Give Her A Break! You’re Calling & Sending Too Many Messages, Let It Happen!

"Reason for Failing with Women #30 - You Called Or Contacted Her Way Too Much - You're A Little Needy And Desperate -  You're Afraid To Give A Woman Space Because You're Worried About Losing Her Before You Even Are WITH Her."

I was extremely lucky in my earlier years because I'm so freaking old our phones were attached to cables and practically immovable. Texting was passing notes in study hall and "social media" was chatting up the paperboy as he delivered the news half-drunk and stoned - wait... that was me getting chatted up by the "older" lonely ladies on my route.

This was lucky for us pathetic guys because it meant contacting a woman too much wasn't impossible, but fairly unheard of and extremely difficult. You could call a date too early or too late but it wasn't really "that" much of an issue unless you were a complete idiot or I supposed worked overnights.

However, "inner game / little confidence / low self-esteem" problems still existed along with the uncontrollable feelings of urgency they created causing me and many men to push and literally scare away many amazing girls as our actions proved what needy little bitches we were for reasons listed later.

"You suffer from what is commonly called a "sense of urgency" when you first meet or interact with a woman or all women.

A sense of urgency is the feeling that if you don't do something immediately with a woman, you're going to lose her OR lose her to another guy.

It's a major insecurity issue mixed with fear and combined with a low self-esteem making it a tough one to get past.

(...) You feel compelled to do something (anything) to keep a girl, even before you have her, and yet it does nothing to help you actually meet women."

How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space

Please make sure you read the entire article posted above when you get a chance. Bookmark it because if this post and number 30 is why you're failing with women, it will do wonders for your "inner" game with women which will last you a lifetime.

The bad and shitty news coming from our more modern times is how (and all too easy) it is to contact another person, how many ways it can be done, and in then end how it much shows about us to our potential date we may not want them to see (that is until we work on fixing them) and that is of course...

Contacting a woman way too often, too early, not knowing what to say or message, and then, knowing the mistake's been made - trying to fix them with even more date repelling communication.

You now have every opportunity (through mobile phones and social media) to ruin a good thing by coming off as overly desperate and needy by not giving a woman the time and space she needs to actually like you plus increase her attraction towards you.


If you feel like you're on a clock when it comes to attracting a woman...

If you contact her too much early on...

If you act all needy and desperate like she's the ONLY girl in the world for you...

If you give her every reason to believe you don't have a life outside of her and women in general...

You WILL push then away and if you do it a lot - they will quickly lose any attraction all the way to not liking you at all. Yes, even as a friend.

Yes, this one goes pretty deep and needs to be fixed immediately because the path you take, the new choices you make, the freedom you gain, the confidence and esteem you will build will ALL be taken care of making the rest of attracting women easy and will mostly work itself out.

Let's move on to fixing this reason for failing with women.

Angry Woman Staring Phone

This more specific problem #30, contacting, messaging, and/or calling way too often can be made less of an issue by first following a few simple rules which are not game-based but can, so be careful.

Here's what you can start doing immediately:

Call her half as much as you think you should. Even less if needed.

Call her when you can't talk for too long. Short conversations or messaging is good in the early dating stage.

Text her half as much as you feel like doing and make sure you text her something fun and don't expect or push a response from her.

Text her when you're too busy to continue texting her.

Never call or text her again if you don’t get a response. Yes even if you don’t hear from her in two weeks or a month. You call or text. She responds. Then you respond. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Train yourself to be patient. Train yourself to not act out of urgency.

Get OTHER women in your life so you're not putting all this pressure of one at time.

Get busy!

The more things you're doing which are fun for you and friends, the less likely you'll be getting in touch with her.

All that should keep you away from her for a while but will eventually fail because this is a security inner game thing so if you want to completely eliminate the problem, you must go there and start the rebuilding process.

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A little more info to help you because I get it, Deep Inner Game can be a little expensive for some of you.

Follow the guidelines above.

They do work because you only need to get some space between you and he. Give her some time to show that you're a cool, take it as it comes, secure man whose life doesn't revolve around the early dating process.

These feelings of urgency you're experiencing is most likely based on your past interactions with women although they did start much earlier in life before women was on your mind and making your pants tighter.

For example, true story.

You (I, Me, whatever) met a great chic a while ago and wanted to take it slow and get friendly with her at first. You know, show her we're better than some dick just trying to get laid.

It seemed to be working great until it was out that some jerk she claimed she didn't even like, slept with her within a few days of the first time they met. Actually, I think it was a couple of hours.

So of course you don't want that to happen again. It sucked and hurt pretty bad! There will be no more waiting around while you do all the "nice" work and some ass gets her naked.

Hence the urgency to act quickly.

That's just one personal experience which in all honestly, happened a few times. I know, shame on me. Pathetic!

Anyways - what they caused and what it was like BEFORE tend to paint the whole picture of being desperate to act quickly minus the first kiss because that's a whole different subject and don't belong in this post.

You can add the feelings of not being able or capable of keeping a woman from leaving you for another "better" guy. Keeps you always on the "lookout" for them "bad guys" and consequently, makes you less trusting of women in general.

The worrying you feel as if whenever she's out doing things the tons of guys all hitting on her not caring if she has a "boyfriend" or not.

Jealousy in all its glory becomes a part of your everyday life even when you're  single.

All this is just the tip of what is going on which is the main reason Deep Inner Game is one of THE most recommended courses to FIX them all as quickly as possible.

If you have the drive and money is not an issue, spend it, get it, crush all the negativity out of your life and get back to me with all your success and tell me about it.

For the rest, I do hope I've pushed you in the right direction and you're now ready to put this mistake of calling , texting, and just contacting her or lots of women way too much in the past.

Close or not to achieving that goal, make sure you go through this post because it will take you deeper and give you all the tools you need to:

Give The Women You Are Attracted To... Space

It's the only free one out of the bunch so enjoy it and please take full advantage of it.

Space Can Be A Good Thing and Increase Attraction Too!

Man Give Woman Space Time Walk

Nice guys can appear needy and desperate around women. They're afraid of giving a woman space.

Here are all the reasons it happens plus why space can be a good thing for attraction.

Stop pushing her away and start creating the right communication so she'll feel more attracted to you.

How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To... Space

Sexual Attraction Needs the Right Amount of Time and Space!

Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

This post is part of the full quick tip series you can find below:

Read the one and only guide to finding out why you always screw it up with women!

It's the answer you're looking for along with reasonable and effective advice on how to fix it.

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