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What The Three Steps Are – How and Why They’re Going To Help You

Let the learning begin. Escaping the friends zone.

Once I learned how to DISTRACT myself I learned how to focus my new highly driven energy on becoming a man women would chase after.

The three steps to eliminating being stuck in the friends zone with women are:

Distraction – Attraction – Introduction

It is NOT recommended you vary from these major steps.

Feel free to skip around within them though as I’m sure each of us live different lives and need help in more specific areas than others.

In other words – make them your own.

Just be sure to focus on your weak areas more than over-strengthening your stronger points.

Turning a specific friend of yours into a girlfriend is not very different but there’s more risk…

You have to risk screwing up the friendship AND it might require a little more scheming than you may be comfortable with.

Let’s face it too, scheming a girl you plan on making your girlfriend may prove to be a drastic mistake if and when it all comes to light what you were doing.

We can get into that and my opinions on it later but as always, the choice is yours to make.

The steps are simple and I know they work because they are exactly what worked for me. It just took years to develop them clearly in my head so I can share them with you.

REMEMBER – I did NOT come up with these and then use them.

I did what it took to rid myself of the friends zone – realized there were patterns to my success with lots of failures too and found – and worked them into the steps you’re reading about today.

Let’s begin with a simple breakdown of this 3 step process to avoid, eliminate and quite possibly get out of the friends zone:

1. Distraction

This is where you MUST break a fixation you have with her or all women if that is your case. The tools I’m going to show you can be used to do just that.

Some are very similar to the other two steps but there’s a reason for that and you’ll soon know why.

Distraction is important.

Do not downplay this step because without it you could do more harm than good.

What you’re looking to accomplish through distraction is:

  • Distract yourself to avoid seeing, calling, texting, etc.. her as much.
  • Distract your focus on women and put the focus where it belongs… on yourself.

This can and will include:

  • Giving yourself a new refined look. Call this taking care of the details of your life.
  • Finding fun new things to do that you enjoy in which women will enjoy doing them with you.
  • Creating a natural indifference so you don’t have to fake anything.
  • Allowing her to believe you are the right choice for her.
  • Eliminating or changing your limited belief structure.
  • Enhancing your strong points.
  • Developing confidence, esteem, and self-worth.
  • Listing your specific goals, aspirations, and describing to yourself your perfect woman.
  • Creating Boundaries.

During the many years I spent in the friends zone I was always too focused on getting women. I was always chasing them. I was always falling for them.

They were my life yet I never had one “in” my life.

They ( women) became the reason to my existence.

Everything that was wrong with me – was because they did not like something about me.

The only focus I had on myself was pity and the depressed helpless feelings I suffered with everyday.

Once I learned how to DISTRACT myself I learned how to focus my new highly driven energy on becoming a man women would chase after. This is commonly known as:

“Stop Hunting and Start Fishing for women instead.”

Step 2: Attraction

Once you’re comfortable and well-trained in the distraction phase you can safely move on to the attraction step.

This is where you’re going to learn what attraction is and how you can make yourself more attractive to women.

The attraction steps works much better if you get really good at distracting yourself so if you’re experiencing problems getting through this step and not much seems to be working for you, focus more on distraction because you may have missed something.

The cool part about this step is that it will continually grow you into a man women will seek out forever.

Once you know it you’ll never forget it. You may slip once in a while but you can always quite easily find you way back.

These are skills and knowledge any man who is good with women either learned how to do or just grew up this way and learned it early in life.

And if they’re smart, they never stop learning.

This step does not require too much practice but you can enhance or speed up the process by combining this step with the next one.

If you find yourself seriously struggling with some of what you’re going to learn always step back, take a hard look at your belief system around women, how you are acting, and read this ( Distraction ) section again.

Please get yourself the most real education on how attraction works for women. It is an invaluable tool. This was my first Ebook and I think it should be yours too. For support use my discounted link and sign in –> Attraction Isn’t A Choice.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • A real education on attraction.
  • How to create it and amplify it.
  • The steps needed to turn any woman on.
  • Dispel any and all myths about sex.
  • Dispel any and all myths about what women really need.
  • How to talk to women.
  • What a woman’s test is and how you can create your own tests to qualify women.
  • Getting women to qualify themselves to you.
  • Challenging women with charm, wit, and your own sexuality.
  • Learn about why mature masculinity is highly attractive to women.
  • Learn the exact reasons women are attracted to Alpha Males

Step 3: Re-Introduction

This is your practice and experience step.

This means you’re going to have to be up for doing some things you may have found uncomfortable in the past. This is one reason it is step three.

You’re going to need confidence for this step.

Below are the essentials I feel is necessary to succeed at this step.

I know you’re looking to get the girl in this one. I know you’re going to put a ton of pressure on yourself going through this and I know you’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on me to help succeed past the third step.

I want you to understand by the time you get through these it’s not going to seem like a big deal at all.

Sure, some things will get to you.

Some may be more difficult than others but as a new man, a man who women will now be so much less likely to put you in her friends zone, will expect nothing less than a patient man who never pushes.

In the same way you can be handling your woman issues at this point is the same way you should also handle this friends zone problem.

  • Re-introducing yourself to her and other women.
  • Practicing your skills everywhere.
  • Re-defining yourself to the world.
  • Learning to walk away stronger with each failure.
  • Social proofing.
  • Flirting and teasing.
  • Increasing success by broadening where you meet women.
  • Creating options and more choices.
  • Refining your abilities through experience.
  • Keeping your boundaries clear, concise, and strong.

I admit this –> I sat on my ass for years and did absolutely nothing to get a better experience out of life.

I was “comfortably numb” on the outside but inside I was a whining and crying wussy begging the world to give me what I wanted.

The final step finally made me realize what I was missing.

It also showed me how everything I was learning actually worked.

I learned, even though I knew sitting on my ass was getting me nowhere, introducing myself to the world did more than just allow myself to grow and get me out of the house.

I learned how social dynamics is not just about attracting women.

Suddenly every area of my life was being affected in a positive way and in turn this made me even more attractive.

The introduction step can do the same for you – but without the effort you’re risking losing everything.

In case you’re not clear about how all this is going to work for you I’ve included a slightly different way of looking at these steps.

You’ll notice more details and how they will work for you.

Distracting yourself…

  • Will give her the gift of missing you. You can’t just disappear but you can not be there for her as much as you have been.
  • Will create mystery behind your developing masculinity and newly defined sexual personality.
  • Will demonstrate indirectly you see yourself as a valued commodity and everyday that passes, your price goes up to her. Creating her sense of urgency to have you.
  • Will allow you to avoid the making the same mistakes you may have already made. This won’t send red flags to her. It won’t be so obvious to her but as her attraction for you grows she’s less likely to lose it quickly.
  • Will allow you to develop boundaries for yourself with regards to her. These boundaries are what she going to believe is the strong side you were afraid of before. She may not agree with them but she will respect you more for having them.

Learning about Attraction:

  • Means you’ll understand how in the “distraction” step you’re already planting the seed of attraction in women.
  • Assures you know how to flirt with women to build more attraction.
  • Allow women to realize you are not just some neutered guy with a smart mind.
  • Demonstrate you are a sexually aware man who has all the tools necessary to please women.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability with your strong presence.
  • You are not there for her to dump her problems on .
  • And yes there’s always more…such as becoming a real challenge, creating a little frustration within her, understands the difference between her emotional needs and desires…


  • Meeting other women.
  • Dating other women.
  • Practicing your skills with everyone.
  • Create social proofing and higher status.
  • Developing a new lifestyle.
  • Start seeing her a little more with your new self.
  • Bring her along with you to do fun things.
  • Keep your boundaries strong and clear from clutter and indecision.

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