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Have You Ever Refused A Kiss Because You Felt Nothing Physically?

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Do You Often Turn Down Others About To Kiss You?

This may not be a tough question to answer but within it contains amazing truths and insights about how we put ourselves in the friend’s zone.

I came up with this question when I realized how many women I turned down who I was not attracted to, and how few women I turned down who I WAS attracted to.

I wasn’t turning down women I wanted and I knew there had to be something more to it.

I also knew the ones I wanted were not feeling any sexual energy to or from me.

With that being said here’s an interesting fact…

The ones who were making a move on me found me physically attracted but seemed to be only attaching themselves to me for reasons beyond the initial urge of sexual energy we experience.

Perhaps they saw an ‘easy man to get’ because I was always alone.

Perhaps they sensed my lack of confidence and could relate to it themselves.

Or perhaps I was emitting sexual energy to them and not the ones I wanted.

All viable explanations.

Our sexual energy, who we turn on, and who we compel to kiss us, can give us major clues to the reasons why we end up with more friends and very few selected sexual relationships.

If You Want Out of the friends zone:

Answering “NO’ to this question can show you there may not be enough of that sexual energy for others to feel. It does not mean you don’t have any.

It merely implies OTHERS are not feeling it. It could be because you’re afraid of being sexy. It could also mean your body language is working against you.

I won’t be getting too deep into making you sexiest person alive in this short post but I can give you a little insight which will hopefully get you started in the right direction.

For more information on that you can read my Get A Girlfriend Step – Become A Sexy Guy – Where Your Sexiness Comes From and How To Find It.

Here are some quick tips:

1. Check your body language.

Does it move naturally?

Is it closed or open?

Does it show your tension?

Does it show how nervous you are?

Is it quick and jerky?

I have a page which needs to be updated soon because I forgot all about it, but when you’re done with this check it out for a more complete education on your body language.

You can find it here: Body Language IS Communication.

2. Watch the body language a few sexy men and women. No matter which you are be sure to notice both sexes.

Notice the natural stress free walk.

Notice how their arms and legs are rarely crossed.

Notice how inviting they appear.

Feel their indifference.

Carefully inspect how when they move it is determined and always meant to be.

3. Study your facial expressions:

Get in front of a mirror. Close your eyes. Think of any event in which you felt something.

Open your eyes and pay attention to the details of what changed.

This could take some practice.

When you get better change the event more often to include happy, sad, angry, horny, sexy, etc…

4. Determine if your clothing is holding you back.

Are they constricting?

It’s terribly hard to put out sexual energy when your body feels confined.

Do they flow free?

How does your shoes affect your walk?

Do you feel comfortable wearing them?

Before you meet someone for the first time you’re going have to walk up to them.

Your shoes, on the average, can distract from your sexual energy or add to your sexual energy.

For women, wearing high heels may make you feel more attractive but will take away from your natural sexy swaying of your hips.

For men, shoes which don’t fit properly or cause your feet to twist and not correct your movements when you require a motion controlled sneaker will inhibit a masculine walk.

Are your clothes a good fit for your body type?

Do they show off your greatest sexual assets modestly?

Do they hide parts you are not comfortable with?

What colors do you wear and do they match your skin tone?

Clothes accentuate us in ways which go beyond sight and enter other people’s mind subconsciously.

Blending your clothes to your body type is important because to be seen as sexy, you must use clothing to accentuate your natural instinctive moves our bodies are built for.

I understand we’re not lions and tigers built for hunting prey but our bodies are in essence incredible machines.

Don’t let the machine run hindered and you increase your chances of being seen as a sexy person.

If you’re getting down on yourself thinking how deep and connected your body language is to the friends zone and you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, I want don’t want to discourage you.

Little changes can make a difference.

There are simple exercises you can do which don’t require much effort.

There is also the idea that now that you have begun to notice more of what is going on with your body and those of others, your ability to change and detect what was once invisible to you will increase.

Just give it time.

This is a skill that is within most people.

Answering ‘YES’ to this question can get you ‘ONE’ point but feeling you still end up in the friend zone normally means you are doing what I was guilty of…

Acting differently in front of those I was not attracted to.

But you should also check your body language and study what I mentioned above, Look into questions which deal with indifference, how attractive you feel, and if you feel others are attractive than you. These will help you to gather the complete picture behind your friend’s zone.

Turning down someone because you feel nothing for them physically is not a bad thing.

It means you’re doing something right.

However, as I mentioned above, when we are only showing our sexiness to those we don’t wan’t there is something deeper we must address before we can find a way out.

Take a look below at the responses so far and notice how many more chose ‘NO’ than chose ‘YES’ before you check out the rest of my posts.

Either way to sum this question up if the sexual vibe you are putting always attracts those you are not interested you must look deeper into that before getting out.

If you find no one is making a move on you therefore you never turn anyone down, then you should read this post several times to find the answer to improving the chances of turning others down.

 6. Have you ever turned down someone about to kiss you, because you felt nothing physically towards them?

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