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How Getting A Girl’s Number and Farming Are Like Each Other

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Learn what farming and getting girls phone numbers have in common.

once believed to get a girl’s phone number, I had to jump through enough of her hoops to get her to want to give it to me.

I believed her number was like the holy grail of getting more dates.

If I couldn’t find her number in my phone I would never get a date. If I couldn’t get her to dial the digits into my cell then I would never get more women in my life.

A reader asked what is the best way to get her to give him her phone number. He was unsure on the best way to approach it.

He was unsure if he should just ask her, when to ask her, and when he could give her his phone number.

You could say he wanted advice he could use and not some well-known three-minute technique everybody, including women, already know about.

My phone number technique has no time constraints.

I’m also not interested in getting you laid by filling your cell phone up with so many digits you’re bound to get lucky.

I’m interested in getting you phone numbers which she will answer whether you call in an hour or a week.

My phone number technique is simply a proven method which works because its principles are based on solid techniques of creating attraction and are no different from getting a girlfriend, eliminating the friends zone, getting more fun dates, and you guessed it…

No different from putting on your Farmer Jeans, finding a plot of land, and getting naked with your crop as the rain falls down on your now sweaty body.

Okay so I made up the last part.

If you’re naked in a field waiting around for some juicy watermelon (seedless of course) to crawl up your legs then I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, but I doubt you’ll find this post useful. 🙂

Lets go farming!!!

How do you create a farm which will give the best opportunity to grow your crops?

  1. Find a plot of land.
  2. Prepare the soil until its fertile and soft. Approach gently or your till might start flinging rocks.
  3. Add yummy nutrients. Depending on what you’re growing you may have to work with the Ph levels. Each plant of its own kind needs a certain blend to best perform for you.
  4. Lets till the soil again to ensure a level mix.
  5.  Add water. Again some plants need more. Some need less. Depends on what you’re growing. But all things grown need at least a little water to flourish.
  6. Plant your seeds. Not too close. To too far away because you want to utilize every square inch of your valuable land.
  7.  Add sunlight and patiently wait. This is the part where if its necessary grab some tasty rum and a stick of grass to put in your mouth.
  8.  Be persistent and deliberate. You can not control the weather. Sometimes it will be in a generous mood, sometimes it will not.

Now Lets go get some girl’s numbers!!

  1. Find and/or meet a girl.
  2. Introduce yourself and prepare her to get to know you. Soften her up with your charm and be different from every other guy looking to “farm” her number. With soil you want it fertile. With women you want to allow her to open up to you. Don’t be pushy. Don’t be mushy. Be assertive and confident in your approach in all circumstances.
  3. Add your personality as a nutrient to feed the interaction. Depending on whose number you’re trying to get you may have to work with her “Ph” levels. Each woman is her own person. Each situation is grouped into three categories.
  • The quick getaway category.
  • The “I’ll see you next time.” or the (Ha!!!) You’re the tease she’s been looking for. and…
  • The “I can not believe an hour has passed and we’re still talking” category.

Use your brain…the quick getaway is high energy and may not lead to a guaranteed answering of her phone so get it quickly before she even realized it was given.

Throw her yours, and move on before you ruin the interaction by over applying the bullshit, I mean fertilizer.

“I’ll see you next time.” It’s the “patient male” approach.

You don’t need her phone number to see her again but you better be sure you’re going to see her again.

This category requires strength of character and a firm belief in who you are. Her number means nothing more to you than a way to keep in touch. It’s not for listening to her talk for hours. It’s not for calling her on the third day after. It’s not for kissing her ass with complimentary texts.

“I can not believe an hour has just passed and we’re still talking.” works best with women you may never see again.

I can guarantee if you leave an impression without edge or fail to get her addicted to your personality up to this point, the phone number will undoubtedly never be answered with the same infectious attitude she had the last time you saw her.

Things change.

Don’t expect the call to leave off right where you two left off thinking you can get lazy with her. Turn it around and bust her ass about “You’re who?” I just saw your number and called it. Of course allow her to realize you’re probably joking.

Just don’t come out and say it.

4. Let’s till the soil again to ensure a level mix.

Perhaps since we’re dealing with girls the level mix is never too revealing, never too secretive, not too cocky, not overly confident, not in her face, and certainly not subdued and shy. The obvious mix, which is creating an attraction, is  nothing more than demonstrating social awareness and aptitude without being a complete jackass or leaving a bland taste in her mouth.

5. Without water nothing will grow.

In other words if you’re looking to get her number starting a conversation about your past relationship or your mother will most likely only lead to comfort and friendship.

Unless she’s wearing a t-shirt of Earnhardt I wouldn’t expect a conversation about cars get her to want to hand you her number. Consider the water is an interest which excites both of you into a fun playful conversation. I wouldn’t even be afraid of bringing up a topic where you two will butt heads over as long as it’s trivial and not too deep.

No theories of how religion originated okay.

6. Plant your seeds.

Seeds yes, lots of seeds evenly placed at distinct locations.

In other words if you want to get two girls numbers in one evening you better make sure they are not standing next to each other. Unless of course you’re taking the crass I don’t give a fuck attitude which also means that better be who you are.

This also means not going out once a month hoping to get a number you can call. Train yourself the right way. No matter which category or state she is in which I list above,  get her number.

Her Phone Number

Don’t make getting a girls number tougher than it is. It’s a natural progression in our modern world to further communication from two people who are single and open to daing.

Utilize every square inch of your life to increase every woman’s chance to get to know you better.

You like that cute funny cashier – “Haha! You’re a funny girl. I’m going to call you tomorrow during my lunch break and I expect you’ll have a joke prepared to make me laugh.”

You like that new girl at work – “Love the uniform so much I wear it myself. Don’t worry. Soon, once you get comfortable working here, you’ll look as good as I do in it. Call me up and I’ll give you some pointers.

The point is to make it a habit in which when you meet a girl, you’re going to get her number.

Stay within the three categories listed above but again, since the phone number is a tool to allow her to get in touch with you, eventually exchanging numbers is a natural progression of two single people who are open to dating.

7. Whereas adding water is essential to allow the conversation to build to an exchange, adding sunlight is a little different.

Under normal outdoor growing conditions you don’t control sunlight. Just  the same as you  don’t control her growth or her attraction towards you. Grabbing some tasty Run to patiently allow your seedlings, the mystery she feels, the excitement she feels, the desire to want to hear from you, to grow until her true personality pops out of her persona.

While she’s a seed you’re talking to her persona and if you try to force it out you’ll only do damage to the situation.

Sitting on the porch means living your life without having it revolve around the normal constraints of when should you call or if you should answer the phone.

The stick of grass relaxes you, well so does the Rum I suppose, but it merely says to a woman you’re cool about the situation. You honestly will be okay one way or another. After all you’re staring at an entire field of personas every day.

The one which intrigues you the most, the one who stands out above all the rest, the one which happens to bloom just in time when you’re sitting at the table with your proverbial fork in your hand, (and no I’m not talking about your penis.)

I’m talking about your insatiable appetite to share a marvelous time with her real self. You know the one you’re were letting the sunlight bring to you.

8. Be persistent and deliberate. You can not control the weather.

Sometimes it will be in a generous mood, sometimes it will not. But as long as you’re not being an overbearing demanding prick women will admire and adore your persistence.

It’s a delicate balance of humor, teasing, and confident attitude which will eventually get her number. Deliberate in your actions means not getting upset if you don’t get it. Remember when farming some areas will be more susceptible to outside forces.

For example, I would consider a woman to be approached by ten guys in one evening as being in a “no” first mood. She’s like the poor stalk in the corner getting eaten away by caterpillars.

You have no control over what the last ten guys did to her that evening. But you have control over your deliberate attitude which sets you apart from other men.

Most women prefer you to only be confident, charming, different, and to make her laugh for her to put her number in your phone.

Just because she’s been hit on ten times that night doesn’t mean you must change your whole routine or self to accommodate her needs.

When you allow the situation to change you you’ll set a tone like you have no experience in getting girls numbers and you’ll be seen as every other guy that evening.

Good luck on on your farming and I do hope this little bit humor, play on words, whatever you want to call it – will actually help you get more girl’s phone number and have her eagerly answer your next call.

Don’t forget to visit my “The Approach”  for some more help on meeting and approaching women.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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