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Advice and Techniques from Joshua Pellicer to Escape The Friends Zone

Let her see how other women have fun and are attracted to you to help you escape her friends zone.

You’ll find since I was an expert at getting IN the friends zone – I also learned how to be an expert in getting OUT.

What Josh teaches, which I learned after I wrote most of my advice is very close to what I advocates as steps to escaping or eliminating the friends zone.

We both agree – she has to start seeing you differently.

We both agree you’ve taken a non-sexual role in her life and unless that changes you relationship will never. If you keep doing what you’re doing nothing will ultimately happen.

His “practical techniques” go a little further than mine which is a big reason I decided to include this page.

My three steps are: (which you can find here)

  1. Distraction – Josh’s method involves creating a social life to show her how other women find you attractive. Mine involves removing yourself by working on your attractive traits to distract you from giving her the attention you have probably been giving too much of.
  2. Attraction – I teach “allow her to feel something different for you” and I believe Josh feels the same way.
  3. Re-Introduction – This is where his techniques or skills he teaches stand far above mine. He has a bag full of “stuff” whereas I merely suggest a few.

My steps are completely compatible with his method and the technique you’re going to learn below is very similar.

Again some skill sets need more information and I’m sure if you Watch the Goldfish Video and let Josh show you his ways – you’ll get more than you’ll ever need to learn how to trigger her attraction.

Watch the Goldfish Video

The most common question Josh gets from guys is, “Once I’m in her friends zone, How do I get out?”

He suggests two major reasons why guys get put in the friends zone:

  1. Not touching enough early on and thus not continuing with the right amount of touching escalation.
  2. Skip the phase of attraction all together.

How You Can Get Out of The Friends Zone:

  • First make her reconsider you.
  • Gain the concept of value in you. Women are attracted to men who other women are already attracted to. Pre-selection. You do this with actions and not words.
  • You have to show her women that are attracted to you. Here’s what he would do. Any deviation from your current plan will help. If you keep doing what you’re doing nothing will change.

Practical Application or Steps:

  1. Don’t ask for a date – you’re going to meet up with her. “I’m going to here – meet up with me if you want to.”
  2. Invite all women (preferably attractive) that you know to that place. Spread you attention out equally among them. Make inviting eye contact.
  3. Give “her” the same amount of attention you give everyone else.
  4. Once in place start being playful with her.
  5. Continue to shamelessly flirt with other people.
  6. Stay in that phase of attraction for quite a while (with her.)
  7. Make sure you’re touching as he mentions and touch all the woman in the same way. Use his tips to avoid being a creep or making things worse by touching the wrong way.
  8. Once you reach the height of the attraction phase – then go to Rapport.
  9. From there you must move to seduction which requires a different skill set which of course Josh offers in his program.

The best way to make this work is to SHOW her other women are attracted to you.

Here is some “required” reading to help you out of the friends zone and to add value to the video above:

Click for the Bonus – Escaping The Friend Zone (.pdf)

(…written by Josh – The Tao of Badss – Courtesy of him of course. This is just one of several bonuses paid members receive when they purchase the Attraction Blueprint known as the Tao of Bad Ass.)

If you would like to read his advice, or a preview into what he teaches I suggest you check out the few posts I’m allowed to share with you:

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