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Why Your Appearance Really Does Matter That Much To Women

Your look. Her looks. It all matters

Your appearance represents your own self-worth and value so please don’t disregard the details of your life and existence.

Your appearance DOES matter!

This is an important issue most “experts” avoid to advertise because they’re selling you a product, program, or Ebook which are normally designed for guys who feel average or below especially in the looks area.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to NOT highlight your appearance as a selling point BUT you’ll find within the best of them, whether it’s a bonus or another persons advice, ALWAYS exists something on how you look.

That is the ONLY reason it is not advertised BUT your appearance DOES matter…

Because a well maintained look ( within reason ) where the details are clear and easy to see represent to women and probably everybody else:

  • Value.
  • Respect.
  • Confidence.
  • Self-worth.
  • The ability to take care of oneself.

When women see you put a high value on yourself they too will give you high value automatically.

How you act and represent that value can lower it, raise it and increase her attraction, or devalue it by being narcissistic, or too self-involved.

When you have a high respect for yourself without demanding it from others ( that stuff bounces off you unless it affects you directly ) you WILL gain women’s respect.

If you abuse that respect, throw it in her face, bitch or whine about people not giving you the respect you think you should get, then that same respect will fade away to something else.

When women meet a man with real confidence it literally turns her on. It’s catchy. It inspires her aspirations and increase her desire.

If you over play that confidence with false bravado obnoxiously or by being an attention seeker, that same confidence which should attract women actually turns them off.

On the other side – men with high confidence WILL scare some women away because they have little confidence in themselves.

When women see you put a high worth on your life, your aspirations, your passions, your happiness and everything contained within the worth you personally believe in they will increase your worth and give you a status slightly higher than hers and some other guys she has met.

If you “don’t feel worthy” or place yourself below everyone else because of what you do, how much money you have, place this lowered self-worth blame on everything else OR constantly compare yourself to others women might not see you as having self-worth.

Again, on the other hand if your “real” self-worth is far greater than hers – she might feel or become attracted to you BUT it may never happen because she does not believe she could ever have a guy like that.

The ability to take care of yourself and the details of your life, along with the others, is a clear often unarguable trait of an attractive man who has the ability to be an amazing boyfriend, husband, or father AND women instinctively know how and what to look for to find that man.

You can find many of those details found in these pages:

Whether or not they succeed in getting often has more to do with themselves than it does with you.

Just like you normally put yourself in her friends zone… she does too. The rules are a little different there but the outcome tends to be the same.

Your appearance DOES matter because without even saying a word, without having to be handsome, good-looking, or anything above average… you have the ability to get the attraction started.

Once the first sight is over…

How you act, interact, or communicate those details either amplifies your appearance OR destroys it and that is where women develop the deeper feelings of attraction they are more likely to ACT on.

If you’re in the friends zone often take a look at those traits above and I’m willing to bet you’r NOT being all you can be because either you’re not maintaining the details of your life, or you’re not communicating them attractively, or you’re not valuing yourself enough for whatever reasons you might have.

There’s a word above I touched on: Communication.

In this sense it’s your ability to communicate those high value traits to women in a woman which is attractive.

The best way is to communicate to women is to:

Demonstrate who you are indirectly.

Communicate these traits by acting from a set of rules you create which you can find and build here: How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

Assume women “get” you because trust me, a lot of them do or will and if they can’t figure you out BUT are still feeling it, will only drive their attraction higher.

If you’re a good guy – never try to prove it. When you try to prove you’re a nice guy she “gets” you are seeking her approval. See how that works?

NEVER try to prove yourself to a woman because you think she wants you to.

How you act, the morals you have, the beliefs you have, your masculinity WILL ALWAYS BE ENOUGH.

If you develop those traits above AND work on these The Seven Core Traits of the Naturally Attractive Man trying to prove it, show it off, or be blatantly obnoxious or arrogant about them will tend to decrease or negate the attractive affect they normally have.

Demonstrate indirectly simply means trusting in yourself enough to NOT CARE if she notices or not.

The ones who do will want more, the ones who don’t at first will probably find every reason to want more, and the ones who just don’t get it… are probably not in the same place you are anyways and I can almost guarantee will be a terrible choice for a relationship.

If you take care of yourself – never use that to your advantage.

If you keep trying to let a woman see how much your life is in order – she “gets” it is only done to control others to conform to your stability.

Doing that will only backfire eventually or attract the women you do NOT want.

Remember people will always question being told something is true and the women you feel the most attractive towards are no different.

Give them the proof and let them decide for themselves and they are more likely to believe it because they are formulating an opinion from the facts they see internally and not by what you’re shoving in their faces.

This will also create a naturally social proofed persona because the more people who see it and believe it and trust in you, the more likely others will take for granted you ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ACT LIKE and do so selflessly but selfishly too.

You must indirectly allow her to see the truth and come to her own conclusions.

All we have to do is ALLOW her to believe she is making the right decision which is BEST FOR HER.

Your appearance, especially with regards to eliminating the friends zone, does matter, and it should matter to YOU.

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