Happy Birthday to Me! The Moon Does Follow Me – Will Success Find You?

"Funny when you’re small. The moon follows the car There’s no one but you see. Hey, the moon is chasing me." 

Dave Matthews

I love that quote. I remember lying in the back of my parents car looking up and for a short time in my life I did believe the moon was following me...

Just not in the same way that we, as kids might believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

I assumed, as a child, that the world was there with me. Sort of following my every move.

Maybe that's where my optimism comes from, who knows.

Yet I don't look at Birthdays with a "common" eye.

Sure...  sometime ago on this day, my mother struggled to push me out into the arms of a Doctor but because,

"There’s not a moment to lose in the game. Don’t let the troubles in your head steal too much time you’ll soon be dead So play..."  - Dave Matthews

The world is there for me it will be with me until the moment I pass and beyond...

I go back to becoming a more integral part of the world.

My remains fertilizing and my atoms eventually blending back into the indistinguishable.

After all, an atom has no real personality like I do.

It's not unique like I am.

It does not possess the ability to actively choose.

Yet that same atom, blended with many other in an almost perfect way IS the person you see today.

You see a standard set of any copied item blended with other copied items in itself becomes unique.

And in no way is that statement is excluded from developing one's self, and becoming what we seek.

Whatever that happens to be.

"Everyday should be a good day to die..." - Dave Mathews

  • Live each day like it's your last.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Stay Present.
  • Your insecurities exist in the past.
  • Your fear lies in the future.

Whether you want to call what you read on these pages advice, opinions, laws, rules, or mere observations, there is one clear point I am always trying to get across:

You can easily change yourself for the better by combining copied items of advice, sayings, and opinions into themselves and blend into the unique person you are.

A sense of optimism and a sense of assurance that yes, you can do it.

I suppose I am saying this because I believed, and I feel a lot of nice guys, or even women, feel this same way...

You don't want to change yourself for fear of losing your true self. The person you grew up into.

A friend of mine refuses to do things in his life a little differently because he feels he will be changing to suit the world. He wants the world to change for him.

In other words he refuses to budge. He's right. The world is wrong.

I don't follow that same way of thinking.

Remember, the moon follows me!

Just a small shift in how I act won't ever change that because no matter where I go, the moon and stars will follow.

So by changing myself I am not giving into all the preconceived ideas about how the world wants me to act.

I am changing myself to create a slightly different person inside me and regardless of the outcome, the world will come along for the ride.

You are not losing yourself or changing to suit the world if your goals are selfish.

Honestly, I initially began to change myself to get laid more often.

Simple as that.

It's a selfish act that shows no regard for women but in no way did it ever mean I would become a player.

In no way did it ever mean I would use women for my own sexual gain.

It clearly meant in my head that I enjoy sex, I want more sex with more women, and I would selfishly pursue the man inside me that knows how to get that done.

That's all.

So it's my Birthday. Wish me a happy one but please, do it selfishly.

Do it because you want to get to know me.

Do it because it makes you feel good making someone smile.

Do it because you want me to share your Birthday celebration.

And lastly do it because your Birthday matters more to you than mine does and by offering a happy one to me, you hope, in some way, that same happiness will be reciprocated back upon you.

I write all these posts with several goals in mind and believe it or not, each one is for my own selfish gains.

I have found being a leader or creating a more successful leader in me, begins with helping others and leading them in a positive direction.

I also have certain knowledge in my head that if not shared, broken down, or scrutinized for clarity is just a waste of brain space.

By giving out to others what is inside my head and directing towards many of the individuals that first proposed them to me I learn more and more and yes that IS selfish.

I also have a selfish need to make a living in the field of dating and relationships.

And here is where you will find the roots of my financial adventures.

It's no secret that when you click on a sponsored link on these pages there is a small possibility, a percentage of money you spend for a product will go in my pocket.

And that is selfish too.

Yet because in my own unique way of wanting to be a better leader, wanting to clarify or understand the knowledge in my head...

Success will follow me in a similar way the moon and the stars do.... Happy Birthday To Me!

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  • Lois

    Happy birthday Peter, actually happy everyday Peter! When I stumbled on to your web site at first I thought what a player, but now I thank God (no kidding) for you as you helped change my life and me for the better. You are such a good guy, and I truely am a better person because of you! You will always be my. Superman!

    • peter white

      Why thank you Lois. 😀 I have always appreciated your kind words and your fun personality. You are truly a one of kind woman and deserve all the best this world has to offer. You make me smile and happier knowing I have helped you on your journey. So thank you Lois, I’m glad to have been your man of steel. My cape flies in the breeze on top of the highest peak for you any day.