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How To Get Her To Tell You If She’s Single Or Has A Boyfriend

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A girl I once dated wore a wedding ring when she went out (as do a few other women). Its her fail-safe way of stopping guys from hitting on her or asking her out on a date.

She likes to be admired and she loves the attention (even if she wouldn’t admit it) but without the ring, men act predictably different AND not always in a good way because…

9 times out of 10 their interaction will lead up to the inevitable predictable and yes (dumb) question,

“So… Do you have a boyfriend?”

If you are one of those guys who feels asking this question can be used as a prelude to getting a date… please STOP it immediately.

If you are one of those guys who always feels the need to know if a woman is single before you do ask her out or even get her number, today’s lesson is going to help you.

BUT first… the best way to handle this problem is to just assume she’s single.

It’s simple, effective, and requires little work.

It’s effective because you’re going to find out one way or another. She’s going to tell you. Women LIKE sometimes LOVE to talk about their boyfriend or significant other.


You won’t find yourself trying to act one way in front of a single woman and another way when she’s not hooked up.

It’s just much more simple to assume she is single and let her tell you otherwise – if she feels it’s necessary.

Your other choice – if you’d like to try it, is to just assume the opposite, that she does have a boyfriend AND you can find out very easily if it’s true.

Here’s how it works…

#1: Playfully tease her about being a terrible girlfriend.

BE careful.

Use this sparingly or else you’ll come off like an ass.

It’s a cocky-funny approach and if done right works like a charm BUT do it wrong and you’re done.

You can also flirt with her about how your wife and her are so similar and if you didn’t already have a mistress, you might give her a chance.

It’s not for everyone but have used it myself quite successfully.

Here’s your choice:

Accuse her playfully that she’d make a terrible girlfriend OR tell her how your wife and her are like each other and if you were not seeing another woman, you “might” give her a chance.


It’s MUST be funny. You must come across in a jokingly way with a serious look on your face or it won’t work.

Using ANY type of this humor requires a little skill but can have an amazing effect on your interactions with women, single or not.

So make sure you read or learn HOW to do it the right way BEFORE you try it:

“Women are highly attracted to guys who are confident and funny. The formula to combining them together is like an aphrodisiac to women and it’s called cocky comedy. If you do it wrong you’ll come across as a jerk. Before you try it on a girl, I will show you how here. Women will not be able to resist your charm.”

Cocky Comedy – The Difference  Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

#2: Tell a short but cute story about a couple you know. Obviously make sure it’s true.

We ALL have these stories.

When you tell it to the women you are meeting make sure you look for her reactions and re-write it in your head a little to match your situation.

Add some colorful words and take away some unneeded information.

The whole purpose of the storytelling is to first set up you as being a fun guy to be around who is also direct.

Second, it indirectly demonstrates how you understand relationships.

She may even assume how you could understand her which is a good thing.


I have yet to meet many women who can resist talking about their boyfriend or a current relationship they are in when you talk about another couple.

They just can not resist.

If she talks about her boyfriend quickly and you’re still interested, read this.

“Apply the same principle when a girl talks about her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Never refer to him by his name; refer to him as “that guy,” thereby diminishing his significance…”
How Creative Phrases Penetrates A Deeper Conversation When Approaching A Woman.

#3: Accuse her in a funny way of how bad she is…

This is best explained with some examples.

“Does your man know you’re out causing trouble tonight?”

Unless she’s half-buzzed she’ll understand what you’re doing here so make sure you play along.

“Wow. Flirty and fun and I see you left your ring at home tonight.”

This is just a cool way to give a compliment while still being a little different.

“I can’t help but to keep getting caught in your eyes. You know if you keep staring at me this way I’m going to tell your boyfriend. “

Then make sure you point (with your eyes) to the least obvious guy in the room.

Which brings up the last way to get her to tell if she has a boyfriend or not…

#4: Couple her with another guy in the room who would be the least obvious choice as a boyfriend.

Tell her you just caught her boyfriend eyeing you and he looks like he’s getting angry.

Pick out an 80-year-old guy to make this really work because then she must know you’re joking.

The concept is easy to understand.

Pair her up with another guy in the room and let her know about it in some funny way.

You can even do it with couples accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her while your eyes lead to a couple across the room.

In conclusion.

A Woman will let you know one way or another if she’s single or not and you must NEVER ask her if she has a boyfriend.

You can assume she’s single and just proceed which. – assume she’s single.

“Assume, if she’s single, if you’re into her, AND a little voice inside your head is begging you to ask this question because a part of you wants to know the answer – that SHE IS SEEING SOMEONE ELSE.”

17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You

IF you must know – again – do NOT ask. There are too many things wrong with doing that.

Here’s how to get HER to tell you if she has a boyfriend without having to ask her:

Tell her a cute story of a couple you know.

Playfully tease her on how she must make a terrible girlfriend. For example if she mentions she’s a bad cook bring up her poor boyfriend having to eat out all the time.

Couple her with the worst choice or guy in the room. Just play nice and don’t play the guy out to be a fool. Some things are best left unsaid. Let her come to her own conclusions.

Accuse her playfully of being a terrible person. An example. Being out with her friends while her man is left home probably doing her laundry and watching reruns of Desperate Housewives.

A dangerous approach is to pretend you have a wife. Add to it having a girlfriend too and possible a mistress AND don’t allow her in this special group.

Disqualify her from it because she just doesn’t get it.

Do not feel obliged to reveal the truth but make sure there is a very small element of teasing her within.

Go with it for as long as you can.

In the end, the purpose is to establish her gullibility and then to tease her over it.

The point is to…

Challenge her to reveal more information about herself.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the laziest man or woman on earth EVERYONE is driven in their lives through challenges. This is great news for any guy who wishes to attract more women by challenging them the right way which either creates more attraction or builds on what it already there.”

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

Avoid asking direct questions especially like, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

They’re not fun or challenging and they do little to create an attractive connection between you and her.

No matter what or how you choose to find out if she is in fact single you MUST be creating attraction at the same time.

That way whatever happens you’ve have the most important part of your first meeting done.

Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s small but important lesson in attraction and having attractive conversations with women.

For more information on having better conversations with women you can do three things right away:

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Bobby Rio Interview – Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

#3. Learn how to use cocky/comedy the RIGHT way and start using immediately. It will change your interactions with woman in ways you have to see to believe.

Cocky Comedy – The Difference  Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

Any questions, comments, tips, talking with women problems – just ask or leave your story below.


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