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How To Shop For New Clothes That Allow Your Sexiness to Come Through

Shopping for clothes with a woman.

New relaxed image. New confidence. Better more positive outlook. Greater appearance equals more looks from women and less “friends zone” applicants.

This bonus page is here to help you eliminate the friends zone but it’s also going to give you…

A blueprint on how to shop for attire.

Getting women to help you shop.

Creating a comfortable “lived in” look so you can feel at ease wherever you go.

Distracting yourself from her and women and focusing on YOURSELF.

I don’t want to spend too much time on fashion so I’m going to make this quick… You can thank me later.

Here is what I did and you’re going to hear every expert mention something similar but I’ve added a little twist for you.

Yes, you finally get to use this whole making friends thing work for you.

You’re obviously good at making friends, and so was I so use it to your advantage.

I found a few women who were willing to go shopping with me. Actually I made friends with several women with incredible style.

Just like the woman who cut my hair they were cool and willing to be honest with me about everything.

The more honest the better off you are.

Reason with her and ask many questions about why she is picking out certain clothes for you.

Ask her exactly why she likes something on you and not something else.

You want to learn as much as possible in as little time as you can.

If you’re going to go out shopping with a woman don’t act like “too much” of a friend.

Get an education on fashion and more importantly what clothes and style works best with you.

Tell her you want to look a little different and you want to demonstrate a slightly sexual side to your look. You’re not there to make yourself as good-looking as possible.

You want women to feel you’re a man with a sexual side through your clothes AND you want them to instantly get that you’re a man who has his shit together!

As I mentioned before you do NOT have to go overboard with this.

You, more than likely, will not have to get a complete makeover.

Keep it simple and make it easy to do.

The last thing you want is to turn yourself into someone who takes forever getting ready. Although a few women in my life are notorious for letting me know how long it takes me to get ready and I’ve been able to use that to my advantage in getting more women.

Here are some questions you can ask her or yourself which will teach you quickly and efficiently.

These are based on the principles of fashion I use myself:


The mood your clothes represent must match your personality and your body type.

  • Does this ( shirt or whatever ) make me look confident and approachable?
  • Do I look comfortable wearing this?
  • Do I feel comfortable wearing this?.


The layering of colors and expanding your closet.

  • What would look good over the top or bottom of this shirt?
  • What else goes with (article) and will it go with something I already own?


Matching and building the look.

  • Why does this color go this with and why?
  • What shoes easily go with mostly everything I own?

This includes coats, shoes, belts, hats etc…


You must always find clothes which allow your body to feel comfortable and at ease. No restrictions.

  • Where can I go out with this on?
  • Will I be constantly trying to fix something like a belt or the way it hangs off me?


Add something relatively shiny and unique to everything. Two or three different items work great but not all at once.

  •  Does it match my moods?
  •  Is there a story behind it or how I am buying it?
  •  Is it expensive? (Keep it relatively cheap.)

Now if you’re asking…

What does what I’ve covered today have to do with your steps in escaping the friends zone?

A fair enough question…

Some women will put you in the friends zone because you do not know how to dress yourself.

Also women are more likely to see you as a strong sexual man who is comfortable when you actually DO dress for comfort AND style.

They also, when you can dress better than the average guy, ASSUME you have things in your life handled above other guys which will separate you easily.

This an important area and you’re rarely going to hear others talk about when it comes to attracting women.

Distractions is still the name of the game in this step.

Distract your focus from her and put in where it belongs, on you.

I’ve suggested meeting other women as just friends and you’re going to learn more than you can imagine from them. 

Distracting yourself from seeing “her” more than you should by hanging around with other women.

They don’t have to know who you are with.

Don’t advertise it and be cleverly vague about these other women.

Distracting her – because we’re allowing her to feel you are the right choice for her. Once she begins to question her original decision of putting you in the friends zone and starts to see you as a little more of a sexual guy and not just some neutered friend…

Then, and only then should you attempt to turn up the attraction. Remember this important point before you go any further.

Keep this in mind – You are NOT doing any of this for her or any one woman specifically. That only works in movies and NOT in real life.

You will rarely, if ever, be so persistent you’ll win her over.

It just won’t work that way and you’ll probably end up screwing up the friendship completely.

You are doing doing this for YOU and for all the reasons you’ll find here: Distraction With A New Hair Cut And Refining Your Look

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