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Social Interactions, Conversations, Demonstrating Social Skills

Staying out of the friends zone should not be too much of a problem if you’ve been following along. However escaping the  friends zone is something entirely different.

Several keys to your social interactions is space and independence with a little acknowledgement.

This means always giving the women you’re around the space she needs to enjoy her freedom, show how well you function without her, and quietly letting her know you’re still there.

In my friends zone days I was always up a woman’s ass or I wouldn’t even go near her. Both don’t work because one implies you’re too needy and the other says you either have no social skills or your deathly afraid of women.

In the chapter on shopping with women I gave you several easy ways to do this. The same goes  here.

Don’t hover

Don’t follow her every move like a shadow.

Walk away and interact socially as if she wasn’t even here. Of course remember to use every possible way you can to create attraction with other women too. Just a little. So don’t be afraid to flirt a little or tease the other women in the room.

By now you’re doing that with more women so it probably won’t be a problem.

Don’t do it because you’re trying to show off or make her jealous. If you’re not having fun or if your reasons are far from just being a fun guy, then there’s a greater chance you’ll come off like you’re showing off. And you do not want that.

In a large social event make your way around the room and leave when the conversation has just about run its course. Leave on some kind of high note and acknowledge how great it was to talk.

That’s just a few ways to demonstrate your social skills.

Allowing her freedom tells her you’re okay with her doing exactly what you’re doing. So remember you’re not married or in a relationship, there’s no direct or urgent need to always be together when you’re out or introduce yourself to other people when you’re with her.

In fact those introductions might cause problems because what do you say, “This is my friend Linda.” or When people ask if you’re together what are you going to say?

Avoid those situations for a while but if it happens use it to your advantage. When people ask if you’re together use what is called a tease/push/pull method. And mix up what you say.

When someone asks if you are a couple this is your chance or a great opportunity to lightly touch her just on the side of her lower back (like you’re going to hug her) and then give a valid humorous reason why you couldn’t possible be together.

It’s a tough balance so make sure you practice several different responses that disqualify her in a not so obvious but slightly funny way.

“No. Her and my wife would never get along.”

I think you’ll like this because it works great in many ways.

  1. Gives you an opportunity to break the touch barrier.
  2. Sets up great flirty banter.
  3. Demonstrates your confidence around women.
  4. Shows how you can handle social interactions on a “relationship” level.

When you can allow her freedom with men and women this says a lot to her and all women. It shows how comfortable you are in your own skin. How you’re beyond socially capable. How you’re not some jealous freak. How you handle both sexes with social ease. (So watch that body language.)

That covers your independence without having to resort to strange tactics which feel weird. Get a round and work the room like you’ve done it a thousand times.

Get to know everyone just a little and give your name, get their names, and one of the most important skills you can have in any social interaction (which draws women in easily) is:

Ask real genuine questions.

If you’re not that interested in what they’re talking about it’s up to you to find a common ground which you do find interested.

Trust me this is key to being socially sought out by everyone. And it’s a lot easier for most guys than trying to be the most spectacular storyteller in the group. I wouldn’t say don’t tell stories and be the center of attention but sometimes that’s not always possible for everyone easily. It’s something which takes lots of time and practice.

You’ll find asking questions and mingling you’ll naturally learn the art of storytelling by listening to their answers. And as you get more socially involved you’re bound to find yourself having more interesting and different times than you might miss without.

I emphasize social “studies” because women often find this trait invaluable and highly attractive.

Just remember to interact too. Give a little back about yourself. Stay away from just asking question after question after question. You’ll only come off as boring and an ass kisser. That’s why I say make a connection so you can share a little too.

The “Little Acknowledgment” part is easy with the “friend” you’re with or all women.

Eye contact. Hand gestures. A small nod.

Keep it brief but let her know you’re aware she’s there and smile. Make fun of her from far if you can. Notice who she’s with and watch her for clues on how her conversation is going. If she giving the “oh my god” sign bust her ass about being stuck talking to some lame guy. Laugh at her situation and do not sympathize with her. That’s how guys in the friends zone act.

They want to be her savior. So stay away from doing it.

I have even caught women stuck in a bad conversation and carefully pretended like I was going to save her. I slowly walk over to watch her eyes light up, “like I’m being her knight in shining armor and just as I reach I find someone close by to chat with. Then after about thirty seconds I look back over at her and give her a huge smile.

It’s a fun little tease and works great with women to create attraction.


Avoid falling back into your old ways.

Staying within yourself. The last thing you want is to ever appear over-confident or like you’re trying too hard.

Stopping yourself from talking to her or women about your feelings. It’s okay to talk passionately but rarely give away your most deepest feelings. (Especially when you’re alone.)


Social interaction is very important because she must realize how much you’ve changed but you can’t just tell her.

Pay attention to two groups of men. The best and most liked socially so you can learn from their cues.

They’ll demonstrate to you exactly what to do and how to act. Especially when it come to learning about body language.

The not desirable or loud mouths, or the total opposite of the first group. They will show you what NOT to do. As you begin to see the sometimes subtle difference between them you’ll gain a better perspective on where you want to be.

Remember Re-Introduction requires you to demonstrate to any and all women what you’re really made of.

By now your personality has without a doubt changed for the better side of attraction.

We worked on your skills with women, how to flirt with them, and stuff like that.

So some of this will be just a refresher course:

Give her space when you’re out.

Never ask her out. Invite her to go somewhere with you. Be decisive.

Getting things done.

Respecting yourself just as much as her.

You can use jealousy if you want but I won’t recommend it.

In fact if you kept up with the steps, and she’s feeling attraction towards you, she’s probably going to get a little jealous anyways. So there’s no need to vamp it up.

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