Always bring your sexual identity with you, put yourself in situations where something can happen more naturally. That’s how it all works.

Creating opportunities where something physical is MORE likely to happen.

Below you’ll find some quick point to help you with all this:

  • Escalating, teasing, fun little games.
  • Sexual Chemistry.
  • Mental Strength.
  • Accepting more leadership roles.
  • Throwing parties – more friends – more robust social life.
  • Letting women buy and give YOU things. Even suggest it. Learn to accept gracefully and modestly.
  • Allow her to see you when you’re at your best – work – personal habits – charity work.
  • Lead by examples and actions – not just words. She needs to feel comfortable following you.

Make decisions with or without her. With or without her approval. With or without the chatter in your head. She will notice. She may question you about it but remember you don’t have to answer her directly.

Just say,

“Yeah. I’m working on that.”

Then change the subject quickly. Don’t let her pry into your journey. It’s yours so be decisive about it. Not upset just decisive.

So be decisive. More decisive than you have in the past.

Slower more relaxed attitude not dependent on what is happening around you. While the world fly by you nothing affects your mood. Keep your slower pace like you don’t have a care in the world.

That’s a sexy attitude to have and women who are not so stuck in their own world take notice. The others, well you might just have to slow them down a little and once you’ve done that and you have them at your level, you’ll appear sexier whether you’re in sweatpants or not.

Romance is an after tool and not a means to turn her into your girlfriend.

Risk being wrong.

Inject positive and sexual energy into everything you do.

Making occasional body contact with you without getting all nervous or act. Act like you didn’t even notice. Unless you give her a sly little look followed by, “Hey watch it now.” Accusing her with a little humor about her physical attempt is an effective flirting technique.

Being physical with her is just a little more likely to happen when you are both laughing and having a great time.

Engaging lightly then pulling away slowly.

Never try to kiss her unless you shared a few recent comfortable touches. Otherwise you’ll freak her out and it will feel creepy to her.

Many guys stuck in friends zone are afraid of sexual chemistry or they just don’t understand it all. If you don’t at least act like you do.  Without sexual chemistry a friendship will become extremely hard to escalate physically.

So how willing are you to make one girl more than just a friend?

If chemistry, touching her, being intimate is a serious problem, or an area where you lack the most confidence, you must get this areas handled.

So yes.

You’re going to have to date more women and learn all the little complexities of what turns a woman on. Because it’s different from triggering attraction.

It’s this separation where woman KNOW very clearly but for some reason men seem to miss.

Knowing when to kiss.
Knowing when to pull back.
Knowing when a touch is creepy.
Knowing when a touch is misguided and clumsy or premeditated..

Trusting all her signals and your intuition will lead you in the right direction at the right time and then not backing down during those critical moments.

It’s not about turning it up higher and higher and higher waiting for her to explode.

It’s about letting the tension stay a little too long. It’s about letting it go when she’s real excited to tease her.

It’s about allowing things to happen naturally.

Let me tell you a little story about a woman I knew.

We met. We flirted a little. Busted each other’s ass. There was definitely easy chemistry between us.

So instead of getting turned on like some sexually deprived man and going for it quickly I sensed she was not just going to hop on my lap and say give it to me.

One night she looked at me with these adorable eyes and gave me soft kiss on the neck and said, “It’s so nice out I want to cuddle.” So we did.

I didn’t get all bent on not getting any. I didn’t pressure her to give it up. I enjoyed what was happening while it was happening.

And little did I know two days later she would be more than just boring in bed. We had some pretty raunchy mind-blowing sex.

That’s how it works with women so you have to understand that.

You can do all you can to get her turned on – but sometimes it’s just not going to happen.

The secret is to not let it get to you. Do not let it make you do things because of it.

Now if you’re really good at seducing women you can increase the odds. After dating a woman for a while there are things you can do which involve romance to get her a little wetter.

You just can’t sell any night or interaction so far ahead you EXPECTING something to happen.

Because that will have you acting against your masculinity and she’ll probably get turned off quickly.

On the other I side I once met a woman where she appeared to hate me. I didn’t give in and kiss her ass. She would settle down one evening and the next time I saw her she was acting like she wanted to strangle me out of anger.

Then out of the blue – she suggests I go for a ride with her – she took me back to her place and before our first kiss we were naked and I was inside her.

Neither one of those situation affected who I was or what I did. I wasn’t doing things to get in their pants and suddenly that’s where I ended up.

Never forget she MUST feel attraction for you and your personality or who you are must naturally turn up her sexual desires.

So when she’s in the mood for more she’ll give you every available signal to do your thing.

Another key point is to be a sexual kind of guy first and foremost. If the friendship happens it happens. If more happens it happens.

My point is to stay with who you are regardless of the outcome.

When a woman knows she has control over you – your sexual appeal to her will drop off rapidly.

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