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Give Up Hoping You’re Going to Get Lucky To Meet Your Ideal Woman

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An ordinary couple does not make an extraordinary life.

You want to meet her.

She could be a woman you’ve been “dreaming” about for as long as you can remember.

She might not be perfect because you know that’s too much to expect and very unfair to her.

But you do want, let’s call her your “ideal” woman… right?

That’s the one you “click” with. The girl you find immediately attractive.

So what happens when you do meet her?

A part of you wants to know if she “likes” you.

Maybe it’s a time saver or an ego “boost.”

“If you are not open to the amazing things that could come into your life, then you are just “ripping yourself off” from so much of what is out there waiting for you. The Secret To Attracting The Right Women

You just want to know if she is feeling the same attraction you are.

You get the hints.

Her clues are subtle but obvious because you do get along so well.

And now – for some strange reason you start doubting yourself.

You wonder if you should push or pull back.

You’re not quite sure how to increase her attraction and it’s worrying you – because you’re afraid she’ll meet someone else who is probably better at this stuff than you are.

Now you’re wondering how much of a “real” challenge you can be when you’re experiencing so much in such a little time.

And the last thing you want to do is screw it all up.

Maybe you decide to search for advice (to help you out) but it’s all so vague or un-personal you don’t really connect with it.

Sure you meet some guys who have gone through it all – like me – who have found their way – who have succeeded in this area and either make a living doing it or are just happy to give you guidance.

They prove to you how easily you can overcome it all.

How if they did it, you can too.

So in a way it’s inspiring but it does little to help your situation and you find yourself back to where you started from.

Your situation is unique.

We don’t know you personally.

“Are you that positive, energetic and interesting person I just described, or are you someone who is miserable and angry because you FEEL like you can’t meet someone? Why Dating Shouldn’t Feel Like Work – Make Meeting Women Fun

We don’t know what your “ideal” woman is all about , what she likes or what her interests are.

It almost feels fake.

Back to where you started with only a little extra knowledge and inspiration you finally decide,

“I have to be myself and hope it’s enough. If she’s really the one for me it has to work out. If she’s really into me nothing will get in the way of us being together.”

The Lucky.

For some of you it happens and it’s amazing.

You suddenly forget why you were so worried and since all the nervousness is gone it feels right.

You’re finally comfortable.

The Hopeful.

For some of you nothing happens and you’re left feeling lonely, depressed, and your “ego” takes a small hit but you get over it with time.

You never forget her but you eventually move on.

It’s happened before but part of you knows you’ll meet another woman who feels “ideal.”

The Hopeless.

For some of you something small happens to increase your hope but you quickly become fixated on getting her.

You find yourself doing “out of your ordinary” things to win her over.

Sometimes they work.

Sometimes they make it worse.  

But you also feel if you do nothing then your chances will only decrease.

In your world, logically, or from past experiences, removing yourself completely from her presence seems pointless…

If you give up – you can only lose.

If you do nothing – she’ll find someone else.

If you pull back hoping she’ll chase that leaves you waiting and waiting and waiting… and that can only mean more thinking, feeling alone, or constantly doubting whether something will ever happen or not.

And it always leads you to this…

You want to meet your “ideal” woman.

To feel that “connection” you can’t always put in words.

For her to like you back without any games or without you having to step out of your “personal” self  so she’ll be with you and you only.

You don’t want to always have to dig past the surface so she’ll prove without a doubt how much she loves or likes you.

You’re not asking for much. You’re not asking for more than a billion guys have experienced before. Everywhere you look men and women are couples and somehow, despite every hurdle, they have managed to hook up.

Now it seems to me  most guys would rather just “get lucky.”

And if they find that’s not working they end up becoming “hopeful.”

If hoping doesn’t work out they eventually land in the hopeless group until they either “get lucky” or not.

Thus being relegated as “a hopeless romantic.”

You want my secret to all this?

I don’t believe in luck!!!

I believe in opportunities.

I avoid being hopeful and instead always focus on increasing those opportunities.

I dodge feeling hopeless by seeing each and every part of life as extraordinary.

I believe the right kind of romance only happens after you meet your ideal woman and you’re her ideal man – because that’s when romance is the easiest and most natural thing to do… 

A transfer of expression where the line of selfless and selfish are muddled and ignored.

So if you want all this “meeting women” thing to happen to for you create opportunities and be done with “getting lucky.”

You’ll only stack the odds against you.

Stop trying to stay positive because while you’re sitting around trying to talk yourself into believing luck is around the corner, those opportunities will pass you by.

Your dating life will end up being the “watched pot that never boils.”

Don’t succumb to the “ordinary” fact that so many men and women have done it all before… 

Treat every moment you have as in some way being extraordinary – it has to be.

Sure things have happened before – Someone is born – Countless times someone has crossed a street – Gone in for a kiss – Landed a new job – Fought in a war – and eventually will die.

But the one extraordinary fact no one can take from you…

The person YOU are today has never happened before.  

Let each second pass knowing fully how each moment is new and sometimes how truly exciting it is just to hear your breath pass from your lungs to the world you give it to – because it’s a breath you’ve never taken before.

The secret to finding, dating, and marrying your ideal woman, the one I talked about earlier, the one who does it for you who so easily falls for you, will ultimately come down to your ability to share (in some way) each and every one of those extraordinary moments… and you don’t need to be lucky to make that happen.

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