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Getting Phone Numbers – Filling Up Your Phone Up With Real Connections

Make it so she looks forward to giving her number to you.

These days, getting her phone numbers is essential – otherwise how else are you going to make contact with her again.  Sure you can “hope” to see her but what are the odds of that happening?

If you’re meeting women (maybe you got the whole approach thing down) or your social life is varied enough, but you’re just not connecting with all those potential dates…

Filling up your phone with real numbers or women who want you to call them is the next logical step.

I’ve done some research on this subject and it didn’t take me long to realize there’s not much too it at all.

The real hard part usually comes after, depending on how you got her number of course.

Then getting an answer, remembering you, or in the best case scenario actually eagerly waiting for you to call her.

I went in the so-called field too without many obstacles:

A.  Tried the blatant “ask anything that moved” and it worked surprisingly well.

It was like women didn’t even care they were handing out their phone number.

Probably because it’s all to easy to hit the “ignore” button.

B. Tried the “be my attractive” self and eventually, if things went well, swapping phone numbers became almost a necessary in her eyes.

That is if she wanted to see me again.

C. Truth be told I even tried the “get everyone’s number” except the woman I wanted it from just to see where that would take me…

Not surprisingly she felt I was not interested and typically gave me her “cold shoulder” after that.

Who knows, those girls were more than likely playing hard to get right back at me. Except they were waiting for me to finally ask just to have the satisfaction of turning me down.

The “B” approach worked the best by far.

Granted you’re not always going to be your “most attractive” self, some women are not so willing to just give it up, and if you screw up the timing of it all, you won’t have too many numbers.

But don’t let that stop you.

The one fact no one can deny about the “phone game” is:

2 great numbers from a woman you made a real connection with is far more beneficial (and fun) than 10 to 15 numbers from some random girls you just met.

The keys to having success in this area can be best summarized with these few helpful tips:

  • Make more memorable connections and dynamite first impressions and your success will skyrocket.
  • Smooth and natural is an unbeatable combination. If you make it a huge ordeal she’ll feel like you’re trying way too hard.
  • Men and women exchange phone numbers all the time. It’s nothing more than two people “wanting” a way to “hook-up” later. Just because she’s a woman must not feel any different or contrived.
  • You’re not trying to get something from her – your goal is to give something to her. Which is you calling or texting her at a later time.
  • Aim to exchange numbers and be sure to she has your name attached to it. What you can do is once you have her number and she’s right there with you, text her something funny, clever, and memorable and have her save your contact with that text attached. She’ll be less likely to forget you then.

Below you’ll find some other more than useful ways to assure you get some usable phone numbers. Make sure you set a “more than friendly” frame and those “digits” will mean much more:

Getting Phone Numbers from Women in The Daytime
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This one is at The Approach: Getting Her Phone Number Is Easy – 3 Ways To Make Sure She Answers It

The Nice Guys Approach to Getting Phone Numbers…

Have a reason, a purpose, first.  

Phone numbers from women who just give it to you are not really useful at all.

Based on my studies and experience most men time it all wrong or do not make her feel comfortable enough to give it out. She senses they have an agenda. The “agenda” is her number and nothing else.

The best “nice approach” to get past those obstacles are:

Her phone number is a direct connection to contact her again and not just a bunch of digits to show off to your friends. At some point any real connection you have with a single woman there’s an optimal time to exchange numbers.

The best time to “confidently” suggest the exchange is right before the peak of the emotional high the experience is creating.

It’s the most natural time for both of you.

I understand if you’ve never done it before it’s not incredible the easiest thing to do but with a little practice you’ll know exactly when the suggestion and exchange must happen.

It will just feel like the right thing to do.

Try to follow some of what I listed above and getting phone numbers will become a great add-on package to your approach skills and secure a confident personality in her eyes where connecting and attracting women is something you naturally do so well.

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