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Step 2 – What Is Attraction? How And Why It Can Work For You Naturally

She can become naturally attracted to you with even trying one technique.

Attraction is not a very hard term to define but it might be difficult to fully comprehend…. especially for guys in the friends zone.

Normally it’s a gut feeling, a primitive instinctual reaction caused by some form of stimulus.

We can debate for hours the evolutionary process and how it affects your conscious, subconscious, and all your daily activities but let’s not so we can keep it simple and relative to actually being in the friends zone.

It’s first important to understand that attraction is not a choice as was brought to my attention years ago in this ground breaking book: Attraction Isn’t A Choice. Something I can not give to you but encourage everyone to read.

When we’re put in the friends zone, most of the time it’s because she’s not feeling attraction to us and no amount of begging, pleading, or approval seeking will ever change that fact. Again something we discussed in this chapter: Why Are You In The Friends Zone? She Felt No Attraction For You.

The simple solution to this problem is of course to first understand how attraction works and to make sure we’re creating it first as we develop these special connections with the women we meet.

There are ways to “trigger” a woman’s attraction and have it directed to you. Many of those ideas and concepts are readily available for any guy to pick up.

There are also many three-second ideas, quick seduction tactics, conversational strategies, and stuff like that and just so you know… they DO work.

You’re more than welcome to look into them and as you’ve probably already figured out, most of them come with video lead-ins to engage your interest. They’re designed to trigger YOUR attraction to want to use them.

Here are just a few “quick attraction” products to get you started:

*David Wygant, is well-known for teaching guys the right way to seduce a woman. He’s ethical, moral driven, and knows how to treat women with the kind of respect and interaction which makes the seduction process easily happen. Everything you’ll learn from David from 7 Second Seduction to his brand new and already popular First Date Seduction are solid pieces with the right advice. From start to finish his methods are consistent and start from an Alpha Male core fearless belief system which is one reason it works well for any guy who wants to enjoy more sex with lots of women.

*This next one is definitely controversial and may borderline on the edge of whats right and what’s wrong but you can decide that for yourself. It’s called Unlock Her Legs – The promos are great. The technique is solid. Only those of you who are willing to watch an over-the-edge r-rated video should click on that link. It’s based on something known as the scrambler and uses a woman instinctual responses to have her chasing you and wanting to sleep with you very quickly.

*Dean Cortez, with the help of many one night stand gurus put together this package to show any guy how to get more One Night Stands. It covers everything and up to speed closing, seduction techniques, and a blueprint to how to meet women and close the deal in the same might.

*Watch this first –> 25 Minute Webinar on Freaky Chics. No sign ups are required. It contains: Sexual power and Confidence with women and how regular confidence is different. Hot women are NOT going to approach you for sex – it’s YOUR job. Closing the deal with women.

*These are the Seven Principles of Seduction and there’s no better way to get started seducing women so you’ll never have to worry about getting laid again. You can also try a more advanced course titled The Seduction Method Both are written and backed up by one of the best guys to show you how to become and Alpha MaleCarlos Xuma.

*3 Second Attraction is a little something about how you talk to women to make them feel quickly attracted to you. The idea is based on a technique designed to get women to sleep with you quickly by actually talking less. Following the 3 Second attraction guidelines will help you pick up women in all areas and centers around having sex quicker which is why it’s included on this page.

*This one is designed to tap into an impulsive part of a woman’s mind to “take advantage” of her obsessive side and have it directed towards you.Make Her Desire You is a brand new product written by Alex Carter. Unfortunately I know little about him but of course you’re more than welcome to watch and decide for yourself.

Now before I give you the wrong idea and once again I must reiterate that they can and do normally work, I want to give you my personal opinion on attracting women based on my real life experiences…

Women are NOT at your disposal. They will not to be easily controlled, tricked, belittled, manipulated, and if they were to use their incredibly intuitive social expertise against you (us ) as guys they will tend to always come out ahead.

Sure some fall easier to players or lack the willpower to resist certain men or tactics but primitively speaking they are designed to communicate in far more elaborate ways than we are. Generally speaking of course.

I understand what all that means and I do hope you only use this or that shit for good. I’m also not here to judge or misjudge you or assume the best or worst.

While that and probably more could be said let me totally honest with you on the whole attraction game between men and women…

This is the basis of my entire “Eliminate The Friends Zone” ideas:

“If you do nothing at all with regards to this whole attraction thing BUT still find a way to maintain and grow a set of man rules – you will demonstrate a mature masculinity which you can selfishly and proudly feel good about AND in turn… WILL make you a naturally more attractive man. How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

You can take women ( not literally of course, we do NEED them ) OUT of the equation, out of your equation, and still attract lots of them.

You can remain, for all practical purposes, completely focused on yourself and you WILL attract women.

This is amazing news and I’m not sure if it’s a secret, the harder or easier way, or even if some guy 500 years ago came up with and honestly I don’t care.

It is a belief I’ve culminated after studying this stuff my entire life only to GET IT RIGHT for the last decade.

This is not a reason to become so self-involved you become a careless prick who won’t tend to the needs of the people closest to him.

The fact is:

Women find themselves ( call it obsessively attracted if you will ) to men who live their own lives despite them or not.

Women can NOT control the attraction they feel to guys they can NOT change and in a way, do NOT want to actually change. Just enjoy the challenge of the attempt.

They want men who do NOT revolve around them. Who don’t kiss their asses constantly. Who only seem to forcibly or passive-aggressively make all their decisions for them.

What this means is:

IF you focus on building an amazing life outside of chasing women and doing anything and everything just to attract them…

IF you focus on your masculine part of the equation…

IF you focus on becoming more self-aware, self-proficient, living on your own terms DESPITE what any one woman wants to give you…

IF you do ALL that and more of course… ( Such as strong communication skills and social competence )

YOU WILL MEET a lot of women and they will become extremely attracted to YOU without trying even one technique.

“We must remember to spread our focus out to build a well-rounded balanced person who is capable in ALL those areas. Capable – not perfect. Competent – not overly accomplished. That is all women want and need to feel attracted to us. The Seven Core Traits of the Naturally Attractive Man.

Again the fact is:

Make yourself the almost perfect masculine counterpart to the feminine role and nature will quite literally take care of the rest for you.

I know, not as easy as it sounds but think of it this way.

Attraction is naturally created for you and nature has given you most of the tools you’ll ever need just by being a guy. If you allow it to work for you.

If all your focus is on HER or WOMEN in general, or if you’re always pushing for it, looking for it, trying to make it happen, you’re not allowing it to happen.

You’re trying to manufacture something artificially. Which sure is close to the real thing… but as you know NOT necessary.

In this second step of eliminating the friends we’re going to scratch the surface of some of the social skills, the sexual communication, and many of the ways where it’s possible to take women out of the equation and remained mainly focused on ourselves so attraction is naturally created by just being ourselves.

Just so you know I will NOT be going too deep and I will do my best to recommend alternative or deeper studies if you feel them necessary to help you personally.

Not all of us need the same advice or help so please research your personal goals and needs and make sure you follow them up entirely.

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