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Step 3 – Re-Introduction

What is the Re-Introduction Step?

The re-introduction step can be the easiest step or the hardest step. It all depends on how you look at it.

By now you’ve gotten quite anxious. You can feel how you’ve changed, how women are responding to you differently, and you want something to finally happen.

The step is where you bring everything you’ve done for yourself, all your new skills, your new perspectives, and a fresh new “feeling” about how to easily create attraction.

I want to thank you for being patient because this is where your true patience will be tested.

Re-Introduction is where you develop your ability to escalate physically, break the touch barriers, and quite literally “Re Introduce your new sexual identity.” to any and all women.

Re-Introduction is also where your ability to handle new challenges will either prove itself helpful or hurtful depending how far you’ve come.

With that said don’t let failures get you down.

You don’t want to slip back to your old ways.

You don’t want to start settling.

Re-Introduction, sure is about bringing your new self to the table, but it’s also about maintaining and backing up everything you’ve done so far.

You’ve done a lot of work. You’ve learned more than most men will ever learn. You’ve come to understand what attraction is really all about it.

The re-intro step involves exactly what it stands for – introducing your new self to all women you already know – so they can see the changes you’ve made.

I urge you to not get too wrapped up in this step because it will come naturally. In others words don’t push your new self on women.

Trust the changes you’ve made and the transformation you’ve already gone through will come through. It has to.

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